Friday Update on Lost in Love 1st July 2022


Friday Update on Lost in Love 1st July 2022

Ashwini opens door thinking Sai returned home but is shocked to see Virat. Virat asks if she is not happy seeing him. She says who else will be more happy seeing him and takes his bags in. Bhavani and her team get happy seeing him. He touches their feet and takes their blessings, then walks to Ashwini and asks why she is looking tensed and why are her eyes red. Ashwini says she didn’t sleep whole night. Virat asks if she is fine. She says she is but. He asks what. She says she wants to tell him something about Sai. He asks if Sai is fine. She says she went out last night and didn’t return home yet. Sonali yells that Chavan family’s bahu was out of house whole night when her husband wasn’t at home. Virat says he spoke to Sai last night and she was at home. Ashwini says she saw Sai going out of house with someone last night. Virat thinks where she must have gone. Sai comes down from her room and excitedly asks if he came. He says yes, how did she come from outside. She asks where else will she come from.

Ashwini says she saw her going out last night with someone. Usha brings water for Virat and says Sai slept in her room whole night. Ashwini says she saw her going out though. Sai says she went out to help her friend who was badly stuck. Ashwini asks why didn’t she pick her phone. Sai feels bad for lying Ashwini. Ashwini asks why didn’t she inform her after she returned. Usha says she was feeling unwell, so slept early. Virat says that is why she was blabbering in sleep when he called her. She nods yes. Ashwini says good Sai was at home whole night. Virat asks why didn’t she inform him about his friend’s problem. Bhavani hopes Sai doesn’t inform him about Pulkit’s kidnap. Sai says she told him that she is stuck in a problem and he gave her solution, she solved problem with his solution. Ashwini asks to stop questioning now and rest till she prepares breakfast for him. Bhavani asks to prepare good breakfast for everyone.

Sai thinks she needs to talk to Bhavani. Usha takes her to her room and asks why did she come home in early morning and asked her to open back door. Sai closes door and says she had gone to help someone and expose truth, but herself is entangled in it. Usha asks what does she mean. Sai says she should trust her as she has Aaba and her upbringing and cannot do anything wrong; she can just say that there is a fierce game going on between 2 fierce players. She walks to Bhavani and asks if they can talk. Bhavani says she thought she would fight with her, but she is calm; she fooled her saas so easily and made her believe her lie. Sai says Bhavani is a big player and she should learn to betray and on people from her; asks why did she kidnap Pulkit and free him last night. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says she pities on her and her thinking if she thinks she can frighten someone and curb their love; what if she informs Virat about her heinous act. Bhavani asks what act, Devi is her daughter and she has right to decide her future. Sai challenges that she cannot stop Pulkit and Devi’s wedding. Bhavani warns that she will not let that happen at any cost. Sai thinks its waste to talk to her, so she has to let Devi speak to Pulkit somehow.

Bhavani walks to Ashwini and asks why didn’t her bahu come down yet. Saloni says Virat has come after many days, so Sai must be busy with him. Bhavani asks them not to inform about Pulkit’s drama to Virat. Ashwini agrees. Sonali says she will inform Karishma also and asks if Pakhi is returning home. Bhavani says she will spend a few more days in her parents’ house and asks to enjoy horia festival. Ashwini walks to Sai and requests not to inform Virat about Pulkit’s issue. Sai promises.

After some time, Virat gets ready for festival and seeing Sai busy on phone snatches it and asks if she was chatting with Pulkit. Sai says yes and asks to return her phone. He asks if she can’t understand his order. She says why should she obey his order silently. He points gun at her. She stands shocked and asks if he will point gun at her if she denies to obey him. He says he didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t leave any other way for him. He says good bye and shoots. Water falls on her instead and he laughs saying bura an mano holi hai. She scolds him angrily. He says he took revenge for her last prank. She says he cannot escape today.

He says he is not escaping and runs. She throws water on him and says bura an mano holi hai. He points gun at her again, she holds it and they both fall in bed and look into each other’s eyes. He says this is their first holi together and he brought her a gift. She asks what. He says hand cuffs. She asks if she is a criminal. He puts colorful bangles in her hands. She says they are very beautiful. He says he wants her life to be colorful like these bangles and praises himself for bringing exact sized bangles. She says he measures her wrist repeatedly and reminds the incidents. He apologizes her for his behavior. She says she forgave him forever and hopes he forgives her for the act which she will do today.

Chavan family’s holi celebration starts. Bhavani, Ninad, and Omkar greet guests in and apply color on their cheeks. Sonali gets tempted seeing snacks and sweets. Mohit chats with Karishma and requests here to come back soon as he is missing her, he loves her, etc. Sonali hears him and asks when is she coming. He says she is not coming as she is having fever. She gets concerned and messages from his mobile. He asks DJ to play energetic music. Sunny enters with musicians dancing energetically and meets everyone. He jokes with Ashwini that something is missing. She asks what. He says onion bhajia/fritters. Ashwini orders cook to prepare 5 kg bhajia for her sons. He asks about Virat and dances with Mohit.

Virat and Sai enter. He drags dance to dance. Pakhi enters and gets jealous seeing Virat dancing with Sai. Virat applies color on family elders’ feet and wishes them happy holi. He wish him back. Ashwini applies color to him first. Sai then applies color to all elders and wishes them happy holi. Bhavani and her team frown while Ashwini gets happy and blesses them. Virat notices Pakhi, walks to her and applies her color wishing her happy holi. Pakhi thinks he became a gululal in his life which is applied for some time and then vanishes and hopes he would have been her husband, but he is someone else’s husband looking at Sai. He wishes she happy holi again and walks towards Sai. Sunny colors him and wishes him happy holi. Virat notices Sai again. Sunny asks her to color Sai with handful of colors. Virat walks to Sai and smears her whole face with color and says bura an mano holi hai. Pakhi gets more jealous. Shivani asks Sai to take revenge. Sai smears Virat’s face with color and says bura an mano holi hai. Sunnay says its a good revenge.

Virat picks color and runs behind Sai mimicking Viru/Dharmendra. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing Virat and Sai playing holi engrasped in each other. Bhavani yells that they are applying colors like kids, Sai was jungli and now Virat is becoming jungli like her. Mohit walks to Sai and requests for a selfie with her. He clicks selfie with Sai and Virat. Bhavani yells that Mohit has become Sai’s fan and forgot that Pakhi is also present and even its her first holi.

Ashwini brings sweets. Sai takes thali from her and forcefeeds Sonali first and comments Bhavani that her tongue will be sweet with this sweet. Bhavani feeds. She then walks to Ninad and Omkar and forcefeeds him while they resist. She then feeds Ashiwni. Virat smiles looking at her. Sonali tells Bhavani that the way Virat is looking at Sai, she feels he fell in Sai’s love. Sunny also notices Virat and asks him to express his love to Sai. Virat asks what does he mean. Sunny says the way he is looking at Sai bhabi, it shows what is going in his mind, so he should go and express his love for Sai. Virat says there is nothing like that; thinks he cannot live without Sai, if he is really loving her and should he express it to her. Sunny insists. Virat asks him to go. Sunny provokes everyone cannot express their feeling. Virat accepts it as challenge and says when IPS Virat Chavan speaks, whole world listens. He says its in police station, but he is here under arrest in Sai’s love. Virat says he will express his love for Sai at any cost today and walks towards her.

Guests wish Pakhi happy holi and try to apply color on her cheek. Pakhi thinks she will not let anyone color the left cheek which Virat colored and asks them to color the right cheek. Guest tries to color left cheek and she moves aside. Sai clashes with her and colors her left cheek. Pakhi gets angry. Sai thinks what happened to her now. Virat encourages himself to express his love for Sai. Ashwini walks to Sai and requests her to bring Devi down. Sai thinks if Devi comes down, her plan will fail; she requests Ashwini to let Devi rest as its best of her, someone will comment on her if she comes down. Ashwini agrees and says she is happy that Sai came back after so much happened. Sai says she is not sad as everyone have their own reason behind stopping Devi and Pulkit’s wedding and thinks she cannot tell anyone what she will do today. She calls Pulkit. Virat walks to her and says he wants to tell her something. Sai thinks if he found out her plan. He asks if she was speaking to someone. He says no and asks what he wants to say. He nervously says she.

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