Close to My Heart Teasers on Starlife March 2023


Close to My Heart Teasers on Starlife March 2023

Coming up this March;

Ginni feels shattered as she finds Goldie attempting suicide. After rescuing him, Ginni vows to disrupt Aditya and Sam’s wedding at any cost.

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Episode 24

The Chimmas will be arriving soon to talk about the alliance between Aditya and Harnaz, Ambar announces. Aditya visits Ginni’s residence in the meanwhile to make the catering payment.

Thursday 2 March  2023

Episode 25

Sam pretends to be Aditya’s friend when he pays the Singhs a visit. She makes an unspoken proposal to him. Shailaja observes Sam in Aditya’s room at night.

Friday 3 March 2023


Sam is in trouble when Aditya figures out her plan of trying to manipulate his family. She feels worried when Ginni recognises her at the cafe.

Saturday 4 March 2023


am tells Aditya that he has to marry her because she is pregnant with his child. While Aditya tries to figure out his next step, Sam spots Ginni in the house.

Sunday 5  March 2023


After learning about Sam’s pregnancy, Aditya has trouble deciding on his life. On the other hand, Ginni gets shocked to see Sam in Aditya’s house.

Monday 6 March 2023


Aditya faces Ambar’s wrath when he decides to stand by Sam and refuses to marry Harnaaz. Elsewhere, Ginni calls Aditya to find out Sam’s relation with Aditya’s family.

Tuesday 7 March 2023


Goldie and Sam cross paths. But Sam runs away and informs the police that Goldie is harassing her. Later, Goldie requests Ginni to bring Simran back to him.

Wednesday 8 March 2023


Ginni is on a mission to find out Sam and Aditya’s relationship. At the Singh house, she confronts Sam and asks her to return home to Goldie.

Thursday 9 March  2023


Aditya learns that the real name of Sam is Simranpreet, who is also the wife of Goldie. Later, Ginni informs Goldie about a special guest arriving at the Dhaba.

Friday 10 March 2023


Aditya is torn between his mother’s dream and standing by Sam. Later, Aditya and Ginni get into an argument when she arrives to bring back Sam with her.

Saturday 11 March 2023


Ginni feels shattered as she finds Goldie attempting suicide. After rescuing him, Ginni vows to disrupt Aditya and Sam’s wedding at any cost.

Sunday 12  March 2023


In her attempt to save Goldie, Ginni meets Rajvanth and urges him to call off Aditya and Sam’s wedding. While Rajvanth refuses to help, Ginni comes up with a plan.

Monday 13 March 2023


To keep her promise to Goldie, Ginni makes a startling move which shocks everyone. After Aditya’s wedding rituals, he is appalled to see Ginni instead of Sam.

Tuesday 14 March 2023


In spite of opposition from Ambar and Shailaja, Rajvanth welcomes Ginni into the Singh household. Rajvanth gives Ginni the bangles that belonged to Aditya’s mother.

Wednesday 15 March 2023


After finding out about Simran’s pregnancy, Ginni feels bad about marrying Aditya. In another location, Goldie is told of Ginni’s sacrifice by Ginni’s mother.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Episode 39

Ginni chooses to make amends for her error even if Aditya won’t accept her as his wife. Ginni’s mother learns about Khushwant’s business proposal somewhere else.

Friday 17 March 2023

Episode 40

When Ginni enters Singh’s kitchen to make dinner for her in-laws, Aditya becomes enraged. Later, when Ginni learns of Sam’s evil scheme to capture Aditya, she becomes enraged.

Saturday 18 March 2023

Episode 41

Aditya gets questioned when Sam reveals her pregnancy report to the Singhs. Rajvanth gets furious when Supreet throws Ginni out of the house.

Sunday 19  March 2023

Episode 42

Sam challenges Ginni that she will get her thrown out of the house. Later, when Ginni checks Sam’s pregnancy report, she gets accused.

Monday  20 March 2023

Episode 43

Ginni decides to learn about Aditya’s past to connect with him. Later, Supreet confides in Ginni about Aditya’s history and his relationship with his mother.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Episode 44

When Aditya finds Ginni in his secret room, he accuses her of playing with his emotions. Later, he gives Ginni an ultimatum to leave the Singh mansion within the next 24 hours.

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Episode 45

After facing all the humiliation, Ginni comes up with a plan to bring Sam’s truth to the Singh family. Later, Sam gets shocked when she receives a threatening call.

Thursday 23 March 2023

Episode 46

Ginni faces backlash when she accepts that her friend threatened Sam to extort money from her. Later, Gulabo lashes out at Sam.

Friday 24 March 2023

Episode 47

Ginni learns that fake documents were used for Sam and Goldy’s divorce and manages to get evidence. Later, Ginni threatens to expose Sam.

Saturday 25 March 2023

Episode 48

To stop Ginni from revealing the truth to Aditya, Sam abducts Ginni and locks her in a room. Later, Sam wants Aditya to introduce her to the media.

Sunday 26  March 2023

Episode 49

Ginni reveals to Aditya the incomplete evidence she had gathered against Sam. While Sam tries to deny her accusations, Aditya takes Ginni’s side and exposes Sam.

Monday  27 March 2023

Episode 50

Aditya asks Sam to leave the house after he figures out her deception. Soon, the Singhs introduce Ginni and Aditya as a couple in front of the media.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Episode 51

Ginni refuses to accept the jewellery of Aditya’s mother from Supreet. Later, Aditya and Ginni come to a mutual decision to dissolve their marriage.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Episode 52

Rajvanth bestows Ginni with the responsibility of the house before departing on a pilgrimage. Elsewhere, Aditya questions Ginni about the change in the decision.

Thursday 30 March 2023

Episode 53

Ginni looks after Aditya when he gets a fever. When she prepares her father’s special soup for him, Supreet decides to make Aditya’s favourite soup.

Friday 31 March 2023

Episode 54

A furious Aditya tells Ginnni why he dislikes Supreet. He gets emotional when he recalls Gurkeerat’s sufferings in the past.


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