9th April Tuesday Update on This is Love


9th April Tuesday Update on This is Love

Parmeet lying to save Ruhi. Shagun gets angry on Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet leave. Ruhi thinks of Raman and Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet come. Simmi tells Ruhi that Parmeet has managed the matter well. Parmeet says we will definitely help Ruhi. Simmi says yes, Ruhi doesn’t need to get scared. Ruhi says yes, but I can’t lie to Ishita more, she always stood with me, she trusted me, I have always proved her wrong, everyone shouts on her, I can’t lie to her, I m angry on her, but I know its not her mistake, she is stuck between me and Papa, I can’t give her more sorrow. Parmeet stops her.

Ishita applies flour and asks Raman. Raman says its flour. Ishita asks how can you get confused then. He says it means Simmi and Ruhi are lying, what’s wrong with you. Parmeet

says I m proud of your thinking, but Nikhil is in trouble, what will everyone think of him, they will think he is provoking you, Shagun already created an issue. Ruhi says sorry, Ishita shouldn’t get insulted. He says fine, we will tell truth to Ishita, but then I can’t meet Simmi and Ananya, Simmi took you there and I made you meet Nikhil, Raman and Ishita won’t let me come here.
Raman asks Ishita not to doubt on Ruhi. Ishita says Parmeet said that, Simmi and Ruhi just nodded. He asks why are you after him, I went to meet Parmeet, he asked me to check his flat, I lost Ruhi’s trust, you trust her. Ruhi says no, I can’t let this happen with you and Nikhil. Parmeet says we know your love is true, so we are doing this. Ruhi says I will not prove you a liar, I will not tell anything to Ishita. Parmeet gets glad. Simmi hugs Ruhi.

Ishita says I don’t doubt Ruhi, we will not overreact, we will hear her first, if I m strict, stop me. Raman says Ruhi can lie to me once, but not to you. Its morning, Bala greets Raman and asks why is he worried. Raman says I just want Ruhi to forget Nikhil. Bala says you and Ishu decided right, we should not interfere in children’s personal life, try creative competition, Adi and Ruhi worked hard to compete. Raman says I don’t know if… Bala says you make Adi and Ruhi busy in competition, put much work on Ruhi that she doesn’t get time to think about Nikhil. Raman thanks him.

Ishita calls Ruhi and asks her why did she not taken breakfast. Anami says its cross connection, I m not Ruhi, I m Anami. Ishita asks did I talk to you before. Anami says yes, tell me what happened, what mistake did Ruhi do. Ishita says Ruhi and her dad have a fight about her relationship. Anami says every generation has problem with other generation, you can understand if you try, maybe Ruhi is wrong, but try to understand her. Ishita says I feel wrong number connected for right reason. She smiles.

Kiran cooks food. Bala asks what’s special today. She asks him to taste food. He says Amma will like it if I like it, I m very sure it should be good. He gets a call from Mrs. Mishra. He asks why do you always call me at last minute for leave, this is the last time, I will take class myself. He tells Kiran about emergency. Kiran asks him to taste food and say how is it. He says I will come back and taste. He goes. Ishita asks Kiran what happened.

Ruhi comes to Raman. Raman tells Adi, Romi and Ruhi about the new projects. He gives three most imp projects to Adi. He gives other projects to Romi and Ruhi. Ruhi asks what, I will manage packaging work. Raman says he is more qualified and experienced. Ruhi says I also worked on it. Romi explains. Ruhi says how can you do this. Romi says this is very ambitious, your focus is not on work. Ruhi asks Raman to give all projects to her, she will do it better than Adi. Romi gives his projects and asks her to take it as a challenge, finish it before Adi and we promise to give all projects to you. Ruhi accepts challenge. She goes. Romi says Ruhi has your blood, she accepted challenge. Adi says now I have to work double. They all smile.

Ishita asks Bala not to talk to Kiran like this. Bala apologizes to Kiran. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla comes. Bala greets her and runs off for work. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to realize her mistake, she did mistake by doubting on Simmi and Parmeet, did she apologize. Ishita says sorry, I will say sorry to them. Mrs. Bhalla says you know Ruhi, she will not understand, apologize to Parmeet. Ishita nods. Ishita talks to Raman and likes the idea. Raman says Ruhi is hardworking and accepted challenge.

She says I m happy, Mrs. Bhalla made me realize I should apologize to Simmi and Parmeet. He says leave it if you don’t want. She says no, Parmeet helped us, he did a favor. He says fine, as you wish. She says I will go to his home and personally apologize. Parmeet talks to Simmi on call and asks her to come for breakfast. Simmi says I picked Ruhi from office. He says fine, Nikhil is also coming, come soon. Simmi tells Ruhi that Nikhil is also coming. Ishita comes to meet Parmeet. He welcomes her. She says I was nervous to say sorry for my behavior. He asks her to sit, he will get water. He calls Simmi to stop her. He says why is Simmi not answering. Ruhi says Nikhil said he will get new flat soon. Simmi asks her not to worry. Ruhi feels sorry to lie to Ishita and meet Nikhil. Parmeet messages Simmi, asking her not to come. He says I have to make an imp call. Ishita looks on. He worries. Simmi and Ruhi come there.


Parmeet telling Ishita that he asked a broker to show house to Nikhil. Ishita thanks him for helping, when its not his duty, it will be tough to manage in one BHK. Parmeet thinks if Simmi saw the message or not. Simmi and Ruhi see Nikhil and greet him. They come home and ring bell. Ishita says I will see. Parmeet says no, I will see. Ishita goes and opens the door. Parmeet worries and calls out Ishita. He acts to be hurt. Ishita stops and asks what happened. Simmi sees her and they leave.

Ishita asks how did this happen. He says table corner has hit. She goes to check at the door. She says there is no one here, how did bell ring. He says kids are naughty, they ring bell and hide. She asks him to take care and leaves. Simmi, Nikhil and Ruhi hide and look on.

Ruhi says I don’t feel right to hide this from Ishita. Simmi says hide and seek is fine in love, go now, they should not know we were together.
Mr. Bhalla and Appa come home. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla about sargi items. He asks Mihika to make tea. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma went to her sister’s house, is she fine. Appa says yes, she told me to get sargi items for Kiran, I don’t know this. She says your bahu is mine, send her to me, I will explain her. Appa says I don’t know Kiran will keep fast or not. Kiran comes and asks do you think this about me, I love Bala a lot, I got you all, I will surely keep the fast. They smile. Appa blesses her. Raman, Romi and Adi come. Romi asks do we have kitty party. Mrs. Bhalla says its Karwachauth preparation. Raman says men can have other ways to show love for wives. Kiran says we will keep fasts. Raman asks her to think well before keeping fast. She says even Ishita will keep fast. Bala comes and asks what is she saying, she is keeping fast, then he has to keep fast as well to show he loves his wife, Raman also keeps fast. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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