8th November Friday Update on This Love


8th November Friday Update on This Love

Ishita saying the charges on Sudha and her sons. She says my daughters want to give another chance to this marriage, marriages are made in heaven, its the work of Lord, don’t go against his laws, one gets married to keep the relation, these two couples got a chance to clear their differences, we will support them. Sudha asks reporters to see how they are harassing them. She says I don’t want such uncultured bahus, get lost. Ishita says we shall leave, but with our Jamais. Sudha asks what. Raman says Mani, Ishita and Simmi went without informing. Ishita asks Sudha does our culture allow this, how can you oust your bahus after 12 hours, Sangeet function went for 12 hours, how can you do this, we won’t let the relation break. Reporter says Sudha ji, they want to save the marriage, is this true that your sons cheated to get married to these girls, marriages aren’t broken this way. Sudha says this is our family matter, I didn’t ask you anything. Ishita says please cover the full story. Simmi attends Mani’s call.

She says I have come with Ishita to get Rohan and Karan. Raman asks what do you mean. She says I can’t explain now. Raman says I knew it, they have gone to get Sudha’s sons. Simmi calls some women there. Raman says Mani, lets go there and stop this nonsense. Mr. Bhalla and Mani stop Raman and ask him to think of Ishita’s plan. Raman says I don’t want those creeps to come here, I will kick them out. The NGO women come to support the truth. Sudha says Aaliya and Ruhi have run away. Ishita says they didn’t run away, its a ritual of Pagphere, they came to their Maayka but their husbands didn’t come to take them, these are nice guys, but Sudha doesn’t want her sons to keep the marriage, what could my daughters do, they have come to get their husbands, poor guys got influenced by their mum, they have sent the divorce notice instead of getting their wives home, they are children, but marriage isn’t any game, we can teach them, if their mum can’t teach, we won’t let them break the marriage. The NGO women agree with Ishita.

Sudha says I will talk to my lawyer and get the judge here. Ishita says fine, till then we will dance. They dance. Sudha talks to the judge. She says this family is manipulating the NGO, you have to stop this, please come with me. Ishita troubles Rohan and Karan. Sudha gets the judge home. She says they have gatecrashed and tortured my sons. Karan says they are misbehaving with us. Judge asks what’s happening here, the law of restoration is for those who genuinely want to save the relation. Ishita says you don’t know these guys. Judge says Sudha showed the video clip, your daughters are beating her sons in that video. She asks inspector to send everyone out.

Sudha smiles. Ishita plays a video of Rohan insulting Aaliya. Ishita says this is the total truth, when my daughter told about the bad behavior, I knew Sudha must have planned something else, so I connected to pendrive to Sudha’s tv so that I can tell you the truth, I asked for CCTV footage from cafe and kept this proof, you can see how these guys behaved in an aggressive and abusive way, my daughters are tortured. Judge asks Ruhi and Aaliya. Ruhi says we want to make them realize that we are not a piece of garbage, but their wives, they should respect us. Aaliya agrees. Judge scolds Sudha. She says they have all the right to give another chance to their marriage, your sons will have to accept them and give them respect. Sudha says I m okay with it, Ishita’s daughters can stay here as bahu. Judge asks Ishita what happened now.

Ishita asks what if you were the mum of these daughters, would you leave them here, this woman is dangerous, she can do anything, she lies all the time, what if something wrong happens with them, none can return my daughters, sorry I don’t think they are safe here, the law applies to them, but this place isn’t right. Simmi says then there is one way to keep Ruhi and Aaliya safe, Karan and Rohan have to stay with us. Sudha refuses. Judge says Ishita is right, Sudha can’t stop them, its imp to teach them a lesson, they should learn how to talk to their wives, I support Ishita, she is doing right. Karan and Rohan ask Sudha to stop them. Judge and inspector warn Sudha. Ishita asks shall we prepare for Jamai’s bidaai. Aaliya makes Rohan wear the dogs collar. She pulls him. Ruhi drags Karan. Sudha gets shocked.

Mihika saying Ishita asked me to prepa for grahpravesh. Raman talks to Ishita on phone. He says what you are doing in wrong, fine we are with you in this madness. He jokes that Ishita is getting the baraat, its a funeral of lovers. Everyone goes to see the baraat on hearing the noise. They see Ishita getting the baraat and ask her. Raman smiles. Ishita says I have got the grooms by doing their bidaai, Rohan and Karan will stay with us from today. She asks Mihika did she prepare for welcome. Rohan and Karan get shocked. Mihika says yes, all set. Mihika keeps the kalash. Ishita asks Rohan and Karan to hit the kalash and come in, the judge would have not gone too far. Rohan and Karan topple the kalash. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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