Friday Update on Lost in Love 6th May 2022


Friday Update on Lost in Love 6th May 2022

Pakhi brings tea for family. Ashwini ignores her and asks Karishma to serve tea. Badimaa tells Ninad that she is missing Virat. Ninad says even he is. Omkar asks if he spoke to Virat. Ninad says he spoke to him a day before and he already knows about Samrat. Ashwini asks how did he find out and scolds Patralekha for informing Virat even after her warning. Patralekha reminisces infomring Virat over phone. Ninad yells why she always yells at Patralekha, Sunny informed Virat. Ashwini says she knows what she is up to. Badimaa scolds Ashwini and says don’t know whose evil eyes fell on her family, her both sons are in trouble. Shivani tries to leave home after getting her boyfriend’s call and informs family. Badimaa asks who asked her. Saloni reveals that Shivani lied about Samrat to Mansi and according to tarot card Samrat will never return. Family gets more concerned heaaring that.

Sayi returns home and reminiscing promising her parents to become doctor lights lamp in front of their pics and apologies for trying to commit suicide. She promises Aaba to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Usha says she apologized her parents, but did she thank Virat sir for saving her life; she slit her wrist and lost a lot of blood, Virat donated his blood and saved her. Sayi yells that how can she let her Aaba’s murder donate blood to her. Constable Kale says Virat is not responsible for Kamal’s death; if Kamal had followed Virat’s order, he would have been alive. Usha says she called Virat and he took her to hospital, pleaded doctor to save her, and gave his blood. Sayi asks then why didn’t he come to discharge her from hospital, maybe she asked him not to, but he purposefully must not have come. She continues yelling whether Aaba followed orders or not, Virat is responsible for Aaba’s death.

Shivani confronts Saloni if she was present there to see the card. Saloni says Karishma saw it and was informing Mohit that Shivani took different card and explained different meaning. Badima asks Karishma if its true or lie. Karisshma says its true, Mansi picked hangman card instead of power one. Badimaa then insists Shivani if Samrat will return or not. Shivani walks away without replying.

Sayi runs into jungle and falls in swamp. He tries to pull her up, but Pakhi’s promise chains him. Aaba reminds him of his promise. Ninad insists him to fulfill his promise. Virat says he is bound by his promise made to Pakhi. Aaba asks what about promise made to him. Ninad says a soldier has to fullfill his duty always and never backs off from his promise. He extends his hand and pulling out Sayi hugs her and says Baba is right, nothing is greater than duty, he will fulfill promise made to Aaba and will not break promise made to Pakhi; he will marry Pakhi. He gets out of sleep and realizes it was his dream. Aaba and Ninad’s words echo in his mind.

Ashwini tries to feed Mansi. Mansi sees Devi walks reverse and, reminiscing Patralekha stepping into house with left foot first and Badimaa scolding her, blames Patralekha for the issues at home. Ashwini consoles her and requests not to blame Patralekha.

Milind and others meet Virat and again insist him to take Sayi’s responsibility. Virat agrees to marry Sayi.

Sayi cries holding Aaba’s ashes before immersing them in water. Usha consoles her. She drops ashes in water asking to take care of himself. Usha prays god to give heaven to Kamal and strength to Sayi. Milind and others enter and inform Usha that they spoke to Virat and he agreed to marry Sayi. Usha gets happy hearing that. Kale says Sayi cannot get a better match than Virat. Usha says Sayi said no and they know how adamant she is. Sayi walks to them. Usha says her wedding is fixed. Sayi asks can’t they see which place is this. Usha says she has to marry Virat. Sayi says he must have left for Nagpur. Milind says he hasn’t and will go only after marrying her and taking her along. Sayi says there are there to take care of her. Milind says they cannot whole life and she has to leave government quarters soon. Sayi says Usha will stay with her. Usha says she will, but cannot whole life. Sayi gets adamant that she will not marry Virat at any cost. Usha scolds her and says if she considers her as a mother, she should obey her order. Sayi walks away fuming.

Virat speaks to bradier Sood and takes him updates regarding Samrat’s search operations. Sayi walks to him and yells why he wants to destroy her life. He asks her to sit and relax first as she is weak. She says if he is so much worried for her, why don’t he deny to marry her. He says its Usha and others’ decision. She asks how can he accept their demand and says she cannot deny them, but he can and stop ruining her life. He says he is trying to fulfil his promise. She suggests him to escape from Gadchiroli then, she will control Usha and others. He says if she could, she wouldn’t have come here. She says then he should put them in jail for forcing him. He says nobody forced him, its his decision to marry her. She asks why. He says as he told, there is no need to answer every question; if fate has chosen to marry her, he will fulfill his responsibility.

She continues insisting. He says nobody knows what is in fate, but today he is taking decision to marry her and accepting other’s demands. She asks why when he doesn’t love her. He says he doesn’t hate her also; he wants to fulfill promise made to Joshi; she is denying to marry him as she hates him. She saved his life twice, once by saving her from Jagtap and yesterday by giving blood. She requests him to go from here silently. He says he cannot say no. She asks why is he doing this, what will happen if Pakhi finds out that he is marrying. He asks what does she mean. She says she knows Pakhi is his bestfriend, but the way he speaks to her looks like she is his special friend. Virat reminisces speaking to Pakhi and says he will just fulfill Sayi’s responsibility and nothing else as he promiseed someone that he will not let any other girl in his life and heart. Sayi says she doesn’t need his favor and can take care of herself.

Usha calls him and informs Sayi is missing. Virat says he is here and will bring her home. Usha asks not to listen to Sayi as she is immature. Virat asks again not to worry, he will bring her home. Sayi says she will go herself and walks. Virat sees blood from her wound and gets his car. She gets in and asks what will he say Pakhi. What kind of question is this. She asks him to reply her question. He asks what answer she expects. She says he will try to be true to himself. He says he just wants to fulfill promise made to Kamal sir and shouldn’t expect anything else from her. She says even she doesn’t expect anything from him. He says she can walk away from marriage once she becomes a doctor. She says still there is a time and he can walk away as she doesn’t want him to break one promise to fulfill another. He stops car near her home.