Elif 4 – eExtra Teasers July 2023


Elif 4 – eExtra Teasers July 2023

Coming up this July on Elif 4 Teasers 2023;

Will Tarik be able to determine why Rana appears to be furious with him?

Monday 3 July 2023
Episode 60 (729)

Humeyra is about to share some big news with the family. Vildan pays Elif a visit at her new house, but something is wrong.

Tuesday 4 July 2024
Episode 61 (730)

Kerem sees what’s happening in the parking lot. Elif and Sema go shopping together. On social media, Rana follows Humeyra.

Wednesday 5 July 2023
Episode 62 (731)

Vildan is exhausted, but will he accept Macide and Humeyra’s offer of a vacation? Can Safak get the nerve to confront Julide at last?

Thursday 6 July 2023
Episode 63 (732)

A memento is discovered by Leman on Safak’s desk. Vildan promises to be honest about Tarik, but will she have the guts to tell Macide the truth before she has to leave?

Friday 7 July 2023
Episode 64 (733)

Julide is placed in an awkward situation by Safak. Yunus delivers some possibly positive news to Birce. Will Tarik be able to determine why Rana appears to be furious with him?

Monday 10 July 2023
Episode 65 (734)

Kerem and Birce have a busy day in the office. Will Elif manage to escape Cafer’s grasp?

Tuesday 11 July 2023
Episode 66 (735)

Although Reyhan saves the day at the corporation, there are conflicting feelings. Elif successfully avoids Cafer’s clutches. Emmi and Julide meet a new buddy.

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Episode 67 (736)

In the event that Tulay doesn’t terminate Julide, Leman threatens to void the leasing agreement. After posing in high heels for Kerem’s pitch, Reyhan hurt her ankle. Elif returns to the wool store with Julide, but Tulay and Inci aren’t there.

Thursday 13 July 2023
Episode 68 (737)

Parla freaks out when she sees Kerem kneeling in front of Reyhan. Tulay tells Veysel about Leman’s ridiculous threats to cancel the rental contract.

Friday 14 July 2023
Episode 69 (738)

Humeyra gives Parla advice about the Kerem situation. Elif wanders the city all by herself – does she get herself into trouble again?

Monday 17 July 2023
Episode 70 (739)

Julide hears disappointing news. Tarik, Macide and Cafer are all looking for Elif, but Elif is unconscious in hospital. Who will find her first?

Tuesday 18 July 2023
Episode 71 (740)

Macide believes they came close to finally finding Elif. Cafer starts a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Tarik. Kerem saves the day at the company.

Wednesday 19 July 2023
Episode 72 (741)

Macide suspects Tarik kidnapped Elif. Cafer and Sema put on quite the show to welcome Elif back. Julide has to make a tough decision regarding her job.

Thursday 20 July 2023
Episode 73 (742)

Elif has a dream in which she sees her mother and a stranger arrives town. Julide gives her resignation. Tarik sneaks out of the mansion and vanishes.

Friday 21 July 2023
Episode 74 (743)

Kerem learns of Tarik’s agreement. Cafer believes Vildan is defrauding him and wants to intervene on Elif’s behalf.

Monday 24 July 2023
Episode 75 (744)

Cafer changes his mind about returning Elif, but why? To be with Humeyra, Tarik chooses to work from home. For Julide, new chances arise.

Tuesday 25 July 2023
Episode 76 (745)

When Humeyra hears a phone call, she decides to look into it. Cafer tries to help Sema. Elif vanishes into thin air.

Wednesday 26 July 2023
Episode 77 (746)

Reyhan is still unable to speak to her mother, and she is worried. Vildan and Elif settle into their new home and spend some time together.

Thursday 27 July 2023
Episode 78 (747)

When Humeyra gets severe cramps, she worries that her unborn child could be in danger. Leman gets given the cold shoulder by Safak. Kerem gets suspicious about Tarik’s location.

Friday 28 July 2023
Episode 79 (748)

Macide makes an effort to figure out what is upsetting Humeyra. After seeing the latest issue of the Haktanir Magazine, Parla confronts Reyhan.

Monday 31 July 2023
Episode 80 (749)

Parla devises plans to remove Reyhan. Rana’s reaction to Tarik’s proposal that they postpone their dinner arrangements will be interesting.

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