6th November Wednesday Update on This is Love


6th November Wednesday Update on This is Love

Sudha yelling at Kaushalya, Rohan and Karan. Rohan says its Diwali and we didn’t get any lawyer, what could we do. Sudha says it means I have to find some way to get bail, just go to Bhallas. Bala compliments Aaliya for making a wonderful Rangoli. Raman smiles seeing that and goes. Kaushalya, Rohan and Karan come. Kaushalya asks can we come in for a talk. Aaliya asks them to get lost. Ishita comes and asks what are you doing here, just go. Kaushalya says please, its a request, take the complaint back. Raman says no way, if I could, I would have got sudha hanged, jail is right place for her, get lost. She says please. He says we won’t take case back, out. Mr. Bhalla asks why did they come here. Raman says they have come to beg us.

Ishita says sorry, we won’t withdraw case. Shweta calls Raman and says bank officials want to seal the company, loan was taken against office property, EMI isn’t paid, they want to meet the owner Sudha, as she is 51% share holder. Raman says tell them owner can’t come, she is in jail now. Shweta says Sudha’s signs are needed on documents. He says okay fine, stop panicking.

Kaushalya taunts him. They laugh. Rohan says you thought you will beg you. Karan says you all are losers, let me see what you guys do, you have to beg us to save company. Kaushalya says bank officers want to meet Sudha, if this doesn’t happen, your company will get locked, its totally upon you Raman, get Sudha out of jail, else you will be ruined, choice is yours, save your office or lose everything. Raman says right, I think I will let everything go, you also go empty handed. They get shocked. Rohan asks is he okay.
Kaushalya, Rohan and Karan come to Sudha. Rohan says Raman didn’t agree. Sudha says you should have insisted, you both are useless. Karan says he didn’t listen to us. Sudha says I will think what I can do now. Constable asks them to go, Sudha has to stay here for two days. Inspector comes and says open the lock. Sudha smiles and hugs her sons. Ishita comes. She says I have withdrawn the complaint, don’t get happy, I did this for my employees, they are imp than our family, we don’t want their Diwali to get ruined, thank the employees once, you should fall in their feet.

Raman asks why is it taking so loan, I hope Sudha doesn’t do anything wrong, employees expect salary and bonus every year. Ishita says relax, we need to show that her behavior isn’t affecting us. He says I don’t trust her. She says please relax. Bank officer offers more help and loans to Sudha. He ignores Raman and goes. Sudha asks what, you got me out of jail, I saved this company, you are a fool. Raman asks her to give salary and bonus to employees. She says I m the owner, I will take the decision. He says give them what they deserve. Rohan says you can’t tell my mom what she has to do, but you will have to do what she tells you. Sudha says yes, I have incurred a big loss because of you. Ishita says you have problem with us, give money to employees, don’t spoil their Diwali. Raman begs Sudha. She says I m the owner, tell them, I won’t give their salaries and bonus. Raman and Ishita leave. She asks Shweta to call dept heads, Raman has to make an imp announcement. Raman says Sudha wants me to tell them. Ishita says we have to tell them. Sudha says they have sent me to jail, I will torture them.

Rohan asks what’s your next plan. She says they have insulted me a lot, I will insult them now. Mihika hears some women taunting Aaliya and Ruhi. She stops them and scolds them. She says you mean its their mistake as they are girls, you should be ashamed to insult women, being women yourselves, you have problem with strong independent women, what will we teach men if you do such a thing, I m proud of Aaliya and Ruhi, they have faced this well, they didn’t hide anywhere, if this happens with your daughter, I will come and question you. She says we will go and celebrate Diwali. Aaliya wishes happy diwali. Ruhi says wow.

Mihika says come, we have to go office and give bonus to employees. Raman says our company’s position isn’t the same, this time I can’t give you diwali bonus and salaries. Ishita says we are sorry. Sudha comes and says why are you lying Ishita, we will definitely give them their money, I m planning to arrange a Diwali party, all of you are invited, you will get bonus and salary there, I have a clause, Raman and Ishita will also come in the party. Raman says but… Ishita says we will surely come. Sudha says dress code is indian, do come on time. She goes. Karan asks why are you doing this. Sudha says just wait and watch, what I do in this party.

Everyone discussing about Sudha. Mrs. Bhalla says its Choti Diwali today. Aaliya and Ruhi don’t want to celebrate. Ishita says we should always celebrate festival with willpower, our situation will change, if our employees get their bonus tomorrow, won’t it be Diwali for us, we just have to find reasons for happiness. Sudha welcomes everyone in the party. She says I m very happy that you all have come, happy diwali, come. Rohan asks Aaliya does she need anything. Karan asks Ruhi to do tell him if she needs help. Sudha says its amazing music, come on the dance floor, enjoy, we all should dance. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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