DisComplicated Teasers November 2022 [eExtra]


DisComplicated Teasers November 2022 [eExtra]

Tuesday November 1 2022
Episode 36

Everyone in home is taken aback by Eda, and Alptekin is visited by ancient ghosts.

Wednesday November 2 2022
Episode 37

The relationship between Serkan and Eda is in uncharted territory. The future of Ferit is unclear.

Thursday November 3 2022
Episode 38

Will Selin’s major choice be sufficient to keep her relationship intact? After making a stunning discovery, Alptekin is unsure of what to do.

Friday November 4 2022
Episode 39

Selin’s life falls apart due to a serious scandal. Due to the pressure Alptekin is under, his health starts to deteriorate.

Monday 7 November 2022
Episode 40

Ferit’s arrival in the office with the new stakeholder causes tension between Selin and Ferit. Will Serkan fall for Efe Akman’s tricks? Efe Akman is clearly good at winning over the office.

Tuesday 8 November 2022
Episode 41

When Serkan and Eda inform their parents of their relationship, Aydan and Ayfer set the boundaries. Joy and discomfort occur when Efe is present in the workplace.

Wednesday 9 November 2022
Episode 42

Serkan learns a devastating truth about the past. Will his relationship with Eda survive this? Meanwhile the new partner at the firm causes tension.

Thursday 10 November 2022
Episode 43

Serkan stuggles to tell Eda something important. Alptekin and Aydan find mutual ground.

Friday 11 November 2022
Episode 44

It’s the day of Efe’s big brunch. Secrets come out and fun is had. Will Serkan tell Eda the truth?

Monday 14 November 2022
Episode 45

Efe insists on changing Serkan’s award-winning project. Eda’s world is shattered and she learns the truth about her Italian scholarship.

Tuesday 15 November 2022
Episode 46

Serkan’s emotions run high when Eda returns to the office. The breakup of Serkan and Alptekin’s relationship takes its toll on Alptekin.

Wednesday 16 November 2022
Episode 47

Serkan tries to be as strong as he was, but Efe starts to get under his skin. Eda has a plan for her future.

Thursday 17 November 2022
Episode 48

After Eda gets injured at a team building event, Serkan must help keep her awake for a whole night.

Friday 18 November 2022
Episode 49

Tensions grow between Efe and Serkan causing a big divide in the company. It’s Piril’s birthday but will Engin make the right moves. Eda struggles to get over Serkan and her friends jump in to help.

Monday 21 November 2022
Episode 50

It’s an evening of fun and celebrations which makes it difficult for Serkan to hide his feelings for Eda. Aydan seeks help from a therapist.

Tuesday 22 November 2022
Episode 51

Eda and Serkan are forced together on a new project, but Eda does not feel well. Aydan feels courageous – will it last?

Wednesday 23 November 2022
Episode 52

There is great consternation and misunderstanding that arises when Eda decides to take care of a baby.  Selin struggles to contain herself when Ceren is nearby.

Thursday 24 November 2022
Episode 53

A great misunderstanding between Serkan and Eda makes the sparks fly! There’s much excitement for a possible new project but strange events at a party might have grave consequences for everyone at Art Life.

Friday 25 November 2022
Episode 54

Art Life is shaken by a terrible event and Serkan’s reputation is at stake. Eda plays detective at the company but steps on a few toes.

Monday November 28 2022
Episode 55

An unusual suggestion from Engin is presented to Piril. Ayfer discovers who really recommended a significant client to the store when Serkan vacates his apartment.

Tuesday November 29 2022
Episode 56

Serkan receives a surprise visit from Aydan after his epic journey. To learn more about Serkan’s ambitions, Efe confronts Eda.

Wednesday November 30 2022
Episode 57

What would the cost of telling the truth be, if Efe comes clean? There are important commercial transactions that Ferit and Alptekin must make. With Eda, Aydan reveals more.

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