Anupama Update: Sunday 21th January 2024 – Adhik Physically and Verbally Abuses Pakhi


Anupama Update: Sunday 21th January 2024 – Adhik Physically and Verbally Abuses Pakhi

Anupama tells Kavya that she doesn’t have to lecture her on motherhood as she many times gave 5-page lectures on the topic, she just wants to suggest her to converse her each moment with her baby as kids grow soon from crawling to getting married. Pakhi says it’s masti time now. All Shahs and Kapadias dance on Salam-e-Ishq song. Pakhi and Adhik hesitate to dance together. Anupama thanks Anuj for giving her so much happiness. Anuj says he can do anything for her. Vanraj tells Kavya that everything is so perfect. Juice falls on Pakhi’s dress and she goes to clean herself. Adhik follows her. Leela notices that.

Nakul knocks MD’s room worried for her and asks why she locked herself, is her BP fine, what was written in that message. MD recalls Dimpy’s message about Kavya’s baby shower ceremony. She goes into flashback where her baby shower ceremony is performed and her husband promises her to fulfill all her and her baby’s dreams. Out of flashback, she breaks down. Adhik follows Pakhi and says he is trying to talk to her since yesterday. Pakhi says she is trying to avoid him since yesterday, then why is he trying.

Adhik shouts why she wants to join Anuj’s office without any qualification or experience, she just wants to trouble him and his sister. Leela climbs stairs with great difficulty. MD further recalls giving birth to her baby. Her teacher brainwashes her to choose her dream of becoming a renowned dancer over her child and sacrifice her motherhood for her name and fame. Out of flashback, MD thinks one has to sacrifice a lot for the talent and fame, but Anupama foolishly chose her family instead. She questions why a woman has to sacrifice a lot.

Adhik insists Pakh not to join office. Pakhi says he is afraid that she will expose him and his sister, she doesn’t need to join office to expose them and will inform about their evil deeds to Anuj. Adhik slaps her. Pakhi shocked shouts how dare he is and tries to slap him back. Adhik seeing Leela entering room starts drama and pleads Pakhi not to beat him. Leela yells at Pakhi if she is so shameless to beat her husband. Pakhi says she is mistaken, Adhik hit her first. Adhik acts.

Leela yells at Pakhi that she doesn’t let them and her mother in peace who is already troubled by MD, etc. Adhik asks her to calm down and end the issue right here. He takes her down. Pakhi thinks she is not the one to weep in a corner, she has her mother’s courage and will tolerate Adhik’s atrocities. Adhik asks Leela not to let Anupama know about it. Anupama asks about what?

MD thinks Anupama is troubling her mentally repeatedly and goes into flashback where her husband thanks her for giving him the biggest gift of his life. MD says she doesn’t need her son as she has to sacrifice her dance for him and her husband is just a clerk who can’t fulfill her dreams. Heartbroken husband says he never stopped her from pursuing her dreams, and if she thinks their child is a burden for her, he will take care of their son from today and she can pursue her dance dreams. MD leaves her baby. Anupama asks Leela and Adhik what will she find out. She notices Leela’s tears and asks if something happened. Leela says yes.