Dream Girl Wednesday Update 20th April 2022


Dream Girl Wednesday Update 20th April 2022

Aarti saying Karan was just 2 year old when she was got separated. Samar says Karan will be glad meeting you, come with me, I will make you meet Karan. Ayesha says I will explain Karan, don’t agree Aarti. Samar says Ayesha is saying wrong, she is lying. Aarti says I will not tell Karan. Samar asks her to come, he will take her to Karan. Ayesha says they will take you away. Aarti asks Samar will he make her meet Karan and agrees. She holds his hand. Ayesha gets tensed.

Samar takes Aarti and Ayesha stops her. She says you can’t go anywhere, let me talk. Samar says Ayesha caged you, I will take you between people. Ayesha says he is lying. She says what can I tell the world, that my sister is mad, society is judgmental, I was protecting her. He says I m sure she is made mad, I can see her face. He takes Aarti in the car. Ayesha asks Aarti to open the door. Samar leaves in the car with Aarti. Ayesha follows him.

The media questions Manav about Laxmi and Samar. Prem says wait, I remember I used to impress girls by riding bike fast, my dad told me that you drive so fast then which girl will see me and get impressed. He asks them to ask one by one. The media asks about Laxmi taken as lead when her name is involved in controversy. Manav says this does not matter, as it was not true. Karan says we can talk about work and this movie. The media asks about Samar.

Ayesha follows Samar and they both race the cars. Manav says Samar is film’s hero, if he comes on time, his value will get less, jokes apart, its tough to reach on time by cutting traffic, he is on the way, he will reach soon. He asks Karan to find out where is Samar. Manav talks to the media. Karan calls Samar. He asks Samar where is he. Samar says I got a proof against Ayesha. Ayesha thinks Samar would be informing everyone, I have to make Aarti away, how to talk to her.

She says Aarti has maid’s phone and calls her. Samar is busy talking to Karan. Ayesha talks to Aarti and says you did wrong, I told you people are very bad, he is taking you to mental hospital and fooling you, get out of the car. She asks Aarti to believe her, Samar has pushed me, I m after your car. Samar says Karan, I m coming, keep media there, I have proof which we always wanted, I will send Ayesha to mental hospital where she deserves to go. Aarti hears this and thinks Samar is telling about her.

She opens the door and calls out Ayesha. Samar holds her hand. Ayesha asks Aarti to jump down. Samar asks Aarti to close the door. Samar pulls Aarti back and asks what is she doing, she would have fallen, please sit inside.

Karan tells Manav that Samar is on the way, they should start puja. Manav asks pandit to begin preparations. He tells Prem and Laxmi, that they have to begin puja, Samar would come. Samar asks Aarti to sit right, he is taking her to Karan, trust me, we are almost reaching mahurat location. Ayesha panics. Ayesha stops him. Samar says come with me Aarti. Ayesha asks Samar not to do this and begs him. Samar says this is your true face. Ayesha says I will go away from Manav, please. He pushes her. Prem does the puja with Manav. Laxmi waits for Samar and Karan signs her. Samar holds Aarti’s hand and takes her. Ayesha shouts Samar… and runs to pull back Aarti.

Ayesha sees a truck approaching and shouts Samar. He turns and gets hit by the truck. Samar gets wounded and his head strikes to the stone. The aarti plate falls from Laxmi’s hand and she gets worried. Ayesha and Aarti get shocked. Aarti stops Ayesha. Ayesha makes her sit in the car and asks her to see what she did, its all because of her, she would land in jail now. She runs to Samar and tries waking him up.

Samar getting hit by the truck. Laxmi drops the aarti plate. Ayesha makes Aarti sit in the car and goes to Samar. She sees him wounded and asks him to wake up. Laxmi says I m feeling nervous, some bad thing is going to happen, Raj did not come till now. Manav asks Karan to call Samar. Ayesha says Samar …. And checks his phone. She deletes Aarti’s pics and says why did Samar do this, I told you this is my personal matter. Samar holds her hand and says help me….

Ayesha cries and looks around. She moves back and leaves him there. She throws the phone and leaves in her car. Karan looks for network and comes out. He calls Samar and hears the phone ringing nearby. He gets the phone in the bushes and says this is Samar’s phone, even the car is here. He looks for Samar around and gets shocked seeing him wounded and unconscious. He shouts Samar and calls out Manav and Laxmi.

They all rush Samar to hospital. Laxmi cries. The doctors treat Samar In ICU. Ayesha brings Aarti home. Aarti says truck has killed Samar Sareen. Ayesha says he died because of you. Aarti says you should have taken him to hospital. Ayesha asks her to sit quiet. Laxmi prays to Lord and asks Karan to pray for Samar. She cries and hugs him. Karan says trust Lord, Samar will be fine soon. Prem cries. Manav asks him to be strong.

He says Samar will be fine. The doctor says we are taking best medical care, everything will be fine. A nurse brings a man on wheelchair and asks him to wait. The man says everyone asks for money, poor people are junk, ordinary man has no value, what treatment will we get. Manav gets angry and asks is he dying, he was drunk and saying nonsense here, my brother is fighting with his death. Karan asks staff to see the man and sends him. Prem asks Manav to inform Sona and Ayesha. Manav says we will not inform Sona, and goes to call Ayesha.

Ayesha sits in shock and even Aarti is in shock of Samar’s accident. Ayesha cries recalling Samar’s accident. Manav calls her and tells her about Samar’s accident, she would be happy to know their problem, he is being treated now. She acts unaware and asks how did this happen. Manav cries and says don’t know what will happen. She says I will come Manav. He ends call. She cries.

She adds tablets in milk and gives to Aarti. Aarti says we should go back and help Samar, he will die. Ayesha says he is fine, It happened because of you, police is there, you will go jail. She makes Aarti drink the milk and sleep.

Prem talks to Manav. Ayesha comes to hospital and meets them. Laxmi stands near ICU door and sees Samar. Ayesha says everything will be fine Manav. He cries. She goes to see Samar. Laxmi turns. Ayesha thinks sorry, but I can’t pray for Samar to get fine.