Friday Update on love or Poison 30th April 2021


Friday Update on love or Poison 30th April 2021

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Kuldeep tells Rajguru that Sitara is his daughter. She has my upbringing. She is unaware who she is. You know where she is? He holds his hands. I beg you. Please return my daughter to me. I will go far away from here. Her existence wont matter to anyone then. Please return my daughter to me.

Vrinda gets teary eyed. Her sisters tell her not to lose hope. Sitara has your poison and our energies. We become complete with her. Vrinda says we have lost the battle completely. We will now have to invoke Mahamata Vishkanya. Only she can save my daughter now!

Rajguru remarks that only he can save Sitara now. She is with me. I have kept her where no Vishkanya can find her. Kuldeep asks him if he will save his daughter. He replies that he will save Sitara but Kuldeep’s daughter must die. You will have to donate your daughter to the royal palace. You will never tell her the truth about her existence. You will also never try to take her away from the royal palace. Her entire life and next generation will be dedicated to look after Viraj and the entire royal family. I have come to realise that she took birth to protect the royal family only. Her powers haven’t come to life yet. I will make her the saviour of royal family. Forget her if you don’t accept my condition. Kuldeep is stunned hearing his condition.

Vrinda invokes Mahamata Vishkanya. I am ready to sacrifice my life for my daughter but I request you to save her. Surili says Didi is seeking her help as Mahamata can do anything. Her sister says everyone knows how powerful Mahamata is. Vrinda says a mother is only concerned about her daughter. I vow to renounce my powers, my boons for my daughter’s sake today. I request you to save my daughter. Albeli says this might have dire consequences. Vrinda requests Mahamata to save her daughter. A piece of cloth comes there.

Albeli recognizes it to be the cloth in which Kuldeep had wrapped Sitara when she was born. Vrinda says this is the only memento that I have of my daughter. Her fragrance is in it. It will help you find her. The piece of cloth flies away. Vrinda speaks of her faith in Mahamata. Mahamata never loses. Mahamata hears Vrinda’s pleas. The piece of cloth flies inside the royal palace and stops outside the painting.

Surili advises Albeli to make Vrinda understand that they will become weak if she renounces her powers. Chabeeli seconds Surili but Albeli reasons that she cannot make a mother change her mind here.

Aryan and Samrat are walking in the corridor holding an unconscious Chanda over their shoulders. Samrat notices Viraj coming towards them and alerts Aryan. They hide Chanda. Viraj asks them if they found any clue about Sitara. They deny. Viraj walks away. Aryan looks at the wall but Chanda has gone missing. They begin to look for her.

The piece of cloth fails in entering inside the wall. Vrinda wonders how Mahamata cannot go inside a certain place. What powers are protecting it? It returns to Vrinda. Vrinda is jolted by it. Her sisters rush to her side. Vrinda says even Mahamata Vishkanya couldn’t break the chasm created by Rajguru. He did what he said! He separated me from my daughter. My strength, my poison has failed! I am disappointed with myself. I was living with the hope of meeting my daughter some day but a mother’s love failed today! She shouts Sitara’s name and cries.

Next morning, Sitara is lying unconscious. Rajguru tells Kuldeep that no one will be able to find Sitara till the time she is wearing this locket. Vishkanya’s will not know of her existence. I have fulfilled my promise. It is your turn now. Kuldeep holds the puja thaal as Rajguru creates a magical spell around Sitara and leaves. Sitara opens her eyes just then. She sits up in shock. How did I come here? I was surrounded by the scorpions when I passed out. Someone was trying to abduct me. He replies that their enemies attacked her. She asks him how they can have enemies when they never hurt anyone. He pours some water in his hands. She asks him about their enemy. He makes his promise right away. Only the royal family will have a right over my daughter from here on! Sitara looks at him in shock.

Sitara puts the kalash away and makes her Baba look at her. I am your daughter. He does not look at her. She makes him look at her. What is compelling you to distance me from you? Please answer me. He tells her that she wont understand it but it is time to repay the debt. She is confused.

Rajguru calls it his duty. Vrinda says his duty separated her from her daughter years ago. I was about to meet her very soon but! He says someone’s duty becomes someone’s pain. This is life. Your daughter is no more! Vrinda refuses to accept it but he insists it is true. It is also true that you are responsible for your daughter’s death! I would have never realised that she is alive if you had not tried to find her. She would have lived then. You were the one who trapped her in this game of death! Vrinda sits down in disbelief. She recalls catching a small glimpse of Sitara once.

Rajguru says you were the one who trapped her in this game of death! Vrinda sits down in disbelief. I dint kill my daughter! Surili tells Rajguru it is enough. You are taking advantage of our sister’s weakness! I will burn you right away! He scoffs it off. He turns to go but they start attacking him. He wards off their attacks. He pushes back Surili’s powers on Albeli. She falls down writhing in pain. Vrinda is shaken out of her reverie and requests him to stop. You have killed my daughter already. Spare my sister now! They try waking her up. Rajguru says Sitara was your main strength. You are of no use now. You called me your daughter’s murderer till date. Now you will curse yourself for her death! Vrinda is shaken by his words.

Sitara refuses to believe Kuldeep’s story. Give me a nice logic but don’t take the name of Vishkanya’s in front of me. He says I told you that you wont understand. You were attacked by Vishkanya’s when you were born. Raja Hukum had saved you. Today it was Rajguru who saved you. She asks him if Vishkanya’s actually exist.

Rajguru tells the royal family that Sitara was working in the store room of her house only. Something fell on her head and she passed out. Everyone is confused but relieved at the same time. Aryan wonders what’s happening. One girl went missing (Chanda) while the other has been found. Sitara is back but where should we look for Chanda. Samrat tells him to relax. My men are looking for her. Let’s hope no one finds her before us. Viraj calls it strange. I will meet Sitara. Nethra tells him not to go right away. It’s not the right time. She must be resting for now. Rajguru seconds her. Viraj gives in and excuses himself. Rajguru takes Ratan with him.

Kuldeep says I stopped you from going to south gate as Vishkanya’s have kept them there as his captive years ago. They want to kill you first and then kill Viraj! Sitara asks him how did Viraj come in the picture. Kuldeep tells Sitara that she is Viraj’s shield. Nothing can happen to him till the time you are with him! Remember how he fell near the south gate but you could save him? She nods. He points out that Vishkanya’s were attacking him then but only she could save him. She asks him why Vishkanya’s are after Viraj. He says your kundli is very strong. Only you can tackle them. You are Viraj’s shield. Vishkanya’s are the enemy of royal palace and royal family since ages! They only wish to harm the royal family members.

Rajguru shows Sitara’s kundli to Ratan. She is Viraj’s shield. She will save the royal family! Ratan is taken aback.

Kuldeep says I wanted to keep you away from the royal family but I could not do it. She hugs him.

Ratan asks Rajguru if he is sure that Sitara can protect Viraj. Rajguru nods. He has been attacked lately but he will be shielded once Sitara enters in his life. She will be his saviour. Ratan says this is why we are marrying Viraj to Nethra. Rajguru says I know it but Sitara’s kundli is stronger than Nethra. I don’t want her to become Viraj’s wife. I only want her to become his shadow so she can protect him from any danger.

Kuldeep apologizes to Sitara for making this decision. I saved you yet I lost you. I am a Kshatirya. I cannot back off from my promise. Don’t think that you will go away from me. You will stay right here before my eyes but I will have no right on you anymore. Raja Hukum and Rajguru will decide your fate. We will have to simply abide by it. She accepts his condition happily. It is the duty of a kid to repay his parents. I am also a Kshatriya. I too wont step back. I will fulfil my dharma. Sitara vows to make sure Viraj is safe till the time she is alive. He wont shed even a drop of blood till the time I am alive! I vow to repay every debt of my father! Kuldeep looks at her proudly.

Rajguru tells Ratan to make Viraj agree for it. Ratan takes responsibility of doing it. Rajguru points out that this fight will last long and deep. Vishkanya’s are always after revenge. They will try to hurt Viraj. I wont be able to keep them away for too long. Only Sitara can save Viraj from them!

Sitara asks Kuldeep to also promise her that he will always smile. He nods but she asks him to promise with a genuine smile. I will otherwise take another Sankalpa and change my vow. He hugs her. Always wear this locket. It will protect you. She nods and hugs him again. Kuldeep thinks I did what Rajguru told me. I only told her what you told me to tell her. I hope she never finds out that she is the daughter of a Vishkanya or she is a Vishkanya herself. Vrinda wont be able to reach her till the time she is wearing this locket. Sitara will be safe from her poison till then.

Viraj looks at the kerchief and thinks of Sitara. She does not care about herself. She does not realise how worried Kuldeep ji would have been if something had happened to her. I never had a weird friend like her! She talks like some genius but acts like a 5 year old. Kuldeep ji should instead give security to her.

Rani Sa asks her husband if Viraj will agree. He says it is a must for his sake. Rani Sa says she is a kid. It wont be nice if she will spend her life as a servant. Ratan replies that Kuldeep has been loyal to him since beginning. It will be a matter of respect for him if I will give him this responsibility. Rani Sa agrees to talk to Viraj if Rajguru thinks it is to be good for him. Ratan mentally apologizes to him for only sharing half truth with him. It wont be right for you to know everything.

Vrinda and her sisters save Albeli. Vrinda asks her if she is fine. Albeli nods. Vrinda says I lost my daughter already. I cannot lose you too! Albeli and her sisters tell her that it isn’t time to break apart. It is time to attack them again. We will give them the same pain that they have given to us. We will kill Viraj to even out for Sitara’s death. Vrinda says I kept that mirror in the safety box to safeguard those fingerprints but I only ended up killing them. Her sisters insist that it is Rajguru’s plan. He is doing it to create a rift between us. Vrinda says he wasn’t wrong. We have lost everything today including my daughter; our aim and our freedom. We wont be able to kill Viraj ever! Her sisters vow to take revenge even at the cost of their lives.