Friday Update April 27 on True Love Glow Tv

Friday Update April 27 on True Love Glow Tv

Ichcha asks Vansh what else he likes, and he tells her that he doesn’t know yet. He inquires about her likes, and she mentions flowers, saying she has a long connection with them. He tells her that his likes are whatever she likes. He goes on saying how his past is dark and there was no sunlight then. He closes the door, and locks it. Ichcha is a little scared and asks what he’s doing. Slowly, he goes around the room finding packets of drugs in books, behind portraits, in shoes, etc. He hands them all to her and tells Ichcha that because of her, he is no longer dependant on such things.

Veer is walking around still thinking about Ichcha when he finds an anklet on the ground. Ichcha opens the door of Vansh’s room and sees Veer, and recognizes the anklet as hers. Vansh takes it from Veer and insists on making Ichcha wear it… despite Ichcha persisting that she will do it herself. She looks towards Veer, and he looks away. Vansh asks Veer why he is acting shy, and if he has never made Taps wear an anklet. Ichcha is called away by a servant and Vansh asks Veer tips to impress Ichcha.

Mai, Taps and Ichcha are in a room and Mai places a gold locket around Ichcha’s neck. Taps watches on enviously. She explains how it is so old and important to their family, and that it is only given to the family’s badi bahu. Mai remembers how earlier when Ichcha was going to get married to Veer, she had not wanted to give Ichcha any family heirlooms. She asks Ichcha forgiveness, while a disgusted Taps looks on.

In her room back at home, Taps thinks abt the days events when Nani walks in. Taps asks why it is that everyone loves Ichcha so much. Nani says that getting the love of an addict is no big deal, and his love will be unpredictable. In Jogi’s room, Divya asks Ichcha abt Damini… and Ichcha explains how she is staying at the basti tonight. Jogi comes there and starts talk abt Ichcha’s marriage. He tells her that his blessings are always with her. Ichcha says no, and that she knows he is not happy with this relationship, she can see it in his eyes. She pleads with him to trust her, as she knows what she’s getting into.


It is night time, a person with his face covered with a blanket, stealthily enters Ichha’s room. Ichha is peacefully sleeping, but is woken up when the mysterious person places his hand on her mouth. She wakes up to see Vansh on her bed, imploring her not to scream and come along with him. Ichha tries to resist, but then agrees, when Vansh pleads her to follow him.

Next, they show Tapu lying in bed and disgustingly staring at her Mangulsutra. She recalls Mai giving Ichha the royal pendant, saying that this rightfully belongs to the “bari bahu”. Tapu expresses her displeasure at having to wear this inexpensive Mangulsutra, for a man who snubs her, whereas Ichha!  She angrily recalls the day’s events; Veer pushing her away when dancing, Vansh’s violent outrage at the man misbehaving with Ichha, and to top it all even Mai hugging Ichha. In her rage, Tapu accuses Ichha of taking away the people in her life; first Veer, then Vansh, and now Mai too. In her extreme jealousy, she says that it is because of her that Ichha has found happiness with Vansh, and if she so desires, she can take it all away from her.

Vansh walks Ichha into an empty, open-air restaurant style place, which is romantically lit up with torches/candles and decorated with flowers. There is a small pond in the centre of the place with a walkway leading up to a small island on the pond. On the island is a table with a torch on fire. Vansh takes Ichha’s hand and walks her to the Island and draws her attention to the full moon’s reflection on the water, the flowers, and fire. He happily tells her that he has everything here that she enjoys, except for Ammo’s cooked food. He couldn’t get that as Ammo was not at home. Ichha smiles and looks into Vansh’s eyes, thanking him for his sweet gesture. Vansh joyously replies that he never forgets anything Ichha says to him. Both are shown to enjoy a nice romantic moment as they stare at the moon’s reflection.

Suddenly, Vansh’s expressions turns from love to anger, and he forcefully turns Ichha towards himself and tells her not to lovingly look at the moon, for if the moon starts loving her, then he might do something drastic. He possessively tells her that she is ONLY his and he is not willing to share her with ANYONE, be it the moon, the flowers, or the fire. A tearful, scared and baffled Ichha asks Vansh, why he is saying this? Does he not trust his Ichha? She appeals to go home as it is late and not right for them to be seen together. Vansh vehemently says no. She belongs to him, and he does not care what people say, and that there is no shame in their being alone together.  A meek Ichha continues to plead, until a stubborn Veer gives in and they return home.

Day breaks at the Thakur residence. Everyone, except Tapu and Ichha, are in the living room. They are joined by Damini, who enters the house with a bag of groceries. Tapu’s mom tells Damini to get dressed as they are soon to receive Vansh’s parents. Nani as usual jeers at Damini and reminds her not to start serving to Vansh’s parents as before.  A servant announces the arrival of the guests. Vansh’s parents are happy to see everyone, especially Damini. Mai enquires about her bahus and asks Thakur sahib if she may take them our for shopping as the Mahurat for the wedding has been set for next week. Thakur sahib, along with everyone else, is happy at the date fixing and says that they all are looking forward to a grand wedding celebration.

Veer is pensively sitting on his balcony. Vansh comes looking for him and is concerned about Veer. Vansh asks Veer why he is so sad? Does he not like Ichha? Or is he lonely for Tapu? If he is, then he should go get Tapu? Veer makes an excuse that Tapu has to stay with Ichha till the wedding. Vansh tells Veer that he cannot stay a minute away from his Ichha. He tells Veer about his romantic interlude and how he snuck into Ichha’s room last night. Veer is surprised at Vansh’s outlandish behavior, and says “you went to her house, in the

middle of the night?”

Vansh replies, yes, he can do anything for her. He just cannot endure the waiting time up to the wedding, when he can finally have her as his own.  Vansh, worriedly questions Veer, why despite all his proclamations of love does he feel that Ichha has not opened up to him? Why she hardly says anything to him? Could it be that his love overwhelms her?  A concerned Veer looks at Vansh as he searches for an answer, and the episode ends.