Faltu Update: Friday 19th January 2024 – Ayaan marries Faltu


Faltu Update: Friday 19th January 2024 – Ayaan marries Faltu

Kanika asking Janardhan to stop Ayaan. She threatens him. Faltu says we decided to marry with their consent and blessings. Ayaan says I don’t care, after what my mum and dad did with me. Charan says your dad did wrong, you are deciding this in anger, we will sit and talk, don’t disrespect your dad. Ayaan asks Janardhan to see Charan. Faltu says this isn’t the right time. Ayaan asks do you love me or not, think and say, our future depends on your answer. Savita says we will go inside and talk. Ayaan asks Faltu to say. Faltu says yes, I love you a lot. Sid gets glad.

Ayaan says I don’t want anything else. He takes the wedding rounds with Faltu. He makes vows to her that he will always support her and fulfil her every dream, he will make her world’s best cricketer. He takes sindoor and fills in her maang. He says Faltu and I are married, you all are the witness. Reporter says Ayaan has taken the rounds with Faltu. Tanu is shaken. Kanika threatens all of them. She says I will punish you all for this day, I will get you all on the road, its my promise. She takes Tanu with her.

Ayaan goes to get Janardhan’s blessings. Janardhan gets back. He says you have ruined us, you proved that you aren’t my son, I want to tell this to everyone, Ayaan isn’t my son. Everyone is shocked. Kanika consoles Tanu. Tanu acts crazy. Kanika asks what happened, you are scaring me. Tanisha says its not a big deal, I will wear the bridal dress in my next marriage. Kanika asks what. Dadi asks Ayaan not to leave the house and give some time to Janardhan. Ayaan says I m not his son, dad has disowned me in front of the world, he will not accept Faltu and me. He says sorry Faltu, I thought to marry you and get you blessed by my family.

Kanika asks Tanu is she in shock. She says I will take back all the investments and get the Mittals on the road. Tanu hugs her and says you care a lot for me, you don’t get angry, chill, trust me, I m fine, you won’t take back the investments. Faltu asks Ayaan not to leave his house. He says its no use to talk to dad now. She says you are thinking wrong. She pacifies him. She says Janardhan has come in Tanu and Kanika’s words. Kanika says Ayaan and Faltu got married, you want to spare them. Tanu says I will take revenge on Ayaan, Faltu and entire family, get a bridal dress for me and call Janardhan. Kanika asks but why, what shall I tell him. Tanu tells her plan. Dadi asks Ayaan not to leave.