Anupama Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024


Anupama Update: Tuesday 20th February 2024

Kavya thanks her doctor over phone for assuring her that her baby is fine. She comforts herself that reports are normal and everything is fine, then thinks why she fears something will happen. Leela scolds Dimpy to cover a milk utensil and not make a mess around the kitchen. Dimpy asks her to speak slowly orlese her friends will listen. Dimpy’s friend walks into the kitchen wearing footwear. Leela asks her to leave the footwear outside. Friend feels insulted. Leela says there is nothing wrong if elders try to teach youngsters.

Dimpy’s friend feels insulted and leaves with other friends while Dimpy pleads them to stop and apologizes on Leela’s behalf. Dimpy shouts at Leela. Their argument starts. Vanraj returns from office and asks them to stop their daily drama. Their argument continues. Kavya tries to calm down Leela and asks Dimpy to stop arguing with Leela. Dimpy leaves throwing water glass on floor. Kavya tries to stop her, steps on water glass and falls flat on her stomach. Vanraj rushes her to hospital.

Anupama gets an intuition that Kavya is unwell and prays god to protect her and her baby. She gets a call and asks if Kavya is fine, the rushes to hospital where she joins Vanraj. Kavya cries that she won’t be alive if something happens to her baby. They both assure Kavya that her baby would be fine. Doctor takes her in for checkup. Vanraj hopes their baby is fine. Anupama says it’s good to hear that he said his and Kavya’s baby. At home, Leela worries for Kavya’s baby and warns Dimpy that she will kick her out of the house if something happens to Kavya’s baby.

Dimpy shouts that Kavya should have stepped on a wet floor carefully and she didn’t do it purposefully. Toshu scolds Dimpy for her careless behavior and asks if she doesn’t know that they should take utmost care where a pregnant lady stays. Samar like a true puppy defends Dimpy and says it’s not her mistake. Toshu scolds him next. Dimpy walks to kitchen crying and tells Kinjal that she didn’t do it purposefully. Dimpy asks her to calm down and says Leela is upset and hence blamed her, she should pray for Kavya’s baby.

Doctor checks Kavya’s ultrasound report and informs Vanraj and Anupama that the baby is fine, but Kavya is still having stomach pain and should be kept under observation for 24 hours. Vanraj worries for the baby. Anupama comforts him. Dimpy asks Samar if he spoke to Vanraj, if Kavya is fine. Samar says he spoke to Anuj and he said baby is fine, but Kavya is having pain and needs to be kept under observation for 24 hours. Dimpy says she will accompany him and Toshu to hospital.

Samar asks her to be at home and says anger brings only trouble, so she should maintain calm and not react even if Leela scolds her. Dimpy thinks she will not even if her ego is hurt and prays god to protect Kavya’s baby. Anuj tells Anu that Vanraj and Kavya were so happy during baby shower ceremony, but today they are both tensed for their baby. Anupama tries to inform him that Anirudh is Kavya’s baby’s father and not Vanraj when Toshu and Samar walk to them.

Vanraj recalls the quality moments he spent with Kavya after her pregnancy news and then Kavya’s shocking revelation. Samar and Toshhu ask about Kavya and her baby. Anuj says they are fine. Samar says Dimpy didn’t do it purposefully. Toshu argues. Anuj stops them and says this is not the place to argue. Toshu asks if they are here, who is with Pakhi as she is not safe with Adhik. Anupama recalls Adhik injuring Pakhi. Pakhi prepares jelly for CA and asks Romil if he would like to have jelly.

Romil says he likes jelly and suggests her to stop tolerating her husband’s physical, mental, and verbal abuse or else he will continue torturing her. Pakhi warns him that it’s none of his business. Romil says he thought husband-praying aunties are only in films, but he can see one here. Pakhi says she supported him considering him as an younger brother, he should stop fighting with Adhik as their fight is affecting CA. Adhik hears their conversation.

Kavya asks Vanraj to inform Leela not to scold Dimpy and pleads. Vanraj asks her to calm down or else it would affect her baby. Kavya panics and calls nurse. Vanraj says their baby is fine. Kavya feels happy hearing that and asks if he accepted her baby. Vanraj says no, he spoke in emotions.