7th November Thursday Update on This is Love


7th November Thursday Update on This is Love

Raman coming home with everyone. He cries thinking of Sudha’s words. He comes out of washroom. He sees Ishita and says why is this happening with us all the day, we don’t do anything in front of Sudha, you got hurt, this is black Diwali for us, there won’t be any diyas lighting in our house, I don’t deserve to live, I lost. She says suicide is not an option, everyone is dependent on you, what about others if you lose hope, have some faith in Lord.

Ruhi comes and says Mr. Bhalla is calling you. Raman and Ishita come downstairs. Mr. Bhalla says we will together solve the big problem. Raman says its not easy, you don’t know Sudha. Mr. Bhalla says its about us, we decided to give you all our jewelry, just clear all your debts. Mrs. Bhalla says this is our problem too. They all give jewelry. Raman asks them not to do this. Simmi says we are one family. Ruhi asks him not to refuse. Raman thanks all of them. They all pray.

Its morning, Ishita says new year is commencing, we should do a puja, we have faced Sudha and will face her again, we have to move on. Ruhi receives the courier and says its court summon for me and Aaliya. Ishita checks and says Rohan and Karan have sent divorce notices, it says that Ruhi and Aaliya have cheated them and ruined their lives, they want a compensation of 100 crores for the mental torture made to them. They get shocked. Raman gets angry. Ishita asks them to stop Raman. Bala asks Raman not to make any mistake. Ishita says keep the gun, Sudha wants you to make a mistake, don’t do this. Raman says I won’t leave her. Mrs. Bhalla faints. Everyone rushes to her. Raman worries. Sudha says Raman and Ishita’s courage is breaking down, its their turn now.

Aaliya says I can’t see Raman and Ishita like this. Ruhi says even I want to help them, lets do this, lets talk to Karan and Rohan. Aaliya says no, they have done this. Ruhi says we need to explain them that this is wrong, if we explain them that we are not interested, we are ready for divorce, we should ask them to remove compensation thing. Rohan and Karan talk to Sudha. Karan asks how will Raman arrange 100 crore. Sudha says don’t do any stupidity there. Ruhi says ask him to meet you for coffee. Sudha says I m going to hospital, have breakfast. She goes.

Aaliya calls Rohan. Karan says no. Rohan says hold on. He answers the call. Aaliya says you owe me a coffee for pretending to be in love with me, we can meet and have a talk, can you meet. Karan says no. Rohan says why, we shall meet in court room. She says I prefer to meet and talk, since its a huge amount. He asks did he ask you to seek help when he can’t deal with this matter. Aaliya gets angry and says I don’t care, I just want to discuss this over coffee, so are we meeting. He says we shall meet where we first met. Karan says mom will get really upset if she knows this. Rohan asks how will mom know this, you also come along. Karan asks are you in love with Aaliya. Rohan says no, I want to see her tears shed, its our turn to make Bhallas cry, I will give this happiness to mom, its going to be fun there.

Raman gets frustrated. Ishita asks what are you doing, calm down, you remember the day, ballot box, both of us were very irritated, our hands were not coming out, we calmed down and joined our hands, we got our hands out and solved it. He says I understood what you are trying to say, that woman is testing my patience, I can’t promise, I will try. She says please try. Mihika says Bala is calling you. Bala says if Sudha can stage all this, she can present fake proof, my friend told me that we should have out of the court settlement. Raman gets angry. Bala says it will be favorable for us also. Ishita says he is right. Raman says we won’t send our daughters there, I won’t leave Sudha. Ishita says I will go and meet the lawyer. Simmi says I will go with Ishita. They leave.

Aaliya asking Rohan about the big compensation. Aaliya and Ruhi say we are ready to give then divorce and move on in our lives. Aaliya says we got the divorce papers, this should happen by mutual consent, remove this 100 crores clause. Rohan says I think we should agree to your condition. He makes the tea fall. He asks Aaliya to clean his shoes. Ruhi says Aaliya you don’t have to do this. Aaliya says I have to do this. Karan asks her to hurry up. Rohan insults Aaliya. Ruhi asks Aaliya not to do it. Rohan makes Aaliya clean his shows with her saree cloth. Aaliya obeys him. Rohan and Karan smile. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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