Dream Girl Teasers – April 2022


Dream Girl Teasers – April 2022

Friday 1 April 2022

Episode 122
Abhimanyu welcomes Mathur, Geeta, Kartik and Karan to his house. Naina Laxmi celebrates Raksha Bandhan with Abhimanyu and Kartik. Ayesha disguises herself as a pizza seller.

Episode 123
Karan shares his feelings with Ayesha, but she breaks her relationship with him for supporting Naina Laxmi. Karan warns Naina Laxmi to be careful of Ayesha. Ayesha strives to expose Naina Laxmi.

Saturday 2 April 2022

Episode 124
Manav is busy promoting Ayesha’s film. Ayesha panics finding a few rats in her cabin and accuses Naina Laxmi of troubling her. However, Manav brings the situation under control. Karan is shocked to learn that Samar is a drug addict.

Episode 125
Ayesha and Manav are shocked learning that Samar is taking drugs due to depression. Manav sympathises with Samar. At Ayesha’s insistence, Manav asks Samar to assist Naina Laxmi in script writing.

Sunday 3 April 2022

Episode 126
In order to trap Naina Laxmi, Ayesha appoints Samar as her assistant. She troubles Naina Laxmi while she works with Samar. Samar is upset with Naina Laxmi for dealing with him strictly.

Episode 127
Ayesha provokes Samar to vent out his anger on Atul. Manav is annoyed with Samar and wants him to stay away from Naina Laxmi. Ayesha tries to expose Naina’s Laxmi identity and misleads Samar about her.
Monday 4 April 2022

Episode 128
Manav and Atul are impressed with Ayesha’s performance during the film shoot. Ayesha tries to reveal Naina’s Laxmi secret to Samar, but fails. Karan and Abhimanyu warn Naina Laxmi to be careful of Ayesha’s ploy.

Episode 129
Ayesha delivers a few shots for Atul’s film while Samar visits the studio. Ayesha meets with an accident during the shoot. Samar’s health worsens due to drug overdose. Naina Laxmi is worried about Samar’s condition.

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Episode 130
Samar’s drug addiction leaves Naina Laxmi dejected and she sets out to reveal her secret to him. Elsewhere, Karan and Abhimanyu are upset with Naina’s Laxmi decision. Ayesha succeeds in misleading Naina Laxmi and Samar.

Episode 131
Ayesha is happy misleading Naina Laxmi and Samar. Samar feels relieved after Naina Laxmi reveals her secret to him and the two are happy to reunite. Abhimanyu, Karan and Naina Laxmi try to make Samar realise about Ayesha’s misdeed against them.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Episode 132
Samar assures Karan of exposing Ayesha and pretends to be loyal towards her. Ayesha is suspicious of Samar and wants to free herself from Laxmi’s case. Some reporters follow Ayesha and Manav to the court.

Episode 133
After hearing Abhimanyu’s confession, the court declares Ayesha to be innocent. Karan is outraged at Abhimanyu for revealing Naina’s Laxmi secret and tries to make him realise Ayesha’s conspiracy.

Thursday 7 April 2022

Episode 134
Ayesha expresses her gratitude to the reporters while they felicitate her. She succeeds in winning Abhimanyu’s confidence and is proved innocent in the court. Abhimanyu is desperate to meet Ayesha.

Episode 135
Ayesha refuses to meet Abhimanyu. Samar is shocked on learning the truth about Ayesha and Abhimanyu. Manav overhears Ayesha and Abhimanyu’s conversation. He asks Ayesha to tell the truth or to leave the house.

Friday 8 April 2022

Episode 136
Ayesha tries to prove herself innocent. However, Manav makes her realise her misdeeds against Laxmi, Karan, Samar and Abhimanyu. Ayesha regrets her action but Manav breaks up with her. Samar tries to console a frustrated Manav.

Episode 137
Samar tries to sympathise with Manav. Ayesha strives her best to reunite with Manav, but he despises her for betraying him. Ayesha is dejected as the Sareens ignore her but later is elated to know that her film – ‘Shakti the Woman’ is a hit!

Saturday 9 April 2022

Episode 138
Ayesha tries her best to placate Manav. However, he is sure that Ayesha is not loyal towards him. Manav decides to divorce Ayesha and asks her to sign the documents. Ayesha organises a party and invites Manav, Laxmi, Samar and Karan. Later, she humiliates them.

Episode 139
Ayesha tells Manav that she promoted the Navrang Studio and its films. Manav is outraged at Ayesha for demanding 50 per cent share of the studio. Prem consoles Manav. Ayesha and Manav receive a couple’s award.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Episode 140
Samar, Laxmi and Karan console Manav and decide to fight back against Ayesha. Ayesha receives a call from Simla about her aunt’s death. Manav promises Prem that he wouldn’t surrender to Ayesha and will divorce her.

Episode 141
Atul discusses his film with Ayesha and prepares her for the shooting. However, Ayesha pretends to be sick and cancels the photo-shoot. Karan is shocked learning about Ayesha’s visit to Simla.

Monday 11 April 2022

Episode 142
Manav is suspicious of Ayesha and is eager to meet her. Ayesha hides a box in the car and escapes from a patrol in Shimla. Later, she visits a police station to promote her film, and the police and media felicitate Ayesha.

Episode 143
Manav becomes suspicious of Ayesha when on her return from Simla, she hides a trunk in her room. Laxmi and Samar are concerned for each other. Manav likes Karan’s idea of a film story and they want to offer Laxmi the lead role.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Episode 144
Karan wants to make the people aware of Laxmi’s greatness, and offers her the lead role in his film. Laxmi is obliged. Karan, Samar and Laxmi get intoxicated after Ayesha gives them spiked drinks.

Episode 145
Ayesha panics when Samar opens the trunk. She rents out a flat to hide the trunk. Karan discusses Samar-Laxmi’s enagagement with Manav. Meanwhile, Samar asks Laxmi to get engaged to him.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Episode 146
Meethi falls ill due to Ayesha’s negligence. Manav scolds Ayesha for not taking care of Meethi and is suspicious of her. Ayesha strives to hide a few confidential documents from Manav.

Episode 147
Karan is concerned for Laxmi. Samar is grateful to Karan for helping him and Laxmi in the engagement preparations. Karan assures Manav of taking care of the film production. He directs Samar and Laxmi for the film.

Thursday 14 April 2022

Episode 148
Ayesha is dejected to lead a lonely life. Laxmi regrets not behaving properly with Karan and shows her concern for him. Karan makes the arrangements for Samar and Laxmi’s engagement.

Episode 149
The Sareens get busy with arrangements for Laxmi and Samar’s engagement. Sona selects outfits for Laxmi and scolds Manav for not focusing on his engagement.

Friday 15 April 2022

Episode 150
Laxmi is concerned about Karan’s welfare. Karan is upset with Laxmi as she wants to postpone her engagement with Samar. He tries to convince Laxmi that Samar loves her. On the other hand, Samar is shocked.

Saturday 16 April 2022

Episode 151
Ayesha hires a maidservant and instructs her to execute the tasks. Samar is eager to know about Ayesha’s secret. The Sareens show their concern for Laxmi. Manav praises Karan for organising Laxmi and Samar’s engagement.

Episode 152
Ayesha sustains an injury while rescuing her maidservant. Manav gets her treated under a doctor and is suspicious of her. Karan parties with Samar. Laxmi is desperate to contact Samar.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Episode 153
Ayesha hides the reason behind her injury from Manav and sets out to execute a confidential task. Laxmi is sad about Karan’s adversity and finds it hard to talk to Samar.

Episode 154
Ayesha is shocked to find Aarti in her room and hides her from Manav. Laxmi and Samar prepare for their engagement ceremony. Manav invites Ayesha to attend it. Karan is lost in thoughts thinking about Laxmi.
Monday 18 April 2022

Episode 155
Ayesha panics after Aarti attends Samar and Laxmi’s engagement ceremony. Laxmi shares her happy feelings with Samar during the occasion. Manav and Prem are shocked with Aarti’s behaviour who resembles Ayesha.

Episode 156
Karan celebrates Laxmi and Samar’s engagement ceremony. He is shocked to interact with Aarti. Later, Ayesha manages to hide Aarti and is angry with her for attending the engagement.

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Episode 157
Ayesha wants to conceal Aarti’s identity and approaches a doctor for her plastic surgery. Manav prepares to launch Samar and Laxmi in a new film and organises a function. Laxmi and Karan are worried about Samar’s whereabouts.

Episode 158
Aarti expresses her hatred to Ayesha for being mean to her. Samar spots Ayesha when she tries to hide Aarti inside the car. Manav, Prem Laxmi and Karan are upset with Samar for not attending the film release function.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Episode 159
Samar is eager to disclose Aarti and Ayesha’s relationship to his family. He tries to free Aarti from Ayesha. Manav organises a press conference to advertise Laxmi and Samar’s film.

Episode 160
Ayesha does not help Samar when she finds him in a pool of blood after he meets with a road accident. It is Karan who gets Samar admitted to the hospital. Laxmi, Manav and Prem are worried about Samar’s critical condition.

Thursday 21 April 2022

Episode 161
Manav is grateful to Karan for rescuing Samar. Laxmi is delighted to learn about Samar’s recovery. Ayesha plans to trouble Samar and wants to hide Aarti’s secret from the Sareens.

Episode 162
Prem and Sona are furious at Ayesha for not tending to Samar after his accident. Samar reveals to the Sareens that Aarti is Ayesha’s sister. Manav and Karan manage to rescue Aarti from Ayesha and bring her home.

Friday 22 April 2022

Episode 163
Ayesha pretends to show her concern for Aarti and vents her anger on the Sareens. Samar expresses his hatred for Ayesha for deceiving him and Aarti. Manav decides to file a case against Ayesha for her misdeed against Aarti.

Episode 164
Aarti becomes paranoid and tries to escape from the Sareens. Karan, Manav, Prem and Sona are worried about Aarti’s condition and try to placate her. Prem urges Ayesha to take care of Aarti.

Saturday 23 April 2022

Episode 165
Ayesha gives sleeping pills and anesthesia to Aarti. Karan, Prem and Sona are worried about Aarti’s deteriorating health and take her to the doctor. Karan takes care of Aarti. He shares his grief with Laxmi.

Episode 166
Meethi is glad to befriend Aarti and spends some time with her. Manav rebukes Ayesha for ill-treating Aarti. He gets Aarti’s treated. Karan and Manav are upset knowing about Ayesha’s motive. Ayesha misguides Aarti and wants to win her confidence.

Sunday 24 April 2022

Episode 167
Ayesha misguides Aarti about the Sareens and decides to keep her away from them. Under Ayesha’s guidance, Aarti steals money and the property papers from Manav’s locker. Prem and Manav are shocked that the papers are stolen but are unaware of Ayesha’s secret plan.

Episode 168
Manav is shocked to find money and the locker key from Aarti’s room and is sure that someone has misguided her to steal. Ayesha accuses Aarti of stealing money in order to prove herself innocent.
Monday 25 April 2022

Episode 169
Karan is distressed about Aarti’s condition and criticises Ayesha for making her life miserable. Ayesha strives to find Manav’s digital signature. Karan is suspicious of her motives and asks her to focus on the film casting instead.

Episode 170
In order to ease Aarti’s suffering, Manav tries to psychologically heal her, but fails. He is worried about the worsening of her condition. Prem, Sona, Mathur and Geeta celebrate Samar-Laxmi’s haldi ceremony.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Episode 171
Aarti saves Meethi from hurting herself while playing with her. Prem and Manav are worried about Aarti’s suffering and want to keep Ayesha away from her. Ayesha is desperate to find Manav’s digital signature.

Episode 172
In order to find Manav’s digital signature, Ayesha succeeds in acquiring his finger prints. The Sareens are delighted to organise Samar and Lakshmi’s Sangeet ceremony and welcome the guests.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Episode 173
Ayesha hides Aarti during the sangeet ceremony. She impresses the guests with her stunning performance. Manav is shocked to learn about Ayesha’s misdeed. The Sareens felicitate their invitees.

Episode 174
The Sareens and the Mathurs perform Samar-Laxmi’s wedding and bless the couple. Later, Manav, Karan and Samar are shocked to learn about a fire in Samar-Laxmi’s property room, which is a part of the Navrang Film Studio!

Thursday 28 April 2022

Episode 175
The Sareens and the Mathurs are happy about Samar-Laxmi’s marriage. Sona becomes emotional when she recalls Manav’s agony. Mathur shares his grief with Laxmi. Ayesha is eager to become famous.

Episode 176
The Sareens are devastated by the death of Manav and Samar in the accident. A dejected Ayesha faces difficulty accepting Manav’s death, while Laxmi is sad thinking about Samar. Karan shares his grief with Aarti.

Friday 29 April 2022

Episode 177
Prem is furious to learn from an advocate that Ayesha has transferred a part of Navrang Studios to her name. Ayesha is shocked about the dilapidated state of the studio and its new film.

Episode 178
Ayesha is furious when she learns that Aarti has promised to compensate the investors for their loss at the press conference. Aarti criticises Ayesha for her misdeed and recalls Manav’s nobility.

Saturday 30 April 2022

Episode 179
Karan is concerned about Aarti’s well-being. Aarti is delighted to be a part of the Sareen family and shares her feelings with Karan. Sona and Aarti motivate the workers to refurbish the Navrang studio.