Divya-Drishti: Tuesday 20th February 2024


Divya-Drishti: Tuesday 20th February 2024

Mahima says open eyes and see down. Pisachini asks everyone to fall. They all jump. Divya Drishti save them. Pisachini is shocked. They bring everyone up. Ash says was that.. Pisachini says who brought you up? She looks down no one is there. Divya says we have to do something.

Pisachini asks everyone who saved you? Tell me. Mahima says I don’t know. Divya says what if we didn’t reach on time. Drishit says yes thank God we saved them. Pisachini says tell who did. She hangs Rashi. Rashi screams. Simran says please leave her. We will tell. Pisachini says tell me. Se says they were two. We dont know who they were. One was superman one was batman. I am not lying. Rashi says yes they were wearing costumes. Pisachini throttles Ojawani. Rakshit comes there. He says what are you doing? Pisachini says they have been working. I was asking them not to. Everyone asks Pisachini for lassi.

Drishti asks mahima what happened. Mahima hugs her and says thank you for saving us. How long would you do that? Drishti says every time we have to. We are there for you. We wont let her harm anyone. Mahima hugs her.
Pisachini makes the lassi and says you all have to open your mouth and tell me. divya keeps an eye on her. Divya sees the earthworm.

Ash says to Ojaswani those were Divya Drishti right? Pisachini says you were all dying. Now have this lassi. She gives the lasso to everyone. Drishti says to Divya I have changed the lassi. Divya tells her about the earthworm. Divya says I have caught this earthworm too.
Pisachini asks Mahima who saved you? Tell me now. Everyone laughs after drinking the lassi. Pisachin says why is my magic not working? Drishti says why are they laughing/ Divya says I mixed laughter powder to make them happy.

Rakshit says why is everyone so scared? Pisachini says I dont’ know. Please check the guests. She says I know those two are back and they saved everyone.
Divya Drishit take out the earthworm. Pisachini is coming there. They run. Pisachini says to earthworm what are you doing. Why were here? She says I don’t know how I came here. Puascini says they did this. Let me them play.

Romi comes to Drishti and says she gave me somethign I would die. Drishit comes to her. Pisachini makes everyone statue. She says you all are frozen where you are. You missed my lassi. You will all die without it. Tell me who saved you or die in 12 hours. Divya asks Drishit what was it?
Everyone gets older. Everyone gets old age problems. Pisachini asks Raksht to take the chunri to temple. He leaves. Pischaini says thank God he is gone.
Romi has gotten very old. Drishit looks at everyoen. They are all in pain. Drishit says I am sorry my magic isn’t working.
Romi eats parsad. divya says don’t eat. Romi gets young again. She says means this modak cut her magic? Let me tell drishit. Divya comes to Drishti and says everyone would be fine We have found a way.

Romi is taking the modak to everyone. Divya Drishti look for Romi. Romi tries to pick Ash. She says I can’t get up. Earthworm takes the modaj. Divya Drishit see her. They run to Romi.
Earthworm tell Pisachini she replaced the modak. Romi gives the modak to everyone. It doesn’t work. Drishti says why is it not working on anyone. Simran says I lost my tooth. Everyone screams in pain. Divya says we have to do somethign. Drishit says lets hold hands and try with our powers. Everyone is going out. They all fall down. Romi is tryin to save them. divya Drishti hold hands. Charanjeet says new powers. Find out what she mixes in the lassi and you will know how to counter.