Friday Update on Cost of Love 12th February 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 12th February 2021

Ahaan singing a song ankhein teri…. Sheetal applies nail polish. She tells JD that Ahaan’s voice is good, why don’t you give him a chance. He says I intentionally don’t give him a chance, I have planned something big for him. She says you care for Ahaan a lot. She asks him to feed her water. His phone rings. He gets tensed. He gives her water. She asks him why does he stay so busy, does he have any affair. JD laughs and acts like a loving husband. She says I trust you, you are just mine, I feel like our talk should never end today. He says I also want this, but I have to go, a client has come for one day, I have to meet him, it will be much loss. Sheetal stops him and romances. They hug. He sees the incoming call. He recalls inspector’s words.

JD comes to meet Pankti and scolds her. He drags her and pushes her on floor. He asks her why did she shout for someone. He threatens her. She says that guy would have died. He says let him die and also the one who got after you. She asks who. He asks don’t you know and smiles. He calls her simple girl. He asks her mum to remember he has given her blank cheque, if anyone sees Pankti, she won’t get cheques. Pankti cries.

Ahaan hears the music director and defends. He get angry by the taunts. Uday asks him to stop. Ahaan scolds the director. He leaves from the place. JD tells Pankti that someone knew her name, does she not know the guy. She looks at him.

Ahaan gets angry. Uday says if Pankti knows your song, she can know you like her. Ahaan gets an idea to make his song reach Pankti. JD shows the video to Pankti. She cries. She sees Ahaan. He asks do you know him. She says no and throws phone. He says then why did you get scared, that guy would have died if you knew him. Pankti gets upset hearing him. JD gifts her a ring. He makes her wear the ring. She sits still. He asks are you dead and gets angry on her.

He asks her to react seeing the gift. She says its very good. He says but I didn’t like it. She says okay, its not good. He says you will say what I say, right, you have no other option. He asks her to ask anything she wants. Ahaan announces his concert. Uday says concert idea was mine, give some credit, see how much publicity you get. Ahaan says song didn’t get complete. Uday asks where will meet that girl again. Pankti says you can’t give me that. JD asks what’s that I can’t buy. She says freedom. He looks at her

Pankti asking JD to give her freedom. She expresses her wish that she wants to go Mahabaleshwar for two days. JD asks the reason. She tells him that she wants to see open sky, which is not possible in city. He refuses to her first and then surprises her by asking her to go. She gets shocked. He asks are you not happy, smile. She smiles. He says nice. He asks her to remember none should come in her life, except JD. He asks her for his gift. She goes. JD talks to Pankti’s mum. Pankti asks Purvi how did JD permit her to go, will he do anything bad with her. Purvi says no, go and live your life in 2 days, but don’t meet any guy, else it will be big problem. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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