Friday Update on love or Poison 7th May 2021


Friday Update on love or Poison 7th May 2021

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Ratan seconds him. I apologize for whatever I did in the past. Please help me. You can punish me but please spare my son’s life. Vrinda agrees to help him but keeps a condition. We cannot help you from here. You will have to take us outside to help your son.

Rajguru shields the doors / windows of Viraj’s room with the help of holy mantras. Rani Sa asks them why they need so much protection against an ordinary enemy. Guards tell Ratan that they did not find that girl anywhere. Doc informs Ratan that Viraj’s condition is deteriorating. The poison isn’t stopping. Ratan advises him to find some other solution. You are a doctor! Doc insists that is has gone out of his hands now. Rani Sa refuses to let anything happen to her son. Come with me. Everyone follows her.

Kuldeep holds Ratan as he stumbles and comforts / reassures him. Ratan folds his hand before Kuldeep. Please save Viraj. Only Sitara’s unison with Viraj can save him. Please talk to her. Kuldeep politely declines. I understand your pain but how can I propose something like this to my own daughter? Rajguru reasons that there is no other option. Kuldeep says I understand but I cannot ask my daughter to do this. Rajguru reminds him of his duties as a Minister whereas Kuldeep speaks of his duties as a father but Rajguru reminds him that he is backing out from his promise. You have donated Sitara! Kuldeep recalls it.

Rajguru adds that royal family has a right over her now. She will take every step as per the royal family’s order. She will have to accept it. Sitara tells them that she is ready to anything for her Baba.

Sitara says I will do anything to save Viraj. This Sitara wont let her or her Baba’s word break. Vrinda shouts in anger finding out about the condiiton. Albeli says we must stop her. Our respect is our pride. Chabeeli says we have to make Surili do something to stop Sitara. Vrinda says she is our only hope. Pray that no one has caught her till now.

Surili is trying to avoid everyone’s eyes. A lady is walking past her when Surili asks her to help her. The lady inches closer and Surili kills her using her poison. She changes into her clothes and is outside Viraj’s room now. I know what Sitara is about to do just to save Viraj’s life but I wont let it happen. She communicates with her sisters. Vrinda advises her to kill Viraj asap but Surili tells about the shield of mantras protecting Viraj’s room. I cannot break inside. Vrinda tells her to stop Sitara from going inside at any cost. I will see what I have to do about Viraj. Surili agrees.

Kuldeep cries. There wont be a more helpless father than me. What all I have to see! Why did I bring her back here? All this would not have happened if I had not brought here here. Rajguru tells him to control himself. Kuldeep runs outside saying that his daughter wont compromise with her dignity. Rajguru notices the second wand of the clock moving as well. I have to stop Kuldeep from stopping Sitara.

Kuldeep requests Sitara not to do it but she stays put. Please don’t make me weak. There is nothing greater for me than your promise. Rajguru looks at them from far. Kuldeep cries. Please forgive me for putting you in this tight spot. Sitara denies. You took me away from the royal palace but maybe this is what is written in my desinty. Let’s do this compromise. They share a hug. Sitara is in tears. I have accepted my fate but it also has to accept my decision now. Kuldeep kisses her on her forehead and she walks away. Rajguru thinks I never thought things will go to this extent when he had asked Kuldeep to donate Sitara to the royal family. We have very less time and no other way out. I have to wake Viraj by hypnotizing him till the time Sitara gets ready.

Rajguru comes to Viraj’s room and chants some mantras.

Sitara gets ready as a bride and picks her dagger.

Chabeeli wonders when Surili will reach and end this drama.

Viraj opens his eyes and sits up. He is blank though. Rajguru remarks that he will have to stay awake like this during his unison with Sitara.

Sitara stands in front of Devi Ma. What I am going to do today is not my wish but my compulsion but it is okay if this is the only way out. I vow that I will kill myself after this unison. A lady comes to call her as Rajguru has asked for her. Sitara picks her dagger and goes.

Kuldeep looks at Sitara as she walks in the corridor. He recalls their conversations about her wedding and cries. Sitara notices him standing in the corner. He begins to walk away but she calls out to him. Wont you bid adieu to your daughter? He cries cupping her face. She tells him they have very less time. Say bye. Kuldeep walks next to her. Sitara mentally apologizes to him for taking such a big decision without his permission. I am happy that I am fulfilling his promise though. I did not let anyone point fingers at him. I am glad. A lady tells Kuldeep about a Vishkanya. Kuldeep runs in that direction.

Kuldeep looks at the girl lying on the floor.

Surili creates a short circuit. Entire royal palace gets drowned in darkness. Servants and guards come holding torches and candles. Rajguru orders them to go to Sitara. We have to take her to Viraj’s room asap. They too blow out on their own.

Sitara is unable to figure out as to where she should go. Guards go to check on the lights. Nehtra collides with a chair and shouts for help. Sitara struggles to walk in the dark. Vrinda and her sisters smile. Sitara wonders how to find Viraj’s room in dark. She makes a guess and starts walking.

Kuldeep is sure Sitara must be afraid due to dark. He starts looking for her.

Sitara reaches a wall. How to find Viraj’s room?

Vrinda says Surili has done her work. Sitara wont be able to reach Viraj and he wont be saved. Only the diya’s got blown out today. Their royal heir is about to die very soon.

Sitara thinks only 15-20 minutes will be left now. How to save Viraj?