Friday Update on Anupama 17th June 2022


Friday Update on Anupama 17th June 2022

Shah family decorates house for Pakhi’s birthday. They dance on Ladki Beautiful Kargayi Each family member shows their dancing skills. Pakhi makes live video call to Vanraj and Kavya. They both get jealous seeing Anu enjoying. After dance session, Anu performs Pakhi’s nazar. Baa asks why did she wear birthday dress now itself. She says papa bought her 4 dresses. Samar complains that they get only a T-shirt and jeans on their birthday. Pakhi says she is papa’s princess. Kinjal brings cake at 12 sharp. Vanraj video calls Pakhi and wishes her happy birthday. Kavya joins him. Pakhi shows him cake cutting session. Baa and Bapuji gift her FD and say it will help her during her wedding. Anu says she wants to see her settled professionally first.

Vanraj says they will meet tomorrow and disconnects call. Kavya thinks it would be special birthday for her and Vanraj instead. In the morning, Anu wakes up Pakhi and asks if she took Kanhaji’s gift. Pakhi asks what? Anu says morning sunlight is Kanhaji’s gift. Pakhi says she wants to sleep for some more time and rests on her lap. Anu prays Kanhaji to give happiness of whole life to her daughter. Pakhi says she doesn’t need any trouble when her friends visit her for birthday party. Anu says she will manage. They both shout hurray..its her birthday. Vanraj wakes up and asks Kavya to get him some coffee. She acts as rolling rotis on empty roller.

Pakhi watches movie with her friends and heads towards home when her friend insist her to accompany them for a surprise. She says she needs to reach home, but they insist and take her along. One of them calls Kavya and says she is bringing Pakhi there. Anu prepares birthday cake and gets ready for party. Everyone are stunned seeing her beautiful look and Baa praises that she is looking like Rekha, but left her Nirupa Rai instead of Reena Rai. Anu says Kinjal got her ready as Pakhi doesn’t want to her mother to look outdated in front of her friends. Baa says its difficult to change, but she is doing so much for her family. Mamaji says he and jijaji get tired changing kurtas, but Anu changed herself completely. Friends take Pakhi to surprise party venue where Vanraj greets her. Pakhi thanks him for surprise party. He says bestie Kavya arranged it. Kavya walks to her and says she knows she is angry on her and seeks her forgiveness. Pakhi thanks her and changes her dress. Anu waits for Pakhi and calls her, but her phone is not reachable. Family gets busy playing games. Kinjal gets Rakhi’s call and lies that she is at a friend’s house and will come soon. Toshu walks to her and asks her to go home. She says she is worried about going to US.

Pakhi gets busy partying and dancing with friends. Vanraj joins her and dances along on Ankhiyan Milaye Kabhi Ankhiyan Anu continues trying Pakhi’s number, but in vain. Samar says its already 8 p.m. Anu asks him to ask Dolly to call Vanraj and find out. Bapuji says let Vanraj and Pakhi come on their own time. Kavya sees call on Vanraj’s mobile and keeps it aside. She takes Pakhi’s mobile in lieu of recording her dance and seeing Anu’s call rejects it. Anu thinks phone got connected with great difficulty and Pakhi disconnected it. Kavya thinks only waiting is in Anu’s fate, earlier for husband and now for daughter.

Pakhi’s birthday party continues. She asks Vanraj what is the time as everyone must be waiting at home. She checks time with her friend and says its already 8:30 p.m., so they should leave. Vanraj she is right. Kavya insists her to cut cake and then go. Vanraj says she should as Kavya prepared it with hard work. Pakhi says she message mummy. Vanraj says he will. Kavya thinks her plan will fail if Pakhi leaves after cutting cake, so she has to do something. Anu informs family that Pakhi had picked call after much tries, but then disconnected it, there must be network problem. She asks Baa and Bapuji to have dinner till Pakhi and Vanraj come.

Dolly gets Vanraj’s message that is coming with Pakhi in 15 minutes. Bapuji says they will wait till then. Anu says Pakhi will not cut cake immediately, will change dress first, then click pics, etc., so they should have food by then. Pakhi cuts cake and shares with friends. Anu walks to Pakhi’s friends and thanks them for bringing Pakhi to her party. They thank her for the happening party. She says she has planned games for them with makeup kits, headphones, etc., as prizes; so if they can convince Pakhi to stay back for games. Friends insist Pakhi to stay back for games. Pakhi says she can’t stay for boring soft toy gifts as mummy must be waiting. They say there is makeup kit, headphone, etc., in gift, so she should stay back for 30 minutes. Vanraj says she should stay back if her friends are insisting. Pakhi agrees.

At home, family gets disappointed when Pakhi doesn’t return. Bapuji says Pakhi is a kid, but Vanraj should have realized that Anu worked hard whole day for the party. Baa as usual asks not to blame her son for everything. Anu eagerly waits outside house and walks out when Vanraj’s car stops. She asks Pakhi where are her friends, family is eagerly waiting for her. She takes her in informing family that Pakhi came. They all wish her happy birthday and ask where was she all the while as everyone where eagerly waiting for her. Kinjal brings her cake. Pakhi looks around silently. Baa asks where are her friends. Bapuji asks Vanraj if something happened. Vanraj says Pakhi already attended birthday party at a 5 star hotel with her friends organized by Kavya. Pakhi says her friends need to return home by 10:30 p.m., so they didn’t come along. Vanraj asks her to show her new phone. Pakhi shows. Mamaji says it must be expensive. She says its latest model. Mamaji Vanraj used to tell they shouldn’t give costly phones to children, but now himself gifted costly phone to Pakhi. Samar asks how can she attend Kavya’s party when Anu worked hard since morning for the party. Pakhi argues with him. Bapuji, Baa, and Mamaji support Samar. Toshu says she should have at least informed them as Kinjal is waiting for her to come and cut cake. Pakhi runs to her room crying that she has to bear anyone’s scolding as her birthday gift.

Vanraj claps blaming Anupama that people give gifts to their children on birthday, but she gifted his daughter tears; he blames then whole family for making his daughter cry and says his daughter’s happiness is with him, so he will take her along. Bapuji says if his happiness is away from his father, he wanted to prove himself big, which he did, and now he wants to break the house; why is he still waiting here. Vanraj walks away. Baa goes to console Pakhi. Power goes off. Anu takes cake to kitchen and cries vigorously. Samar walks to her, and she cries hugging him and saying her daughter creid becaused of her. Samar says its not her mistake. She asks him to serve dinner to everyone as power may return late.

Kavya calls her and taunts that she was boasting that she may be Vanraj’s wife or not, she will be her children’s mother always, but her daughter skipped her party and attended my party instead; she thought to call Vanraj home in lieu of her daughter’s party and snatch him back, but she will not let that happen and Anu may lose even her children. Anu says these habits suit Kavya and Vanraj, children get tempted seeing joker’s tricks on road, but will eventually return home to mother for always; she may try her best, but cannot take away her dear ones. Kavya says she was having same trust on her husband, but he left her and came to me without even her cooking for him or washing his clothes. Anu says if he had to come to Kavya, he would have 8 years ago; he didn’t come hismelf, but had to helplessly after Bapuji kicked him out of house; Kavya couldn’t even steal relationship properly, forget snatching it; Bapuji threw Vanraj on road and Kavya picked it, she should feel proud after picking things on road. Kavya stands fuming.

Anu then walks to Pakhi’s room and asks to show her party pics. Pakhi says she wanted to come, but on her friends, Kavya, and papa’s insistence, she couldn’t; if she is angry on her. Anu says a mother gets angry on daughter’s problems and not mistakes. Pakhi says even then she is sorry, she knows Kavya snatched Pakhi from her and didn’t want to stay back, but had to for papa’s sake. Anu says she did right as children shouldn’t interfere between elders’ issues. Pakhi excitedly shows how her friends reacted when they got makeup kit, headphones, etc. as gift. Anu says she should forget what papa gave and just remember what papa did for her. Pakhi asks who gifts costly headphones and makeup kits. Anu thinks Vanraj forget that one can do business with money, but not love; he doesn’t know that if a father tags everything with money, even children will do same.

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