Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 4th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 4th February 2024

Chaman Bahar mocks Sayuri when she asks her to get out of their house. Kanha warns her to stop her drama and get out of their house. Chaman continues her drama. Saroj tells Chaman that her house is everything to her and requests to spare it for them. Chaman misbehaves with her. Dhanraj asks Kanha to call the police. Chaman says they can call police who will kick them out instead. She asks Tingu to start music and kick all Chaudhrys out. Tingu asks them to leave before they are killed.

Nakul apologizes everyone for his mistake and says he doesn’t know how Chaman got their property papers. Saroj walks to home temple and complains god that she prayed him in this whole day and night, but he is not supporting them and getting them out of their own house. Sayuri says soon they will return back to their home soon and will get Chaman punished for her sins. Chaman laughs saying they are too weird to light lamps when they are being kicked out of their own house. O Palan Haare.. song plays in the background. Chaudhrys walk out of their house.

Tingu asks Chaman not to overjoy and think about Rashmi who hired them for this task to take revenge from her own family, and when she can betray her own family, she can easily betray them. Chaman says not to worry as Rashmi can’t do anything from jail. Rashmi angrily writes Chaman’s name on a table and thinks Chaman betrayed her, she will not spare Chaman once she is out of jail. She recalls her first meeting with Chaman where Chaman threatens her clients for not making payment for her goods. She asks Chaman how she became sardar of her tribe.

Chaman says she is Sardar’s daughter and killed everyone who tried to become sardar after killing her parents. Rashmi says even she wants to take revenge and seeks her help. She thinks she did a big mistake by taking Chaman’s help who killed her own people, she will take revenge from Chaman once she is out of jail.

Saroj cries looking at her house and asks where will they go now. Chaman enjoys food with Tingu and discusses that everything is going according to her plan, she ditched Rashmi who sought her help and took over her property. Tingu asks what will Chaudhrys do now. Chaman says he will have to beg on roads.