Friday Update June 15 True Love

Friday Update June 15 True Love

Part 2

Today’s episode VanCha’s jungle romance.Vansh bringing Ichha to a beautifully decorated room in the jungle and then finally opening her eyes,Ichha is overwhelmed to see that decorated room;The room has flowers..one bed…some candles..few heart shaped balloons with Ichha’s name written on them and everything that u need for a perfect date(Looks like Vansh got the candles idea from his Gurumata Tapwater);Ichha starts moving here and there in the room as she is delighted with Vansh’s surprise but Vansh keeps on giving her a very evil look(I was feeling so sad for Ichha as she was genuinly happy with everything and had no idea what her hubby is upto);Vansh then sarcastically tells Ichha that he arranged all this for her as he wanted that she is surrounded by love forever;Ichha is happy with everything;But then Suddenly she turns back and sees Vansh is nowhere;So she goes outside the room in search of Vansh and sees that he is all prepared with the guitar to sing a song for Ichha(All this could hv been so romantic had Vansh not gone into this Psycho frame of mind)..

Vansh then starts singing the song from Kites for Ichha;He then slowly goes near Ichha and starts romancing her;Ichha is shown closing her eyes with passion and Vansh starts kissing her back;Ichha is enjoying the romantic moments with Vansh but Vansh’s evil expressions clearly suggest his hidden agenda behind all this;Once again when Ichha opens her eyes and turns back she sees there is noone around and so she starts shouting “Vanshhh” again;All of a sudden Vansh appears with a bottle of Champagne;Ichha drinks the Champagne and becomes unconscious(In short the drink was spiked by Vansh…I missed few scenes here ..so not sure..)

After Ichha becomes unconscious ,Vansh sits besides her..takes her in his arms and starts giving her nasty looks of hatred;He holds her hand and starts telling himself that “I wish nobody had touched u before me..I wish nobody had loved u before me..I wish I was your first and only love..I wish nobody had seen u before me”(Oh gosh he is behaving like a complete psycho now..well this is not love..this is something only a maniac can do..Vansh u need treatment..go back to rehab first and get well );After doing this madness outside,Vansh carries unconscious Ichha in his arms and takes her inside the room and throws her in the bed;Vansh then gives her hatred filled looks;Vansh then sits besides her and starts carassing her forehead and face with his hand but with a disgusting look on his face as if he is hating that very touch of Ichha;Vansh then takes one rose in his hand and gets the flashes of Veer-Ichha together..after seeing those flashes he starts destroying that rose flower with extreme hatred filled in his eyes;After this Vansh storms out of that room while Ichha is still in unconscious state resting on the bed Episode ends on Vansh’s face..