Dream Girl Friday Update 1st April 2022


Dream Girl Friday Update 1st April 2022

power going when Samar comes infront of Laxmi. She acts as Naina and says its all darkness for her and goes to get a candle for her. He looks at her. She asks is he still here. He says yes, sorry I was fixing candle at table, I liked the script you wrote. He says your face, looks and behavior matches with Laxmi, we were going to get married and planned so much, I love her a lot, I remember everything about her, and tells about Laxmi. She cries. He says sorry, as we all thought you are Laxmi, I will leave. She says Raj…

He stops and gets stunned. She says Raj Samosewala was your first movie, did you not work on it. Samar says this movie will start when Laxmi comes. Karan hides and says Laxmi let him go, if power comes, he will read your eyes. Samar says sorry Naina, if I called you Laxmi by mistake. She asks him to take candle for stairs, he needs it. He says good night and leaves. She cries and says I m sorry, forgive me.

Its morning, Ayesha drinks coffee and sits thinking. She gets newspaper and reads about her one month bail to end soon, and hearing to be in 20 days. She calls lawyer and confronts him, asking about the situation. The lawyer says we don’t have any proof to show you are innocent. She scolds him and ends the call. Ayesha looks for Naina’s info on internet. She gets shocked seeing Naina’s Wikipedia page and says how is this possible. She checks Abhimanyu’s FB page and sees his and Naina’s pics. She says what, such old pics and comments, they are much prepared. Ayesha calls Abhimanyu’s mum and talks about his posting. She says she is his friend, you may have got alone after his posting, and asks about Naina. His mum says Naina is staying with Abhimanyu. Ayesha gets shocked and cuts the call.

Laxmi keeps a rakhi near Lord’s idol instead tying to Karthik and apologizes to Lord. Abhimanyu comes and asks about the gift Karthik used to give her. Laxmi says about Ghewar/sweets boxes. He says he will get chocolates for her, as he regards her sister, why don’t she tie rakhi to his wrist. She agrees happily. She calls him Bhaiya and hugs him.

Ayesha tells about Raksha bandhan and misses Karan. She says Laxmi and Abhimanyu are celebrating Rakshabandhan and is sad about her own brother Karan. Abhimanyu welcomes Laxmi’s family. He greets Karthik. Laxmi asks who is it and comes there. Bua and Karthik say she is exactly like Laxmi. Abhimanyu asks Naina to meet Laxmi’s family. Karthik calls her Laxmi, and says my sister also looks like her. Abhimanyu says even I was shocked seeing Laxmi’s pic for the first time.

Laxmi says she will get something to have. Abhimanyu says he has called them for questioning, its Rakshabandhan so he did not call them at police station. Karthik says she is not our Laxmi, else she would have tied rakhi to me. Laxmi calls Bhaiya. Karthik and Abhimanyu answer her. Laxmi thanks Abhimanyu. Ayesha comes there and thinks to find out about real truth.

Abhimanyu asking Laxmi’s family to answer him. Laxmi gives them snacks. Abhimanyu talks to Karan and asks about Ayesha calling him on Raksha bandhan. Laxmi’s dad says his BP was high. She says maybe you missed medicine, even my mum has BP and it gets high when she misses medicine. He says I felt Laxmi is saying this. The door bell rings and she goes to see. Ayesha comes dressed as pizza delivery guy, in disguise of a sardar. She thinks Laxmi’s family is here, I will get some clue. She says she has come to deliver pizzas.

Laxmi says we did not order. Ayesha says its free offer, have it. Abhimanyu asks whats this. Ayesha says its offer on Raksha bandhan. He says we don’t want, go. Laxmi says its fine, its Rakhi day and everyone is here. Ayesha asks him to take it. Abhimanyu asks her to keep it there. Ayesha says sure. Laxmi does tilak to Abhimanyu and Karthik looks on as she ties rakhi to him. Karthik says we will come on any other day to answer. Laxmi says Bhaiya… Ayesha thinks she could not be. Laxmi stops Karthik and says uncle said my face matches Laxmi, so I said he can regard me Laxmi, then you are equal to my brother, can I tie rakhi to you. He says yes and sits. She does tilak and ties rakhi to him.

Karthik tells about Laxmi asking for ghewar. Abhimanyu says he does not have ghewar, but I got chocolates for Naina, you can give one box from your side. Karthik gives it to her. Abhimanyu too gives one box. Laxmi says I will give sweets to Karan, he is inside, you all sit. Abhimanyu asks sardar what is he seeing. Ayesha says your and your sister’s love. Abhimanyu asks did he get emotional, now go. Ayesha acts that she wants to go loo and Abhimanyu sends her to room.

Ayesha looks for some clue in Laxmi’s room. Laxmi comes to Karan and says I have limitations, but you can call Ayesha. He says she can call me too, I m sure she does not know its rakshabandhan today. He says I can just talk to her, but I can’t call her, she is elder, she can scold me and could call me. She says if she comes then… Ayesha looks for some things. She gets Naina’s passport and says very clever.

Karan says relations are not just by name, if there is heart relation, even blood relations fall pale. Ayesha does not get anything. Laxmi says she tied rakhi to Karthik. He says that’s why I m saying, if Ayesha does not care, even I don’t care. She pacifies him and says you are against Ayesha, but you care for her. A glass falls and Laxmi holds it. Ayesha sees this and gets shocked. Ayesha thinks its good I have seen this, I was thinking I was wrong, Laxmi proved she is not blind and she is not Naina, my work is complete.

Karan says glass breaking is fine, don’t forget you are Naina. Ayesha comes out and says she will leave now. Abhimanyu stops her and she sees her moustache coming out. She gets tensed. Abhimanyu smiles and thanks for getting pizza, and asks where is her pizza parlor, who is owner, we will thank. Ayesha says something. Abhimanyu removes the moustache and says Ayesha Sareen…. They all get shocked seeing her.

He scolds her for coming to spy on him and Naina. She removes the beard and is silent. He asks is it proved that Naina is my real sister. Laxmi’s Bua and dad scold Ayesha. Karan comes there and hugs Ayesha, saying he knew she will find him, she came to meet him, I know you came to tie rakhi to me, thanks, I really missed you. He says he will answer Abhimanyu later and wants to spend the day with Ayesha. He takes Ayesha and leaves.