Friday Update on Anupama 20th May 2022


Friday Update on Anupama 20th May 2022

Vanraj continues venting out anger on Anupama after she sends Kavya out of house on Baa’s order. Anu stands crying. He yells that she knows only to shed tears and forgets how much he works hard for his house, but she tries to boss his house, etc. Bapuji feels sorry for Anu and interfering warns Vanraj that this house equally belongs to bahu/Anu, he should respect his wife and if he has any problem, he has to solve it in room and not outside in front of everyone. Vanraj walks away while Anu wiping tears requests to have dinner. Baa walks away yelling. Bapuji walks behind her and confronts for creating rift between beta and bahu. Baa denies. Bapuji says she must have told something and made bahu to send Kavya out; she should understand that setting fire is easy, but setting it off is very difficult; bahu is trying to set her son’s family and she is trying to break her son’s family, etc.

Vanraj walks aside and over phone asks Kavya if she is happy hearing Anu’s insult. Kavya says she will be more happy when he marries her. Vanraj disconnects call. He walks into room and starts exercising vigorously reminiscing Kavya’s taunts and demands. Anu walks in and asks him to have some fruit at least. He starts yelling that she is fit for nothing and is always troublesome to him, she is never a match to him, he never loved him, he never got intimate with her after Pakhi’s birth for the same reason, she smells masalas and he hates her, etc. He pushes her out of room and locks it warning to dare not come inside his room again.

Anu shattered sits crying in a corner of house reminiscing Vanraj’s piercing words, then calls Devika who takes her to her home. Anu panics and says she doesn’t want to go to her house and describes how Vanraj insulted her and always disrespects her, his each words, how she struggles to keep her family happily; she wanted to study, but after marriage, she didn’t realize when books got replaced with utensils, etc. Devika consoles her that it is not her mistake and in fact family is nothing without her, etc. Anu realizes its morning and requests her to drop her home as family must be awake by now. Devika says her family just needs her like a maid and nothing else, she doesn’t even exist for them. Anu reminisces family performing Toshu’s engagement rituals without her. Devika drops her near home. Anu gets down hurriedly and looks door locked. She feels guilty for insulting Devika when she last time revealed about Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship. Devika says when she has befriended her, she has to follow friendship and thinks let Anu follow her duty of Vanraj’s wife and she will follow her duty of Vanraj’s saali and teach him a lesson. Anu gets inside home and stops outside Vanraj’s room reminiscing his warning to dare not enter his room again.

Anupama returns home and reminisces Vanraj ordering her to get out of his room. She tries to open room, but it is locked from inside. She thinks of knocking door, but stops reminiscing Vanraj pushing her out of room. She walks into kitchen again reminiscing Vanraj’s words that her duty is to prepare food and take care of kids. Vanraj wakes up and asks her to apply balm, then remembers pushing her out of room, thinks she must be sleeping in hall and if his parents watch that, there would be a drama again. He gets a call and acts shocked, gets ready for jogging and sees Anupama crushing masala in kitchen. Jhilmil greets him and Anu and says she has some work in the evening, so she came now; asks what should she prepare in breakfast. Anu stands senselessly.

Vanraj holding his back walks when a jogger clashes with him and apologizes. He shouts if he can’t see. Divya walks in and asks if he can’t see, how dare he is to insult Anu. He warns to watch her language. She warns to watch his actions, she is not Anu to tolerate his nonsense silently, she doesn’t know what happened last night because of which Anu got a panic attack and was found crying in a corner of house’s garden; if she complains against him for mentally abusing her, he and his whole family can get into jail; he should be happy that she didn’t bring police along and when she can drag her husband to jail, she can drag him too and leaves warning him again to mind his actions.

Anu serves medicines to Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji. Bapuji asks why she is looking dull. Samar enters dancing on Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhadke ye dil. Chan chan bole Amritsari choodiyan.. song. Toshu, Paki and other family members join him. They all dance together. Samar says they forgot her birthday, but a bigger event is coming, her 25th wedding anniversary, they will celebrate it in a lavish way. Vanraj returns and joins them and they dance again. Anu hugs Baa and cries vigorously reminiscing Vanraj’s piercing words. Baa says 25 years are not easy. Bapuji jokes bahu tolerated Vanraj for 25 years, its not easy. Baa warns not to insult her son. Mamaji jokes he is pointing at Baa indirectly. Children insist that they will perform mummy pappa’s wedding again on 25th wedding anniversary.

Anu reminiscing Vanraj’s words says there is no need for that. Children insist. Vanraj thinks Anu is denying as she is angry on him, he spoke a lot yesterday, Devika also warned him, what if she provokes Anu, he will be in jail. He insists Anu to agree. She says again there is no need for that. Vanraj holding flowers proposes Anu to marry him again. Anu stands looking at him. Children insist. Mamaji jokes Anu doesn’t want to make same mistake. Baa gives her ring and asks Vanraj to propose her kneeling down. Vanraj kneels down and proposes. Family insists to accept Vanraj’s proposal, but Anu walks away saying no. Baa says why she is overacting. Bapuji says Anu’s mood is off since morning, something has happened. Samar says he will go and speak to maa. Vanraj says he will speak to her as she is his wife.

Kavya enters and stands shocked and jealous and walks on street reminiscing her husband telling that affair would always be secret and Vanraj will never accept her. She imagines passerby laughing on her and taunting her that she is a second woman and is nowhere now. She determines to handle the situation in her own way now.

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