Anupama Saturday Update 13th August 2022


Anupama Saturday Update 13th August 2022

Anupama rushes towards Nandini’s home after getting her call. Dolly continues tongue lashing Kavya that bhai/Vanraj is never happy when he is with her and he looks very happy when he is around Anu, Pakhi has confirmed that. She continues if she is not ashamed to eye on a father of 3 children and snatching a husband from bhabhi, etc. Kavya angrily pushes her away. Anu holds Pakhi. Dolly says knowingly or unknowingly, Kavya has always hurt them and Anu bhabhi saves them from hurting. Kavya shouts at her to get out. Anu warns how dare she is to misbehave with Dolly. Kavya warns her not to interfere between nanad and bhabhi as she is ex-bhabhi now. Dolly asks if she is in her senses, Anu is her bhabhi and will always be. Kavya says she knows well that she will be her bhabhi after marrying V and she has to accept it whether she likes it or not; shouts again to get out.

Anu warns her if she should teach her to behave as like she used to come to her house to save her relationship, a sister is trying to save her brother’s house; Kavya cannot leave her love, but can explain Dolly that she will try to be a good bahu and good biwi/wife; she has to make a place in Dolly’s heart, but she is kicking her out of house; she can look good by wearing a designer lehanga, but cannot become a good bhabhi or bahu. She warns that she is Dolly’s bhabhi for another 48 hours and if she dares to misbehave with any of her family member, she had slapped her earlier at her house and now will slap her at her own house. Kavya stands fuming. Anu warns her to remember her warning and leaves with Dolly.

Nandini warns Kavya that Vanraj may change his mind seeing her evil form and drop the idea of divorce. Kavya yells that anyone enters this house uninformed and insults her, earlier Baa was not enough that Dolly joined her. She yells at Nandini to stop taunting her. Nandini says she is afraid even before marriage whereas she has to bear Baa’s taunts whole day. She asks if she wants only Vanraj, she is so mean. Kavya shouts to shut up and thinks everyone insult her except Vanraj, but he didn’t even call since yesterday. She calls him, but he doesn’t pick her call. She fumes that he is ignoring her like his family, but after marriage, she will not let him go away from him and will take revenge from his family.

Samar while playing with Meenu notices Pakhi sad and asks about Dolly and Kinjal. Pakhi says Kinjal has gone for some international conference and Dolly has gone out. He asks she was excited regarding curfew, what happened now. She says nothing. Anu brings Dolly home and offers her water. Dolly says she cannot tolerate Kavya anymore and whole family is tensed because of her, didn’t she see how Kavya misbehaved with her. Anu sends Meenu to Sweety’s room and says Dolly’s anger and pain is valid; just like she went to Rakhi’s house to save Toshu’s relationship, Dolly went to Kavya’s house to save her brother’s relationship; Kavya and Vanraj have promised each other, so they shouldn’t interfere. Dolly says Kavya is flying high even before marriage.

Anu says that’s because Dolly’s brother has promised Kavya to marry her; Dolly has right to save her brother’s house, but not in this way. She asks Samar and Pakhi to cheer up as she is in this house for only 2 days, asks if there is any issue or something happened, if they are hiding something. Pakhi says due to protest, all government offices and court are closed. Dolly says that means Anu and Vanraj’s divorce will not happen after 2 days. Anu reminisces signing divorce notice and feels dizzy. Samar holds her and makes her sit. Anu says she needs to talk to Vanraj as even he must not be knowing about it. Dolly apologizes Pakhi and says she tried, but she feels they are getting selfish ignoring Anu and Vanraj’s wish.

Kavya gets tensed when she hears about divorce date postponing and reminisces Vanraj repeatedly misbehaving with her and warning her to stay away from his family, Dolly’s warning, etc. She cries remembering Panditji’s words that she may not marry Vanraj as he may change his idea of divorcing his wife. She prays god that her fate shouldn’t be so bad. She calls Vanraj, but he doesn’t pick her call. She continues crying.

Anu thinks if divorce doesn’t happen after 2 days, don’t know when she will get next date; divorce shouldn’t be delayed. She remembers marriage counselor’s words that they give 6 month’s time between divorce filing and finalization as people’s situation and choices change over time. She knocks Vanraj’s room door, opens it, and doesn’t find him in room. She finds a letter on table and walks towards it nervously. Letter flies and sticks to a mirror. She picks it and reads it with tensed face.

Anupama reads Vanraj’s letter that he knows he is doing wrong as he cannot understand what is right or wrong. He can just understand that he cannot bear Bapuji’s silence, Baa’s tears, and children’s tears. He relived 25 years again which he spent with her in a few days; he doesn’t know how to separate them from his life; his guilt is haunting him that he is snatching whole family’s happiness for his happiness; his guilt and dilemma are increasing with divorce date nearing; there is divorce on one side and marriage with Kavya on the other side, he cannot understand whether he should be happy or sad; he needs time to understand to understand the questions which are haunting him, so he is going; and requests to handle everything behind him as usual.

Kavya panics when Vanraj doesn’t pick her call and thinks of meeting him right now. Nandini stops her and asks her to stop creating another drama when already so much happened. Kavya shows her mobile and says she is very scared; her and V’s relationship is of 8 years, that doesn’t mean it is less than 25 years; she has spent each moment waiting for divorce, but when it is delaying, she is in deep pain; nobody can understand her pain, not even V, and only she can understand what she is going through. She walks away. Nandini thinks she can understand her pain and fears that she does something flowing in emotions.

Pakhi tells Samar that mummy and papa are speaking since a long time. Samar says it is stretching and its good if divorce happens soon. Anu walks to them. Pakhi asks where is papa and walks towards Vanraj’s room. Anu says he is not at home and gives letter to Dolly. Dolly also stands shocked reading it. Anu says she has taken care of her husband, family, house for 25 years and is tired now. Samar asks what happened. Dolly says bhai left.. Anu says he eloped; she has seen groom eloping from marriage, but is seeing a man eloping from divorce for the first time; its difficult for her to start a new life with a new address and new name while Vanraj has to stay here with his family, even then he escaped. She continues that men don’t have to bear taunts, even then he escaped; he always did this; when he had problem at home, he ran to office and when he had problem with wife, he ran to an outsider and vice versa.

She continues pouring her heart out; says maybe he is not tired running, but she is tired seeing her children’s sad’s face, Baa Bapuji’s pain, etc.; she was alone trying to save their relationship and alone even now when she is trying to break up; he always was with Kavya and wanted to marry her from before; she was kind of a wife who used to shiver hearing about divorce and her world was her husband, sindhoor, children, etc.; she gave him everything, her life, and when he threatened to divorce her, she even gave him divorce; people thought she is mad to seek divorce from husband and didn’t understand how many times she died before taking this decision; when everything was going acording to his wish, then why did he ran away and left her alone; people will blame that Anu couldn’t hold her husband, her husband is not a goat to be tied; everyone will question now and will blame her that she forced her husband to run away to avoid divorce.

Kavya walks towards Shah house thinking V cannot avoid her and is forcing her to come there. Anu continues pouring her heart out. Dolly says bhai did wrong by running away. Samar says her brother always did what liked without bothering about other’s feelings. Pakhi says papa may not wish… Anu says the world doesn’t run on her papa’s wish; will Baa and Bapuji stop worrying for him if he doesn’t wish, etc; they need to find him out to know if he is fine and to tell him that he cannot run away like this always, she will not let him run away again. She asks Samar to call Vanraj’s old office friends and asks Dolly to call relatives and friends and find out. Pakhi asks if they should take Rakhi’s help. Anu says no as she is busy with high-profile guests and asks Samar to call Nandini and find out if Kavya knows where is Vanraj.

Kavya enters shouting what does she mean that I know and says she will not come inside and just wants to know here is her V. Anu says he left uninformed and asks if she knows where he must have gone. Kavya panics reminiscing Vanraj warning her that he and Anu are just going to a resort for picnic and leaving in bike, Rakhi taunting that there is curfew in city outskirts and Mr and Mrs Vanraj are stuck in resort, Vanraj telling he is stuck in curfew and cannot come, warning her to stay away from his family for 2 days. She acts as collapsing and loudly cries where is her V. Anu makes her sit and offers her water. She continues where did her V go. Anu shuts enough. She continues how can V go just like that, where is he. Anu says the man he is marrying is careless and she has to get habituated it, they all should go and search him.

Kavya blames Anu that she has sent Vanraj somewhere to end this divorce issue, soon Anu will also disappear to cancel their divorce, but she will not let that happen. She yells she hasn’t see a wicked, intelligent, and manipulative woman than Anu. Anu says she hasn’t seen a foolish woman than Kavya and asks if Vanraj will return with her blame, why can’t she understand its time to search Vanraj and not shout here; she will take divorce at any cost for her sake. Dolly gives Vanraj’s letter to Kavya saying she will get an answer to all her questions. Samar thinks why would anyone want to marry such a man. Dolly says bhai has not ran away, but left somewhere frustrated from Kavya; bhai and bhabi will decide about divorce themselves; it is clear that Kavya is just an outsider in bhai’s life.