8th April Monday Update on This is Love


8th April Monday Update on This is Love

Ishita looking for Ruhi. Aaliya says I will ask Nikhil. She calls and says he is not answering. Adi says Ruhi would be with him, I will see him. Ruhi comes and asks everyone not to go anywhere. Nikhil walks in. They all look on. Ruhi says I got Nikhil here, as he got homeless, he lost his house because of Raman, now he will stay here with us. Raman gets angry. She asks what happened to you all, did I say anything wrong, I couldn’t leave him on road, he will stay here, that’s my decision. Nikhil says its okay, I will stay in hotel. Romi asks how can he stay here. Ruhi asks will you tell me what to say, shall I call Karuna. He asks what nonsense. She says I got her number from your phone, you and Papa are involved in this.

Romi asks do you think I will know

such girl. Ruhi asks how do you have number, how can I forgot, you spoke to her, what was it. Romi says its nothing like that, Shagun wanted number for NGO work. Simmi says Romi is right, are you mad, this man can’t come here. Adi gets angry. Ruhi asks him to get away from Nikhil, even I have right on this house, why can’t I stay with my partner here if you all can, he will stay here. Ishita asks Ruhi to stop it. Simmi asks shall we keep him at home, won’t people say anything now, you have problem with Parmeet stays here. She argues with Ishita.
Mr. Bhalla says Simmi is right, Nikhil can’t stay here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to calm down, they will find a house for him. Ruhi says no society wants to give him a house, what could I do, Raman is responsible for all this, so I decided he will stay here in guest room. Raman says Ruhi has all right to ashame me, let her do anything. Parmeet thinks its right time to become hero.

Parmeet says Nikhil can stay with me, I stay alone, if Raman did mistake, family can pay for it. He asks Ruhi shall I take Nikhil home. Ruhi says if Nikhil agrees, I have no problem. Nikhil thanks Parmeet. He apologizes to everyone. Ruhi also thanks Parmeet. He goes with Parmeet. Ruhi says I just wanted a place for Nikhil. She goes.

Raman says if Parmeet didn’t come in between, don’t know what would I do, is this happening right, tell me. Ishita says I feel strange, what happened to Parmeet, why did he get caring. He says he changed. She says since that gold chain matter was proved a lie, I feel he didn’t change. Simmi says you feel if anyone does mistake, they can’t change, we are ordinary people, you are Devi. She argues. Raman says Ruhi’s problem is not solving, you both are fighting, grow up guys. He goes. Ishita says Simmi, I m not Parmeet’s enemy. Simmi asks why did you let Nikhil go with Parmeet then. She goes. Ishitqa says I can see he is not right, why can’t they see.

Parmeet asks Nikhil to arrange things in cupboard. He asks shall I order food. Nikhil says no, its fine. Parmeet says we both are tortured by women, they play with us and our name is spoiled, I m also a victim. Nikhil says I m happy you understand me, thanks. Parmeet says I can see true love in your eyes for Ruhi, till everything gets fine, you guys can meet here. Nikhil says no, I don’t think we should meet. Parmeet says its better if you meet here, Raman respects me, I will talk to him, you also show you are committed about Ruhi, Raman will help. Nikhil asks really, I think you are saying true. Parmeet asks him to rest. Parmeet says Raman is under my favors, see how I break everyone.

Aaliya asks Adi did Ruhi try to control his decision, no, support her. She asks him to understand she needs him. Adi apologizes and says I didn’t think this before. Ishita looks on. Aaliya says its never too late. Ishita apologizes and thanks Aaliya. She says Raman wants to keep Ruhi safe, but he used a wrong way, Ruhi is worried for Nikhil, she needs us, please support her. Adi says yes, I m with her. She says we will make everything fine. Aaliya asks her not to worry, they will take care of Ruhi. Ishita says I know and hugs her.

Ruhi asks Neelu did she make tiffin ready. Ishita asks her to have breakfast. Ruhi says no, I m going to meet Nikhil, we will have breakfast together. Adi stops Raman. Adi says I will drop you. Ruhi says wow, its a good way to spy, no need, I will go. Shagun comes and looks on. Raman says enough, Parmeet has kept Nikhil. Ruhi asks so what, will you send girls there also. Shagun slaps Ruhi. They all get shocked. Shagun scolds her and asks Ishita not to talk in between. She says I m talking to my daughter, we did this for Ruhi’s good, I will do this again. Ruhi asks her to do anything. Shagun says you got mad in love, I will show what I will do with Nikhil. Ishita asks her to relax. Shagun says you spoiled Ruhi. She asks Ruhi to shut up and go to her room, she can’t misbehave with her. Ruhi cries and goes. Shagun asks Ishita did you teach this to her, to let her take decision, there is something called discipline, everyone got her on head. Ishita goes to Ruhi.


Ruhi shuts the door and cries. Ishita asks her to close the door, really sorry. Ruhi calls Nikhil. She says I don’t understand anything, they are not letting me meet you. He says calm down, we should give them time, trust me. He tells Parmeet that he is worried for Ruhi. Parmeet calls Simmi. Simmi goes to Ruhi. Ruhi asks her to leave. Simmi says you have to come with me. She sees Aaliya and says we have to go for shopping, come with me. Aaliya asks Ruhi to think of Simmi and go for her sake. Ruhi refuses. Simmi acts and signs her about Nikhil. Ruhi agrees.

Simmi arguing with Ishita to take Ruhi out. Raman asks Ishita to let Simmi take Ruhi, Ruhi will feel good. Ishita thinks how is Simmi thinking for Ruhi now. Simmi and Ruhi come to Parmeet’s house. Ruhi hugs Nikhil and they talk. Parmeet tells Simmi that Nikhil is a nice guy, he loves Ruhi a lot, its our duty to take care of them and also be careful. She gets happy. He asks her to sit, he will make tea. She says I will make tea for us. He thinks to use Ruhi against Raman and Ishita.

Raman finds Ishita tensed and asks the matter. She says I feel strange. He asks what happened. She says I feel Simmi is lying. He says why will she lie to us, stop us. She gets a call and says I m coming. Raman thinks is this right, I will go and check. He leaves. She says Raman gets annoyed, I m feeling Simmi is lying. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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