Anupama Tuesday Update 19th April 2022


Anupama Tuesday Update 19th April 2022

Mama dancing with Samar. He teases Baa. Anupama smiles. She sends a thank you note to Pakhi. She comes and says its good, right. Pakhi asks why are you thanking me. Anupama says you said I can’t do anything, thanks, you encouraged me to become independent, you remember you were weak in maths, we told you to just try, Vanraj and Paritosh taught her and she passed, if she didn’t try, then she would have one year behind, I m many years behind, let me try once, you get angry if I fail. Pakhi shuts the door. Anupama says I will try my best. Paritosh disconnects the call when Anupama comes. She asks him to show her cooking videos. He says I m studying. She says fine, its imp. He asks her to say Samar, he is a loser. She asks him not to say that and study. She goes. He talks to Kinjal. She sits sad. Mama asks her to try the dish. He asks her to keep Baa’s recipe book. She says I miss Babu ji. He says he has sent me here, but where is he. She says at your house. He says I remember. She asks him to go and sleep.

Anupama says I won’t let you down Baa. She arranges her bag. She rehearses. Vanraj comes home. Anupama hugs him and says thanks that you allowed me to do the job, its first day tomorrow, I m very happy. He says its hall. She says sorry. He says I said yes, its part time job, if the job affects my family, then it will be last day of your job. She gets sad. She goes and sees Jhilmil happy with her husband. She smiles and asks how did you come so early. Jhilmil says I will come early when you have to go for job. Samar comes and says you woke up early on the first day of my school. Anupama says yes, mum has worry for child. Samar says I was worried for you. Anupama says I m not scared, we have to rush and do the work. She takes protein shake for Vanraj. She says its my first day of job. He goes to see Pakhi. She says I wish you came with me to give me courage, but you have to go to office, how shall I say. Samar says say it with rights, ask him to drop you to school. He teases her.

She goes to finish work. He says its imp day for you, I hope others also understand this. Vanraj asks why are you upset. Pakhi says my social life is ending, what will happen when mum comes to school. He says she will leave the job in two days….. Anupama rehearses while cooking. She thinks if I get scared, then how will I reach. Mama ji jokes on Baa. Samar asks Anupama to see the time. Anupama asks him to have food. She asks Paritosh to have food first. She asks Vanraj is he feeling well, he didn’t get ready. Vanraj says I will go late, make snacks for Kavya, make tea for me. She asks Pakhi will she take her along. Pakhi says no. Anupama says fine, we will come back together.

Baa taunts Anupama. Mama ji jokes on Baa again. Anupama makes the snacks. Samar says dad remembers Kavya’s snacks, but not mummy’s job. Kavya comes home. Vanraj smiles seeing her. Anupama says you came at the right time, I have made snacks for you. Kavya says I m so lucky. Anupama says you got a boss like him. Kavya says you don’t know I m so lucky. Anupama gets snacks. Kavya praises it. Anupama thanks her. Vanraj asks her to get breakfast. Anupama says I will get it. She serves the breakfast. Samar greets Kavya. He says its mum’s first day of job. Kavya says oh yes, she made everything, we will serve it, she can go. Anupama says no, I always serve his plate. Kavya says you spoiled him. Samar laughs.

Samar says just a wife can do this, girlfriend makes the man wash his plate, wife takes care of husband, now mummy has become a working woman like Kavya, dad has to adjust. Kavya says you are right, Vanraj has to adjust. Anupama says no, I will manage everything. She goes to get water. Samar says even Baa can’t do this. He thinks I can talk to dad if any guest is here, now dad will control anger and smile. He asks Vanraj to drop Anupama. Vanraj sees Kavya.

Vanraj asking Anupama to get ready. She gets happy and says he will drop me there. She gets ready and takes everyone’s blessings. Vanraj says its not a big thing. They leave. Anupama talks to Kavya on the way and praises Vanraj. He thinks she will irritate Kavya on the way, I have to drop her. He stops the car and says I forgot the file at home. She says I have kept it in your bag. He says its not there, I will go and get it, you will get late, take an auto, all the best. She thanks him. He drops her and drives ahead. He asks Kavya why isn’t she happy after he dropped Anupama. Kavya says when I see you and Anupama together, I get insecure, what’s my place in your life, we just have a relation, but not a name.

He says I love you. She says I want the social acceptance, maybe I feel insecure, its normal, I don’t hate Anupama, I worry that you may love her again. Anupama tries to get an auto. She reaches late. Principal scolds her for being late. Anupama says sorry. Pakhi says mum came and embarrassment started. Principal says this class is very notorious, I mean naughty. Anupama notes it down. She says sorry. Principal says I m warning you, it won’t be easy to handle the students, that’s your class. Anupama goes. Principal says I have taken a big chance by giving me this job, please prove me right. Anupama enters the class and finds all the students fighting. She shouts hands up. She stops the kids. Baa takes care of Meenu. She asks her not to praise Anupama. Baa watches tv.

Anupama makes the kids laugh. She introduces herself. She says we shall start a cooking class now. Meenu asks Baa to make food for her. Baa asks her to have lunch from outside. Meenu says make burger for me. Baa gets angry. The students tease Anupama. Baa makes the burger. Meenu doesn’t like it. Baa goes to make another one. Samar comes and gets the burgers made by Anupama. Baa looks on. The kids make fun of her. Anupama says I have to tell them who is the madam, what does Samar do. She acts like Samar, sings and dances. Baa looks for Meenu. Anupama engages the students. They all get to work with her. Principal looks on and smiles. She says unbelievable. Anupama recalls her children liking her homemade burger.