Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 27th August 2021


Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 27th August 2021

Aman saying I will go with Roshni. Laila says if Chandni comes back, then you have to be here and save the family. Roshni says we can trust Laila, better be with family and protect them, I will go and get the moon. He thinks of her words. He says fine, Baazigar will go with you, we don’t have time to waste. He calls Baazigar. Roshni says I have decided, I will go. Laila wishes her. Roshni asks does Chandni have any kids. Laila says no. Roshni asks why did she ask me to take care of children. Laila asks her not to think of that, Chandni may lie anything. Salma and Aman ask her to take care. Roshni goes.

Locha calls out Chotu. He looks at her and asks who are you. She says I m Locha Pari. Dadi and Aman worry for the family members. Laila says I will find some way to stop this. She goes to the white moon and sits on it. She flies away. Aman says I think she didn’t make any antidote, go and be with mum. Locha says I did wrong magic and got Lily Pari’s face. Chotu says get back your old face. She says no, it can’t happen now. The boy and teacher think whom is Chotu talking to. Laila comes to Kabir.

She says it happened as we thought, Ayana is at the minar. Guard stops Roshni. She says I have to go in. She goes in. Farah finds Tabeezi fallen down. She tries to help. Tabeezi gets up to attack. Farah calls Aman and says mum has become Zehraal. Aman is shocked. He says it means Tabeezi has become Zehraal, she is in Kabir’s control, did we had to control Chandni, not Laila. Roshni turns to see. She sees the moon coming down. She thinks I have to take the piece of the moon. Aman asks Farah to save Tabeezi some how, get the purple powder from her stuff. She checks the purse.

The bottle goes under the cupboard. He asks her to get it. She tries to get the bottle. Aman looks for Laila. He says I had seen Laila coming here, where did she go. He asks Farah to find powder fast and make Tabeezi fine, he needs her. Farah throws powder on Tabeezi. Tabeezi turns to normal and faints down. Farah asks her to get up. Tabeezi gets up and says I m fine. Aman says give her the phone. Tabeei asks are you fine. He asks why did you call us. She says I called you to tell you that Laila is your enemy, you have to trust Chandni.

He asks are you sure. She says yes, it was written in book, Laila was born before Chandni, she was evil so she was punished to sleep, she wants to become the queen. He says we made big mistake, we trusted Laila and Laila had sent Roshni to the moon. Tabeezi says its a lunar eclipse today. Chandni says when Roshni reaches the moon, there will be an eclipse, then nothing will be same. Baazigar stops Roshni from touching the moon. Roshni thinks what’s happening, why is the moon getting black. Chandni says we will get what we want. Kabir says my goals will be in my hands. Aman asks what will happen then. Tabeezi says Ayana will be in trouble if she is pregnant. Aman says Chandni was warning Roshni, it means Roshni is pregnant. He recalls his intimacy with Roshni. He runs.

Roshni recalls Laila’s words. She thinks to take the bright part of the moon before it gets dark completely. Aman recalls Tabeezi’s words. He runs downstairs. Aman calls Baazigar. He says he isn’t here, take care of Roshni, I m coming. Baazigar stops Roshni. She asks what are you doing, Baazigar. Aman gets a dagger. He stabs himself. He turns into a devil.

Roshni saying Baazigar, I have to touch the moon, our family is in danger, its about their lives, don’t dare to stop me. She thinks the moon is getting black. She goes to touch the moon. Aman jumps over the buildings tops and jungle trees to reach Roshni. Roshni goes close to the moon. Aman comes in front of her. She gets shocked seeing him. The moon turns black. Aman sees the black moon. He takes Roshni away from the moon. He turns Roshni away and makes her sit down. The black moon bursts the tower. The debris falls down. Aman protects Roshni from getting hurt. The moon turns normal white again. Laila and Kabir look on from far. She says someone didn’t let it happen. Roshni says you here. She says yes, don’t know why, I felt dizzy. He says we have to leave. She asks what’s happening. He says I will tell you everything on the way. Chandni wasn’t bad, Laila was bad. She asks who did this.

She sees his injury and says you have hurt yourself. He says I had no other way, come. She says no, I won’t go until your wound gets fine. He says we don’t have time. She holds his hand. Faaslon me….plays…. He holds her hand. His wound heals. He takes Roshni with him. Dadi cries for Saima and Phupi. Imran says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Salma asks Dadi not to worry. Imran says we will put them in fridge, they will not melt. Dadi says don’t know where did Aman go in a hurry.

Laila sees the moon. She says its tough to pass thousand years and impossible to bear such long punishment, I have gone through it just for this moment, Aman and Roshni snatched this moment from me, they ruined everything, when a girl is pregnant, bad spirits know it first, I went to punish them but understand that she is pregnant, I acted to be good, so that they trust me, I wanted Roshni to come here and sacrifice her children to become red moon queen. Kabir says Aman would have not refused to give his life. She says we can’t let them go. Aman smiles and sees Roshni.

He asks why didn’t you tell me such a big thing. She thinks does he know that I gave a kidney to mum. He says it means, you didn’t want to tell me. She says no. He says you think I won’t care for this. She says we are separated now and fight always. He says we are married, you could have told me later. She asks why, you didn’t tell me before becoming a playboy. He says I didn’t hide anything. She says my life, my body, I can do anything, I didn’t want to tell you. Imran calls Aman. Aman stops the car and answers. Imran says Saima and Phupi’s ice is melting, come fast. Aman says we are coming. Roshni asks is everything fine. He says I don’t want to talk about this.

Imran says Aman and Roshni are coming back. Tabeezi says tension isn’t good for Parveen. She asks Parveen to tell them if she needs anything. The door bell rings. Dadi says I think Aman and Roshni got the antidote for Saima and Phupi. Tabeezi asks Imran to check first. Imran sees Aman and opens the door. He says its Aman and Roshni. Everyone smiles seeing Aman. Dadi asks are you fine, Rubina told us Laila’s truth, where is Roshni. Salma asks where is Roshni. Tabeezi sees the stone shining. Everyone sees their stones shining. Laila comes. Kabir comes to his real avatar. They get shocked and step back. Kabir says my heart has got me back here. Tabeezi shouts run. Kabir and Laila smile. Choti says Sara sent me here to keep me away from danger, everyone is close to danger, I m much worried. The boys come and see him. Chotu asks Pari to wake up. The boys laugh at him and scare. Chotu falls down. The lamp also falls.

Pari wakes up. Locha Pari comes out and says they are attacking Chotu again. She throws Roshni’s clips and teaching them a lesson. Chotu laughs. The boys run away. Locha says I have saved you. He says Roshni’s clips saved you, keep it safe, we have to return it to Aman. She says I won’t. He says you have to. Aman and Roshni come home. They get shocked seeing everyone turned into ice statues. Aman says Laila has turned them into ice.

Astha prays for Anjali to get her identity back, she has bear a lot and its time that she gets only happiness. She prays that Anjali gets her children’s love and Niranjan should respect her. Niranjan says its time to take a big step, and bring my respect, and status back in this house, else everything

Roshni says we have to get Chandni back. He says we have no time. She says your Ammi isn’t here. He says we have to find her fast. He shouts Ammi… and runs to find her. Parveen hides. She thinks is this Aman or Kabir in his disguise. She gets shocked seeing Kabir behind. She shouts Aman. Aman opens the door. Kabir shuts her mouth.