Anupama Update: Sunday 4th February 2024


Anupama Update: Sunday 4th February 2024

Vanraj tells Dimpy that he is her father-in-law/FIL and hence can’t scold her after an extent and if she was his daughter, he would have slapped her by now. Anuj tells Ankush that he did wrong. Barkha shouts Ankush is spoiling an already spoilt boy.
Ankush asks if he shouldn’t love his son. Anuj says he was giving money instead, correcting a wrong boy is a part of love. Ankush says Romil is not a normal child. Anuj says that doesn’t give him a right to misbehave with others; Akush should understand Romil’s problems and correct them, instead he is spoiling him more; he should act as a parent sometimes and be tough to his son to get him on a right path, etc.

Dimpy shouts that they all should hit and kill them for speaking truth; Anupama married a rich man and settled in life, but they have to struggle for a living; Vanraj is struggling in life and even then having a baby with his second wife at this age, Leela sits on a swing and troubles them whole day, Hasmukh doesn’t work and just hogs food. Anupama gives her a tight slap and she falls on Samar with a ringing sound in her ear.

Ankush says Anuj is right, but he is also not wrong; he knows his son who is upset after his mother left him, Barkha and Adhik are troubling him, and if he also gets though, he will think a whole world is against him. Adhik says they can’t tolerate Romil anymore. Ankush he shouldn’t then. Barkha shouts next and questions Ankush and his mistress’ wrong upbringing. Ankush shouts back. Anuj warns them to stop and tells Ankush that he did wrong by interfering when he was advising Romil and offering him money, Romil knows his weakness and will use it against him. Ankush says he is not a kid like Romil and knows to handle the situation.

Leela taunts Dimpy that if she needs to redden her face, she should consult Anupama Ahmedabadwali. Samar tries to speak. Anupama warns him that she will slap him 101 times if he interferes. She then warns Dimpy that she will not keep quiet if anyone insults her parents; she doesn’t want to come here, but can’t let her parents being misbehaved by Dimpy; she will visit them during festivals if Samar and Dimpy reform themselves; Dimpy should look at herself and stop her self-centered behavior; family tried to accept her wholeheartedly and did so much for her, but what did she do for the family. She asks Samar what did his wife do for the family. He stands silent. She continues to tongue lash Dimpy. Toshu and Kinjal say MD just used them as a pawn against Anupama and then dumped them. Anupama says when she can confront her guru for her children, she can confront even her children.

Barkha and Ankush’s argument continues. Anuj warns them to stop and says they and Shahs don’t let him and Anupama leave peacefully. He warns Anuj that he has to teach discipline and good morales to Romil if he wants to keep Romil here; warns all 3 of them to stop wasting their time in unnecessary conspiracies and concentrate on their work, he is silent doesn’t means he doesn’t know what they did, he will have a one-on-one session with them. Barkha and Adhik get tensed hearing that. Anupama asks Dimpy if she thinks this family and house are fit for her. Dimpy says. Anupama says then she should pack her and her husband’s bags and leave this house; Kavya, Mr Shah, Toshu got punishment for their deeds and even she is bearing punishment by MD for her mistakes; they shall also be punished and should get out of this house right now.

Dimpy says they will they will not go from here without taking their share of the property. Leela and Hasmukh ask why she wants to break the house. Kavya and Toshu says they tried to demand their property share earlier and had to fall flat on their face. Hasmukh says this house belongs to him and Anupama is his daughter, he gives right to Anupama to take any decision she wants to. Dimpy says they will take a legal route if they don’t get their share, till then an outsider Anupama can’t kick them out of the house. Vanraj asks Samar to speak. Samar (like a true wife’s slave) says he doesn’t want to comment on it. Anupama shatters hearing about property division. Anuj interacts with Pakhi and places her in marketing department.

Adhik and Barkha frown seeing that. Barkha says everything was going fine, but soon they will have to leave this house; earlier Pakhi came, then Anuj, then Anupama, and now Romil; soon Pakhi will manipulate Anuj and kick them out of the house. Adhik says he will not spare Pakhi. Dimpy continues to misbehave and demand property share. Anupama says she will not let her father’s house break and his dream shattered. Dimpy says then she and Samar will stay separately and rest of Shahs will stay separately in this house.