9th December Monday Update on Young Love


9th December Monday Update on Young Love

Mr. Mittal calling Saachi and talks about the client. Saachi gives the resignation letter and says she won’t be able to work anymore. Mr. Mittal asks are you joking. We will talk about it. Saachi says I can’t work here. Mr. Mittal says did you get any offer from our rivals. Saachi says no, I just want to handle my home. Mr. Mittal says you can do wonders and refuses to accept her resignation. He offers to drop her home. Saachi agrees.

Jagya brings Sona to the staff quarters. The manager asks her to stay there as long as she wishes. Sona thanks Jagya. Jagya tells her that it seems you are not comfortable here. Sona says you thought it right. I am tensed. Jagya assures her that the place is safe. Sona says you don’t know my husband. He gets whatever he wants. Jagya says I know how to handle these types of men.

Sona asks did you ever come across a person who forced his wife to become prostitute? Jagya gets shocked and asks your husband……Why didn’t you raise voice against him. Sona says she would have taken this step long step, but with whom she can left her child. Jagya asks her to name her husband. Sona says I don’t want you to have trouble. Jagya says I will leave. Sona asks do you have problem if I stay here. Jagya says no. I don’t care about people thinking. He asks her to call him if she needs anything.

Mr. Mittal changes his car tyre and says it punctured today. He asks her to take an auto. Saachi says it is okay and asks him to accept her resignation. Mr. Mittal says we will talk in the office. He asks her to get the tyre. She starts rolling the tyre and slips. Mr. Mittal holds her. Vivek is passing from there in an auto and looks at them shockingly. Ganga says I thought that no one bear what I went through. She says I can’t believe whatever Sona is going through. She asks her not to tell anyone about Sona. Jagya says yes. Dadisaa comes and says Gehna made tea for you. Jagya says I am coming now. Dadisaa teases him taking Ganga’s name. She asks did you bring the things which I asked for? Jagya says yes and gives it to her. Dadisaa asks Ganga to give clothes etc to Sona. Ganga says ok.

Mr. Mittal drops Saachi home. Saachi thanks him. She asks him about her resignation. Mr. Mittal asks her to think again and leaves.

Niranjan teaches Nandu about Mahabharat epic. Nandu is lost in thoughts and says sorry. Niranjan tells about Karan and Pandavas. Nandu laughs. Niranjan asks I am teaching you Mahabharat’s hystorical fight and you are laughing. Nandu says I saw you as a groom. You was coming with the baraat. Niranjan asks what is the matter? Nandu asks him not to get angry. He says you was asking me to study and leave the baraat. Niranjan asks am I mad to hold this book while coming with the baraat. Nandu asks him not to scold him and jokes. He runs.

Shiv calls Anandi and asks her to come out of house. Anandi comes outside and calls for Shiv. She sees a Kulfi seller asking her to take Kulfi. Shiv smiles and shows her kulfi. Anandi smiles and says I got scared. Why did you do this. Shiv says I saw icecream seller and thought about you. They taste it. She sees the seller spitting pan there. She goes to him and asks why are you spitting on the road. The man argues. Anandi tells him that you are risking others’ life and making the environment dirty. She explains to him that they need to keep the environment clean and green and use garbage bin only. He apologizes to her and thanks her for making him realize his mistake. He cleans the area. She takes the broom from his hand and sweeps the place. Shiv eats the icecream and looks at her. The seller asks why did you do this being collector’s wife. Anandi says we have to do this amidst our position. Shiv looks at her proudly. Anandi says it is my duty and I will fulfill it.

Jagya getting romantic with Ganga. Ganga asks him to leave her as anyone can see them. Jagya asks what is this? You don’t have time for me. We will go out. Ganga says it is a good idea. Jagya says then I have to steal you forcibly. Dadisaa comes and see them romancing. She makes noise and takes water for her. Ganga says you should have told me. Dadisaa says I thought you were sleeping. She goes to her room. Jagya gets romantic again. Ganga tells him that Dadisaa may come back. Dadisaa comes back and see them romancing again. She gets surprised and smiles. Ganga and Jagya get shy and silently goes to their room.

Sona gets flashbacks of some men molesting her. She wakes up shockingly from sleep. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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