Friday Update on Lost in Love 10th June 2022


Friday Update on Lost in Love 10th June 2022

Devi walks to Sai and asks her to get ready as Sai looks beautiful after getting ready, she needs to meet her husband. Sai says she is studying for test tomorrow and she can’t miss her favorite professor’s test. Devi says she will wait till she finishes her studies. Sai nods okay. Devi then asks if she has to study a lot to become a doctor. Sai says yes and her professor explains a lot in a short time, so she has to study to match his teaching. Devi says her husband used to study a lot to become a doctor and used to tell that he will get her a lots of gifts when he becomes a big doctor and earns well. Sai says even she will get her gifts when she becomes a doctor and earns well. Devi asks her to get her ready first as she is eager to meet her husband. Sai asks what is her husband’s name. Devi says she will not as they will harm him. Sai calms her down and starts braiding her hair.

Pulkit reminiscing Sai telling that her nanad/SIL’s name is Devyani Chavan thinks of asking her about Devi and calls her. Devi notices phone ring and tries to pick it, but gets disconnected. She asks Sai to call back as Virat must have called. Sai says her professor called and she will call him later as Pulkit sir is very good. Devi stands up shocked hearing Pulkit’s name and asks to repeat the name. Sai says Pulkit Deshpande. Devi panics pleading her not to harm him or her and runs away. Sai stands confused and reminisces Devi writing D loves P card on valentine’s day.

Karishma serves Mohit his favorite food and asks him to go and have it in his room before Bhavani sees him. Mohit says Bhavani has gone to relative’s home. Karishma hopes she doesn’t return for 3-4 days. Bhavani returns and asks Mohit if he didn’t attend interview as he has only 5 days left. Mohit says he is not feeling well and has 2 interviews lined up, so he will clear one for sure. Bhavani yells that they are ill fated that he is born in Chavan family. Ninad yells if he is not ashamed to have free food, etc. Omkar warns him to earn first and then have food. Bhavani warns Karishma to get money for her expenses from her maika until her husband starts earning. Karishma cries and asks Mohit if he has a bit of shame left in him, can’t he see how his family insults her. Ninad yells that she is speaking like Sai. Saloni yells at her next. Bhavani yells that she sent Mohit to English school along with his 2 brothers, but he cannot even speak in English; he is a disgrace to their family. Saloni says Mohit is unwell today and will go for interview tomorrow. Bhavani yells at her and complains Omkar. Omkar stands silently. Mohit says he made a mistake of having food and asks Karishma not to give him food from hereon even if he requests. Bhavani says yells that he will not get food in this house from hereon.

Pakhi enters and requests Bhavani to calm down. Bhavani continues yelling and tries to take away plate. Sai enters and stops her holding her plate. Bhavani yells at her as usual followed by Ninad and others. Virat enters and asks what is happening. Bhavani says his wife is holding her hands. Sai says she is holding plate and shows him. Virat asks what happened exactly. Sai asks Mohit to explain. Mohit explains whole incident. Sai says Bhavani cannot stop anyone from having food like this. Karishma asks why is she showing sudden concern for Mohit. Virat says Sai is Mohit’s bhabhi and has right to show concern for him. Pakhi yells that Sai does opposite to whatever Bhavani says and insults her always. Sai says she has already stopped listening to Pakhi as she always speaks nonsense. Drama continues..

Sayi replies Pakhi that she has stopped listening to her as her life’s only decision is to taunt her, but she feels wrong is wrong and doesn’t see who did wrong and stands against it. Saloni asks what about the mistakes she does and all mistakes happen because of her and she is the only wrong person in this house. Virat asks how can she say this regarding Sai. Ninad yells at him to stop supporting his wife and asks if he didn’t see how Sai snatched plate from Bhavani when Bhavani was trying to teach responsibility to Mohit. Sai says they are expecting responsibility from an irresponsible person.

Omkar yells if she means Bhavani is irresponsible. Sai says if she knows responsibility, she wouldn’t have snatched plate form Mohit and instead would have explained him in some other way; asks what if she had snatched plate from Bhavani, they would have called her jungli mulig, arrogantg, and what not. They are yelling at Mohit as he is not earning, she is seeing an anamzing family for the first time where one son is praised and another insulted and has to beg for food. Mohit asks her not to waste time on him. Sai says she will not go from here until he finishes food. Virat tells Mohit that Sai is right and asks him to have food. Bhavani yells that IPS officer who arrests criminals is backing his wife like a puppet. Virat says snatching food from someone is wrong. Sai insists Mohit to have food, and he denies. Saloni insists Mohit next saying he is ill. Bhavani yells that Mohit is not ill, but lazy and habituated to have free food. Sai asks not to bother about Bhavani’s taunts and have food.

Mohit says he doesn’t want to and tells Virat that he is feeling ill since a few days, even then he was attending interviews, but today he felt really bad and taking leave asked Karishma to prepare him food, she asked him to have food in his room as anyone may see and create an issue, he didn’t and Bhavani saw him and created such a big drama. He cries hugging Virat and saying Bhavani calls him useless. He tells Bhavani that she forgo what he did to this house, Virat and Samrat used to study and he used to do all household chores in childhood. Bhavani claps and says his acting is really good, he easily convinced his brother that he is ill and hungry.

Saloni asks Mohit to go in. Sai asks him to have food and then go in or else whole family will not get food today. Ninad yells at her to shut up. Virat says Sai is right this time. Ninad shouts. Pakhi says Sai is right, she does everything for family’s betterment, arguing with her sasur and insulting him, insulting Bhavani, and warning everyone that they will not get food until Mohit finishes his food, etc. She asks Sai why she is staring at her. Sai says she can see clearly and realizing her mistake, she thought Pakhi is well educated and mature, but she didn’t learn about relationships. Pakhi says she doesn’t know to behave with elders and is teaching her behavior; she yells at Virat that he is silently listening without correcting his wife. Virat says asks if she doesn’t think she should ask herself something, Sai did right and her intention is clear, but her way may be wrong; why Pakhi is finding ways repeatedly to taunt Sai and should change her behavior towards Sai as she doesn’t speak with her the way she speaks with others; why she wants to degrade Sai. Pakhi asks if he thinks so. Sai tells Mohit that this will continue, he should have food first. Mohit resists. Virat makes him sit and Sai feeds him from her hands. Bhavani and her puppets walk away jealous. Sai asks him not to cry and goes to get water for him.

Saloni in her room tells Omkar that Bhavani did wrong by snatching food from him, he didn’t even react. Omkar says even he feels bad seeing Bhavani and Ninad insulting Mohit, but they run the house and he is helpless. Saloni says Sai fought with Bhavani and Ninad for Mohit. Imkar says she did wrong by insulting Bhavani and Ninad. Saloni says he didn’t say anything though, as a mother she cannot stop praising Sai for whatever she did to her son.

Sai attends test at college, Pulkit distributes question papers to students. Sai reminisces Pulkit and Devi’s reactions separately and thinks if Pulkit is Devi’s husband. Pulkit thinks same and thinks whether he should question her about Devi, why she told that Devi is in sorrow and deep shock. Sai thinks whether she should question Pulkit, if he is Devi tai’s husband, etc.. Pulkit thinks he should visit Chavan Nivas once, etc. Test finishes. Ashwini calls Sai and says she heard how she fought with Bhavani for Mohit today. Sai says Bhavani always thinks she is right and with her masta masta dialogue tries to shut everyone’s mouth. Pulkit hearing that reminisces meeting Bhavani and pleading her to let him meet his wife Devyani, but she kicking him out shouting to dare not call DCP Nagesh Chavan’s daughter as his wife and Devi is already married now and went to her in-laws’ house. Out of flashback, he thinks he needs to meet Devi at any cost now.

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