9th May Thursday Update on This is Love

Amma arguing with tenants. Raman asks what are they doing here. Simmi say they used to stay here before, they left after Ishita went to jail. She gets Parmeet’s call. He says I won’t leave Ishita. He tells everything. She says its enough. Raman asks what happened. She says Ishita insulted Parmeet, when he has managed the office. Aaliya asks Adi about Raman and Ishita’s argument. Adi says yes, its not fine. He gets ready. She asks what’s wrong with you, tell me. He says I m getting late for meeting, I have no time to answer you. They argue. She says I will not ask you anything again and goes. He gets a call and smiles. He says yes, I m leaving now, please I had a request, don’t tell anyone I m coming to meet you, thanks.

Raman asks Amma what’s this drama, you came to my office and now you want to occupy this house. Amma says its our personal matter, don’t get in this. Simmi and Amma argue. Raman says we are better people than you, none can remove them till their lease period ends. Ishita comes and claps to taunt on neighbor’s love. She asks Raman do you know your neighbor’s name. Simmi argues. Ishita asks her not to interfere between elders’ talk. She says we want to shift to our house, we want to compensate too. He asks will you rule everywhere. Mrs. Bhalla comes. Ishita scolds Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to talk like this with Raman. Amma asks what will you do.

Raman says your lawyer looks cheap, did he not say you can’t remove any tenant without any notice. Ishita says right, but we are giving them provisions, Singh can shift in a better house. Singh says we can fall in trouble. Ishita asks him not to come in Raman’s words. Raman supports Singhs. Ishita says we will remove them from here. Raman taunts Ishita. Ishita says you will face this when you have bad advisors. She asks Singhs to leave. Raman says none can make Singhs leave. Raman and Ishita argue and take their families. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. Raman signs her to go.

Amma says sorry Ishu, those people are not leaving, I had a fight with them, Raman is also annoyed. Ishita says relax, Raman is talking to us, what to do, Singhs are not agreeing, we have to use some cross way, maybe they leave house on own and Raman can get his memory. Amma asks what’s the plan. Ishita says I will make the plan and then tell you.

Adi meets Monica at a cafe. He says I m really happy to see you, thanks for coming. She says I know your life has many troubles, its fine, don’t worry. They both order coffee and smile. Shagun comes there and sees Adi with a girl.

She thinks it doesn’t look a client meeting, why is Aaliya’s phone busy. Aaliya asks someone to give her some time, she will return money. She worries. She gets the call again. She switches off the phone to avoid calls. Shagun calls on landline. Aaliya answers and says my phone battery got dead, I kept it on charging. Shagun asks her to come home and meet, where is Adi. Aaliya says he is in office, he went for a meeting. Shagun asks meeting. Aaliya says yes. Shagun says I had some work with him, anyway come home, we shall meet. She thinks Aaliya doesn’t know Adi came here to meet this girl, God knows, maybe I m thinking wrong, maybe he came for client meeting, I will call him and see. Adi answers her call and lies that he is in office, he is busy in meeting. Shagun thinks why is Adi lying, does he have any affair, I can’t share this Raman, whom shall I say this. Raman scolds Shweta and asks her to call him if Ishita comes office.

She says Ishita is here, she is giving live interview and channel crew is here. He asks what, she got mad. He switches on tv and sees Ishita’s interview. She says I m a good businesswoman, people didn’t change their thinking regarding women leading business, people say something and do something else, I can invest much money, but people can’t expect, the man I m working with, he is creating troubles for me, people make professional problems their personal problems, sorry to say this, but I m worried, we wanted to shift to our our house, which is in Raman’s neighborhood, but he is not accepting me, he can’t see me happy, he is troubling me, people become CEO but can’t see a woman standing equal to them. Reporter asks how will you fight. Ishita says by becoming Jhansi ki rani, this year I will also compete for CEO of the year award and show women’s calibre.

Reporter says its interesting to see Ishita versus Raman. Raman recalls Ishita. Reporter says Raman, get ready, your new investor is challenging you, women are walking ahead of men. She wishes Ishita. Ishita thinks I m repeating this moment, maybe you remember something. She recalls the moment. Reporter says Ishita has blamed Raman to be a male chauvinist. Simmi asks Raman to see Ishita’s true face, she wants to challenge you. Raman says exactly. Ishita cries and says sorry to hurt you Raman, our past is such, full of fights and hatred, I m doing this to remind you everything, its not wrong, if I can fail Simmi and Parmeet’s plan, if I save you, its right, I have thought, I will make you close to children in the CEO award function.

Simmi and Raman getting angry over Ishita’s challenge. Romi comes and says there is a bad news, lawyer said Ishita is right, the clause is mentioned, we have to pay big penalty if we end this contract. Raman gets angry. Romi asks him not to make any big mistake. Raman goes. Simmi thinks its good Ishita made Raman her enemy. Ishita says if our relation started with enmity, this enmity to okay if it can make things fine. Shagun talks to Mani on call. She tells him that Ishita is Raman’s investor, why did she do this. He says yes, she shouldn’t have challenged Raman. Shagun sees the video and thinks Ishita did this many years ago, why will she want Raman’s loss, what does she want to go.

She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call on other line and ends Mani’s call.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come home and handle Raman, he is very angry. Romi says please stop, Ishita is our investor. Raman says I have to teach her a lesson. He gets inside the car. The women come there and protest against Raman. Raman sees them and gets flashes. The women scold him for his cheap mentality. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks the ladies not to say anything, they don’t know Raman. The ladies scold her as well. Raman asks them not to dare say anything to his mum. Ishita comes and asks the ladies to stop it. Romi thinks similar incident happened years ago, now I understand Ishita is doing this to remind Raman. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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