Anupama Sunday Update 17th April 2022


Anupama Sunday Update 17th April 2022

Vanraj saying my daughter will win today. Pakhi says it would be good if mummy knew all this. Kavya makes a face. Samar takes Anupama on the bike. He rushes. Vanraj doesn’t see them. Samar gets Varun’s school. He says we are reaching. Vanraj says we are reaching. He asks the guard to let them go. Guard says VIP cars are passing, wait for 5 mins. Vanraj asks Pakhi to relax. Kavya says I need time to put banners and cut out. Pakhi says we will walk and go. Vanraj says 5 mins won’t spoil anything. Samar drops Anupama and rushes to Varun. Anupama sees everyone and worries. She says everyone here is hi fi, I can’t do anything. Samar says its time for you to shine. Anupama gains confidence and smiles. Samar takes her to the stall. She places an idol and prays. She starts decorating the stall. Samar helps her.

Anupama makes a kitchen at the stall. Samar dances happily. Vanraj says lovely, Pakhi was panicking, but we reached on time. Anupama says I think your dad has come. Pakhi asks where is our stall. Samar says he will come, we shall take a selfie. Anupama says not now. Samar takes selfie with her. They smile. He goes to see Varun. Pakhi says someone has stolen the stall, I won’t leave the thief. Vanraj says maybe its confusion. Vanraj sees Anupama at the stall. They see Anupama and recall their words. Anupama shows Surprise to Pakhi. Samar comes back. He says principal and judges are coming be ready. She says your dad, Pakhi and Kavya have come. Kavya leaves. Vanraj goes after her. Anupama asks where did they go. Samar says focus on yourself, not dad, be ready, judges are coming, you want to win the prize for Pakhi and dad, right, focus, put your best foot forward. She asks why. He says do your best.

Principal and judges come to her stall. Anupama says we have made it a fusion. The lady says that’s so cool. Anupama says children like outside food, but its not good, we have made the homemade food better, we have made a tagline. She sings and laughs. She presents the food to them. They like the food a lot. The lady says not good, it is very good. Anupama thanks her. Principal says you have done well, I hope Pakhi becomes like you. Anupama says she is like me, she has to learn it, every daughter is mum’s shadow. Principal asks her to hope for the best, judges like the food, but the students vote will matter, its 75% votes. She goes. Vanraj says I know you should have not done this. Kavya says what you do matters to me. The girls laugh on Pakhi and joke on Anupama’s stall. Samar stops Pakhi and says calm down. Pakhi says mummy doesn’t belong her, I don’t want her to get insulted. Samar says she is very cool, she doesn’t know, but she puts efforts for our sake, she has come here for your sake. She says if Kavya had a stall here, I would have won the trophy. He asks her to stop behaving like kids.

Kavya says why did you involve me when Anupama was participating. Vanrah says I refused to her. She says you should have strongly refused to her, its your matter, shall I stay back or not, I shall go. He says fine, go. She says you said it easily. He says I have to handle my daughter’s disappointment. She says I won’t go, I will stay here and feel insulted, so that you know how much I hate this. He says once this fun fair ends, Anupama see what I do. Anupama and Samar try to get the students at the stall. Some students come and like the food. Principal says after seeing all the stalls, the award for the best mother goes to Mrs. Anupama Shah. Vanraj, Pakhi and Kavya get shocked. Samar says yes, my mummy is the best. Everyone claps. Anupama goes on the stage and thanks everyone. Principal gives her the trophy. Anupama gets emotional and thanks her. She asks can I call my family here. Principal says of course. She calls Anupama’s husband and kids on stage. Pakhi asks Vanraj to come. Kavya signs him to go. Anupama says one more thing, being a mother is a big award, I want Pakhi to give me this award.

Principal says of course. Pakhi gives the award to Anupama. She asks Anupama not to cry. Samar says congrats. Principal asks Anupama to say something. Anupama asks what would I say. Principal says whatever is there in your heart. Anupama says I have never won anything till now, I even lose in Ludo, I didn’t win this, every mum has done this, my mum used to tell me a story, Kanha ji was young and couldn’t walk, he wanted to touch the moon, one day the moon came in his hands, this story wasn’t a lie, the moon really comes in hands if we forward the hand, sorry for saying this, my son Samar supported me, else I would have not reached here, thanks. Everyone claps. Principal asks Vanraj to say something for his wife’s win. Vanraj thanks the jury, principal and the staff. He says its a special day for me, I m proud of you Anupama. Anupama smiles and asks what did he say, he is proud of me. Pakhi says yes. Vanraj says after many drawbacks, she reached here and made all of us proud, thanks. Kavya gets thinking. Anupama goes with him.

Anupama smiling and holding the trophy. Aaj mai upar….plays…. Vanraj says congrats, I didn’t know you are so talented, keep doing it, keep your seniors and bosses happy. Anupama happily cries and sees Pakhi. She smiles. Vanraj asks Anupama and Pakhi to get down the car. He goes to park the car. Samar says nothing happened to your trophy, come. He teases her. He says Bapu ji and Baa had a fight, it happens always, Bapu ji went to his Sasural. She says this fight happened because of me. He says leave it, lets enjoy the victory. She shows the trophy to Baa. She says I just wanted to do something for Pakhi and Vanraj.

Samar says no, Baa is upset and missing Bapu ji. Anupama asks Baa not to spoil her happiness. She says Vanraj praised me in front of everyone. She says Pakhi wanted this. Vanraj comes. Anupama asks him to say what did he say. He says I told all that, it was a lie. She gets shocked. He says how could I say that my wife came there when I asked her to not come. Samar says she did this for Pakhi. Pakhi says why, I already told Kavya. Anupama asks how did you call Kavya.

Pakhi says I didn’t know mummy’s thepla will win, sorry, I thought mum has no skill or personality. Samar says so you thought to change mum, mum is everything. Vanraj asks is father nothing, does he have no value, is husband nothing. Anupama says you are my everything. He says I also thought so, I was wrong, you would have not done this, you lied to my mum for this trophy, its sold for 100 rs in the market, Kavya took half day to come there, you made her upset, you like to humiliate her.

Baa says since she met her divorced friend, she got her wings. Vanraj says I won’t stop her, she can go anywhere, my mum is here to look after my house and children. Baa says I will need to manage all this. He says I have no hope from Anupama now, our relation was based on trust, which you broke today, I just came to drop Pakhi. He goes. She cries. Bapu ji talks to her on video call. She says I won the trophy, but not trust. Bapu ji says Vanraj is a donkey, he got a diamond and he doesn’t know the value, are you upset with me. She says no. He says I go to my Sasural every two months, I m proud of you. Anupama thanks him. She asks him to have medicines on time and come back, she will miss him a lot. She goes. Bapu ji asks Samar to handle the matter. He says leave Anupama alone, crying makes the heart light. Kavya gets shocked seeing Vanraj in her house. She says give me the key back, you come like this and I get scared. He tries to cheer her.

He says anger doesn’t suit you. She says when I see you with her, I can’t think rationally, I feel you aren’t mine. He says calm down. She says I felt like an outsider. He says I want to buy you a gift. She says I want breakup, I want to end this relationship. He gets shocked. Anupama cries and thinks of Vanraj’s words. Kavya says I m nothing to you. Vanraj says you are everything for me, I love you, I can’t live without you. She says I m not divorced to my husband, I have much tension, you are my only happiness, I feel bad when I feel that you aren’t mine. He holds her. He gets Anupama’s call and throws the phone. Anupama comes to Pakhi.

Pakhi recalls Samar’s words. Anupama holds ears and says sorry. Pakhi says I didn’t get angry on you intentionally, why can’t you become like Kavya, good night. She shuts the door. Bapu ji and Baa have a talk. He says you have to apologize to Anupama, else I won’t come home, you stop being biased towards daughter and Bahu. She asks him to come back, its not good to stay in Sasural. He sends an audio message. He says I will send your brother to your place tomorrow. Anupama waits for Vanraj. Samar comes and dances on Agar tum kaho…. She says Vanraj may get angry on you, go and sleep. He says he may tell you something. She says its our matter, go and sleep. He goes. Vanraj comes home and sees her.