Anupama Update: Wednesday 14th February 2024


Anupama Update: Wednesday 14th February 2024

Adhik starts his emotional blackmail on Pakhi and sheds crocodile tears. He pleads Pakhi to save their marriage and says since childhood, men think they can do anything and when a girl tolerates their atrocity, they trouble her more. He promises to punish him if he does a mistake again. Anupama says they can send him to jail. Vanraj says they can deskin in as per his wish. Anuj says he can fulfill his wish. Romil thinks he does so much overacting. Adhik acts as breaking down pleading Pakhi for one more chance.

Pakhi frees her hand from Anupama and forgives Adhik. Anuj says it’s a drama, even a biggest criminal starts emotional blackmail when they have to go to jail. Anupama says they can understand, but Pakhi can’t. Vanraj says Pakhi has seen many relationships failing and hence wants to give Adhik another chance. Hansraj says Pakhi thinks Adhik will change if he is shedding crocodile tears. Leela says she wants to suffer again. Hasmukh says Pakhi is fearing society’s backlash, but her life is more important.

Adhik asks Pakhi again if she will give their marriage another chance. Pakhi says yes and asks him to stop crying and gets him up holding his hand. Anupama says she is holding a hand which hit him. Pakhi says she knows, they are thinking of her betterment and so does she, she is thankful that her family stands for her, but she will revive her relationship with Adhik and will not let it break. Anupama says Adhik dared to hit her daughter. Barkha says he apologized.

Anupama says he is just apologizing to save himself, so she will not forgive him even if Sweety forgives him; she is sparing him as Sweety is holding a hand from which he hit her, he should respect Sweety’s emotions and should never repeat his mistake, and if he troubles her daughter even a bit, god’s swear a mother will punish him. Anupama tells Pakhi that being great in love doesn’t mean she should suffer, it’s up to her whether she wants to live happily or in sorrow as it’s her marriage; there is no need for forceful relationship as such relationship will end some day. She prays god that Sweety is proved right and if she is proved wrong, nobody can save Adhik from her.

Vanraj prays god that he can now understand the pain Anupama’s family incurred because of his misbehaviors, god should protect her daughter. Samar and Toshu ask him why did he spare Adhik easily, why didn’t they bring Pakhi here, what if she is harmed, why didn’t they try to put some sense into Pakhi. Leela says they all 4 tried their best, but Pakhi doesn’t want to listen and asked them not to interfere. Anupama anxiously tells Anuj that Adhik is not remorseful and was just acting to save himself from punishment, she suffered for years and her daughter also wants to suffer now. She feels drowsy. Anuj makes her sit and offers her water and then asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Anupama asks what if Adhik frightens Pakhi and tortures her.

Leela says what if Adhik harms Pakhi. Dimpy says it’s not possible as Adhik is calm and reserved, surely Pakhi must have provoked Adhik and then played a victim card, Pakhi is so arrogant and mannerless. Leela says she is describing her qualities and warns her not to interfere in their family when she doesn’t consider herself part of it. Dimpy walks away. Samar walks behind her. Shahs continue to fear for Pakhi. Anupama also continues her fear and thinks she needs to explain Pakhi that there is a difference between love and force. Anuj says they can help Pakhi only when she lets them help.