Destined by Fate Update: Monday 5th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Monday 5th February 2024

Kanha gets a call that his cards are blocked as account holder’s names have changed. Nakul says even he called banks and learnt that account holder’s names in lockers have changed and they can’t withdraw anything, he doesn’t know what is happening. Kanha asks not to worry as he will take loan from his friend. Tej warns him not to take loan from anyone as Chaudhrys never took loan from anyone, he would rather die than taking loan. Kanha asks him to calm down, he will find some other way. Saroj asks where will they stay now. Sayuri says they will stay at their other home.

Chaudhrys walk to Sharma house and request Indu and Bhanu to let her them stay in their house. Indu and Bhanu welcome them in and ask them to consider it as their own house. Saroj feels guilty recalling humiliating them and kicking them out of her house. They offer juice to Chauhdry family. Dhanraj says they don’t feel like having anything. Indu says she can’t believe how Chaman within 3-4 days transferred everything in her name. Kanha says they need to find out if someone is helping her.

Nakul recalls his first meeting with Chaman and signing contracts with her. He thinks his wife betrayed him first and now his whole family in trouble because of him, its better he dies. He walks towards a speeding truck. A pr*stitute whom he befriended a few days ago notice him and runs behind him to stop him. Sayuri and Kanha get worried for Nakul when he doesn’t pick call. Sayuri breaks down thinking how she will manage whole family without money.

Kanha comforts her. Lady saves Nakul and asks if heis fine. Nakul asks why did she save him, he wants to die as his whole family is in trouble because of him. Lady scolds him that he hasn’t seen difficulties in life that he has lost hope. She says she dies each day, but never thought of committing suicide. She asks him to value life and try to find solution for his problem.

Kanha calls Nakul asks where is he and why he is not picking call. Nakul says he is fine and asks if he has some work. Kanha asks him not to leave him alone as he needs his support in this tough situation. Nakul thanks the lady for saving him and leaves. Chaman meets Rashmi in jail. Rashmi confronts her for betraying her and grabbing whole property alone. Chaman refuses to further help her. Rashmi threatens to reveal her secrets if she doesn’t bail her out.