6th June Thursday Update on This is Love

Mani and Shagun comforting Ishita in their house. Mani says Ishita used to lose to me in Ludo. Ishita says no, Mani used to lose always. He says we will play and see. She says fine, I will come. Ruhi gets angry on Rajiv and asks for a file. She goes to her cabin and finds papers missing. She goes to the store room and look for printer papers. Someone shuts the door. She knocks the door and asks them to open the door. She gets tensed. She says what if I remain stuck here. The staff sees her on camera feed and laugh. Adi comes and sees this. He asks what’s this, who dared to do such a thing, can anyone tell me what’s this. The girl says Ruhi behaves rudely like we are our slaves. He says I understand but this is not a way.

Adi goes to Ruhi. Ruhi cries and hugs him. She says I won’t spare anyone. He says listen to me, you shouldn’t get angry on them, this happened because of your behavior and attitude, I know they did wrong, I explained them, its your mistake too, you can’t treat them bad, work ethics is for employees and boss too, think what if they make a video and call you rude boss. She says I will be right back.
Shweta says Adi Sir, we were not intended to make Ruhi’s video viral. He says I know, I said that to scare her, but this shouldn’t happen again. Shagun says you think so much for Ishita. He says only a true friend can understand one’s feelings, thanks for getting Ishita here, if she can get happiness, I m ready to do anything for her. Raman gets angry on Neelu and doesn’t like the tea.

Adi drinks tea and says tea is not that bad, I think the matter is something else, you can share it with me. Raman says I have yelled on Ishita because of a misunderstanding, I don’t know what to do. Adi says say sorry, I mean if you think you did a mistake, you should say sorry, what’s wrong to say sorry. Raman says where shall I go, she is not at home. Adi says it means you have found out, she would be at Mani’s house. Raman says fine, I will go and apologize. Adi says she will forgive you, please go. Raman goes. Aaliya comes and asks why is Neelu crying. Adi says you will laugh if I tell you, Papa has gone to apologize to Ishimaa. She smiles.

Ishita and Mani play. Ishita says Mani can’t win over me ever, Raman wins over me always, he cheats a lot, it gets tough. Shagun says I had ordered some samosas. She opens the door and sees Raman. Ishita says I can’t face him. She hides behind the sofa. Shagun says you are unwell, what brings you here, you didn’t even inform us. Raman asks will you talk at the door. Mani asks Ishita does she believe in this swearing and all. Ishita says I respect Mr. Bhalla, I can’t break the oath. Mani helps her. She goes to her room. Mani welcomes Raman.

Raman says I came to meet Ishita, Adi said she is here, where is she. Mani says she is in the bedroom, have a seat, have coffee. Shagun asks him to stop. Mani says let him go, atleast they will talk. Shagun says she wants to talk to Raman, she can do anything for Raman and kids.

Ruhi talks to her staff. She surprises them with new year gifts. She wishes them happy new year. She says you all deserve more than this, thanks for being here, hats off to your hardwork, this is my way to apologize, sorry, you are like my family. The staff thanks her. Ruhi says you all open the gifts and tell me if you all liked it. Shweta sees the expensive gifts and asks Ruhi what is she doing. Ruhi says Adi has advised me, this is my duty to do this. Shweta says what will I tell Raman. Ruhi says relax, I will manage, its time for celebration.

Raman asks Ishita to open the door, he is here to apologize to her, Simmi gave him wrong info. She says so sorry, I also wish to talk to you. He says you are a very good person, you care for my family, put yourself in my place and think, I felt left out, I was hurt thinking how you didn’t care for me, I was told that you didn’t come to the hospital. She thinks thank God, Raman got to know the truth. He says I just want to apologize, please forgive me. She thinks of Mr. Bhalla’s words. She asks him to please leave, she can’t meet him. He says I won’t leave, you will have to forgive me. She says I m busy. He says fine I will wait here. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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