Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th August 2021


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th August 2021

Chanakya finds Dharma there, Dharma says I am worried about my son, I know what he is going through that’s why I want him to know that I am alive, I cant give him more pain, I cant play with his feelings, Chanakya says you have played with feeling, you remained him away from his father, you made him feel hatred for his father, Dharma says I will undo my mistakes, I will tell Samrat that I am alive and Ashok is son, Chanakya says that will put Ashok’s life in danger, Dharma says cant Samrat protect his son? Nothing is certain about life but the life which we have, we should spend it with happiness and peace, I am Ashok’s mother and I have right to take his life’s decision, will you tell me where he is or should I go myself? Chanakya says I will tell you.

Justin is drunk, he comes to Noor’s room, she takes him in and closes door, Helena sees this, Noor ask why you drank so much wine, Justin falls on bed and says you are looking beautiful Noor, Noor says have you ever seen my heart? You always see my body only, Justin stops her and says today I want to love you a lot, he brings her closer.

Sushim gets angry and says to charu that I don’t know what Bindu sees in Ashok that he go behind him, cant he see that I get hurt seeing him with Ashok, why he do that? Charu says this question can be answered by Binsu only, you have to win his heart, you have to show him that the one he loves, you loves him too, you have to become his shadow, go to Vann and win his trust then you can do anything, Sushim says I will definitely go to Vann and will bring bindu back.

Ashok shows different herbal roots to Bindu, Bindu says you know many things about herbal things, Ashok says mother made me learn everything, maybe she knew she will be gone, bindu finds him sad and ask should we sit for lunch, Ashok says yes.

Chanakya and Dharma are standing near Ashok’s house, Chanakya says to Dharma that decide will Ashok be able to accept the fact that Bindu is his father? Dharma starts to go towards house, Radhgupt ask Chanakya to stop her, Chanakya says no I just want to be witness today, I want to see what is future of India and I will accept it.

Ashok and Bindu gets seated to have lunch, Bindu gives him food to eat, Ashok ask when did you eat the best food in life? Dharma reaches the gate of house, she finds them talking, Bindu says years back when I got injured, someone saved my life, those were most beautiful days of my life, I never get to eat such food, Ashok says but my mother makes world’s best food, Bindu says yes the medicine she used to make was delicious too, Ashok jokes that you didn’t drink the Kadha she used to make, it was so much bitter that I used to run away from it, they smile, then Ashok gets sad and says I never thought that I will crave for love behind that Kadha, Dharma is listening all this from outside, the gate of house is opened, Ashok thinks its Dharma,

Dharma find khuarasan coming there and hides, Ashok and Bindu comes out to find none there, Dharma is hiding behind bushes, Bindu and Ashok goes in house again, Khuarasan with his soldiers comes there, he says to his soldier that today you will believe that Samrat never say no to me, soldier says when Samrat will know that you are going to punish me for questioning then what will you do? They go inside.

Khuarasan says to Bindu that this soldier and he doesn’t follow my orders, we don’t need him, officer says its true I didn’t follow his order because he was interrupting me in work, Khurasan says as army head its my duty to see everything and if someone points fingers at my loyalty then I don’t need that person in my army, Bindu says to soldier that you have done wrong by pointing finger at khurasan, if I forgive you then it wont send good message to other soldiers so I discard you from force, soldier is shocked and leaves from there. Khuarasan thanks Bindu for trusting him, Ashok says to bindu that you didn’t let that soldier put his thing infront of you, Khuarasan leaves from there.

Ashok says to Bindu that maybe soldier was right, Bindu says you are right, maybe Khurasan was wrong but it army head is like father, father can do mistake but if I punish army head then all will take advantage of it, this way chaos will be created in force, Ashok thinks about it, Dharma listens this too, Bindu ask what happened? Ashok says I want to punish my father, i told you before too, I have only hatred for my father and I will punish him, if Maa had told me too that my father is innocent then I wouldn’t have believed her, he left my mother and me, he ran away from his duty, I sometime think that what kind of father he was that he left me when I was not even born, my mother had to suffer a lot to raise me and I couldn’t do anything anything,

Bindu says you know why women are great? Because she can sacrifice and canbe powerful to run her family, we men have not so much strength like her, we men are in debt to them, we men feel that we can do anything, we have ego that’s why we take so many responsibilities but cant fulfill it, we don’t think that how much it hurts others, we don’t have guts to accept our mistakes and when we realize our mistake its too late, I did same mistake once but see my fate that she is not alive to forgive, if she was alive then I would have put my head in her feet, Ashok says I cant believe that you did something like that, It had hurt me, bindu says forgive me, Ashok says with your forgiveness will her life return? Same way my childhood will not return back if my father comes and ask forgiveness, should I forgive my father thinking that he was a coward, egoistic etc,

Bindu says I didn’t mean that, i will just say that if had got chance then I would have told my story to her too, I would have told her that why I couldn’t come to her, if she had not understood it even then I would have peace that I told truth, Ashok says you are still thinking about your peace, I have seen my mother in pain, you cant even imagine what pain she have suffered, Bindu says I know, I have talked to your mother, leaving a great women like her, there must be only 2 reason for that man, either he was forced or he was most bad person in society, Ashok says he was bad person in whole world, and if you want our friendship to grow then take his side, Dharma listens all this, she thinks that I don’t have courage to tell you truth Ashok after listening all this, I am afraid that you will lose friend in Bindu when you will know truth, she starts leaving from there crying, Khuarsan comes there and stops her, she is shocked.

Khurasan sees Dharma(not seen her face) outside Ashok’s house, Dharma runs seeing him, he runs behind her, Dharma hides in jungle, Khuasan comes there and tries to find her, he attacks bushes but Dharma is not there. Chanakya helps Dharma to hide from Khurasan, Khurasan leaves from there, Dharma cries.
Justin comes to Helena, Helana ask do you think she loves you? Justin ask whom you are talking about? Helena angrily looks at him and says Noor will crush you to make Siamak Samrat,


Justin says you dont know so dont be judgmental, dont interfere in my matters, you always planned and plotted in life so you think that all are plotting in life, Helena says i spend my whole life planning but for whom? to save your future and now i am listening this from my son? you are taunting me so i should finish myself, Justin is shocked, she is about to hit her with knife, Justin stops her, Helena cries, he makes her sit and says what you were doing, you are my life, he ask her to promise that she will not do anything like this, Helena says i can bear anything but you doubt me, i cant bear that, my only dream is to make you Samrat, let it fulfill then you can do anything you want but till than trust me.

Chanakya ask Dharma why did you run seeing Khurasan? Dharma says it was khurasan only who attacked me years back, he said that Samrat sent him to finish me, he knew that i was pregnant but he burned m house, Chanakya says so this is possible that he attacked you that night too, he is behind you, you are not safe here, if he gets to know that you are here then he can come here too. Chanakya says we have to find place for you where you will be safe, Dharma says Patliputa, Chanakya says you are saying this? Dhrma says yes i will go to Patliputra.
Sushim is going to Vann, soldier says we should take rest for sometime, Sushim says we will not stop anywhere, he thinks that Ashok cant even think what i am going to do with him.

Ashok is cutting wood, bindu comes there and says you cant get miffed with me because of your anger for your father, i am sorry i will never take your father’s side who gave pain to you and your mother, if i find him then i will punish him, Ashok angril looks at him, Bindu says i promise i will punish him if i find him, Ashok holds his hand taking promise from him, Bindu hugs Ashok and smiles.

Chanakya says to Dharma that you know Patliputra is not safe for you? Dharma says i died many days thinking about Ashok, it was bad than death when i didnt see Ashok, i want to live, and i can live only by seeing Ashok, Chanakya says i will kepp informing you about Ashok, dharma says i dotn want information, i want to see him, Chanakya says its about Ashok’s life too, Dharma says will he be safe if i keep away from him? Chanakya says everything has time? Dharma says so i think about right time and keep him in pain that i am not alive,

Chanakya says if you go to Ashok and tell him that you are alive then what will you answer him that where were you since many days? he will ask whose body it was, he will ask why she was wearing your jewelry, these all questions will unfold the secret that youa re wife of Bindu and if this secret comes out in open then you will have many enemies like Khurasan, Helena, Charu, Noor etc. i dont want you to be away from Ashok but this is not right time to tell him about you being alive, trust me and give me time to think how to tell this truth to Ashok. Dharma says to Chanakya that i will go to Patliputra definitely, i will not tell Ashok that i am alive but i want him to be infront of my eyes, i want to see him, i may not hug him but i want him to be near me so i will go to Patliputra, now choice is yours if you take me there or should i leave for Patliputra myself.

Ashok is practicing archery, Ashok says to Bindu that i have cleared it before too that i will not go to Patliputra again nor to school, you challenged me so i am practicing Archery, Bindu says you are not able to hit the target, Ashok says i dont know why i am not able to hit, Bindu helps him, he ask Ashok to focus on target, dont think about anything else, he throws arrow at target and it hits target, Ashok smiles, Bindu says that dont get disappointed with things so soon, keep trying and you will succeed, he ask Ashok to hit target now, Ashok throws arrow at target and it hits right target now.

chanakya says to Radhgupt that i dont know how i will take Dharma to Patliputra now, Radhgupt says what if Khurasan of Bindu recognizes her, Chanakya says this time i dont have way to hide Dharma, he finds Dharma giving water to others.
Ashok is throwing water at ground, he says to bindu that you will not feel hot by this, Bindu smiles seeing how much concerned Ashok is about him. Ashok and Bindu takes bath, they both wipes their body from towel in exactly same manner. Ashok ask why do you have mustache? Bindu says mustache gives feeling to man that he is growm up now, he can take responsibility of his family now, Ashok says then my father must have no mustache because he ran away from his duties and never even thought if i am alive or not, Bindu says dont say like this again, Ashok is about to hug him but Bindu finds Sushim there and smiles, he leaves Ashok and goes to hug Sushim, Ashok gets hurt seeing father and son together.Astha prays for Anjali to get her identity back, she has bear a lot and its time that she gets only happiness. She prays that Anjali gets her children’s love and Niranjan should respect her. Niranjan says its time to take a big step, and bring my respect, and status back in this house, else everything