Anupama Update: Sunday 11th February 2024


Anupama Update: Sunday 11th February 2024

Vanraj and Hasmukh suggest Samar to calm down Dimpy and not fight over petty issues. Kavya tries to go somewhere. Leela asks where is she going. Kavya says she has some work. Toshu says he will do her work. Leela says she is going for her sonography. Leela asks Vanraj to accompany Kavya. Vanraj gives his car keys and asks Kavya to go by herself. Dimpy rehearses her fight with Samar in front of a mirror. Kinjal walks to her with food and says they really care for her, says she is sending Samar away from her trying to control him and should mend herself before it’s too late.

Anupama walks into Shah house and hears Leela insisting Vanraj to accompany Kavya to sonography. She also requests Vanraj to accompany Kavya for the baby’s sake. Vanraj refuses again and says baby’s father is Anirudh. Leela is shocked to hear that, verbally abuses Kavya, and kicks her out of the house.

Vanraj realizes it’s his imagination and asks where is Anupama. Leela says she must be at her home and asks him to go now. Kavya walks away saying she will manage. Leela says something has happened between them. Kavya thinks Vanraj is making family suspicious and fears he will reveal truth to family. Vanraj thinks he can’t for the family’s peace. Anupama and Anuj’s romance starts. They both help each other get ready for office. Is Tarah Ashiqui Ka.. song plays in the background. Anuj thanks Anupama for explaining Romil really well. Anupama says they need to understand a kid before explaining him, they can’t scold children just like that.

Anuj says he should explain this to Ankush and Barkha. Anupama says let us check if Pakhi is ready for office. Pakhi gets ready and hopes her and Adhik’s relationship mends soon. Anuj tells Anupama that he would have involved even Adhik and Barkha in the new project, but seeing them making losses earlier, he is skeptical. He gets a call and goes aside. Anupama walks towards Pakhi’s room when CA stops her. She pampers CA, corrects her hair ribbon, and sends her to school. She then stops again to check her mobile.

Adhik walks in front of Pakhi. Pakhi asks how is she looking, they both can go to work together now like mummy and buddy. Adhik angrily throws her files away and says she got a job not because of her competency but because of her mother, her mother can’t even speak proper English and she is an undergraduate and they both think they are better than us MBA grads. He shouts that he has to work under her and she was waiting for the opportunity to humiliate him.

Pakhi warns him to shut up and says if he and his sister were so competent, then why did they incur losses. She says if they were competent enough, Anuj would have given project’s responsibilities to them. Argument continues. Adhik starts physically abusing Pakhi. Romil watches their drama and informs Pakhi. Adhik slaps Pakhi. Anupama is shocked to notice that.