Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th September 2021


Friday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th September 2021

Aayat punishing Mariam. She asks her to get potatoes from the hot water. Mariam gets her hand burnt and goes back. She apologizes and says I won’t call dad again. Aayat asks servant to go if he is pitying Mariam. She goes to Farhaan and gives his phone. She asks him not to interfere in house matters. She goes. Farhaan messages his leader. Servant offers help to Mariam. She says no, Aayat will beat you, I will never talk to dad now. She gets the potato and peels it. Madiha and Meher go to see Mahira and don’t see her in room.

Madiha says she would be there. Mahira comes to Rihaan and asks why did you get so scared. Rihaan says I would have jumped down and committed suicide if you got late. She says lets jump together, come with me, come on. He stops her and asks what were you doing. She says I lost you once, I can’t lose you again, I can’t live without you, I love you. She hugs him. Rifat looks on shocked and says you are cheating my innocent son, Mahira’s family should be blamed for this. Mahira says I just married Zain, I just love you. Rifat says there will be a real twist in their love story.

Madiha says Rihaan is here because of you. They see Rihaan sleeping in his room. They go and see Mahira talking on phone to Zain. Madiha smiles. Mariam gets peeled potatoes. She steps on potatoes to mash them. Aayat comes there. Mariam says I mashed all potatoes. Aayat says you ruoned them, you don’t even deserve to be punished, you will sleep on the ground today, I don’t want to see you in party tomorrow, get lost. She goes. Junaid and Hamdam look on.

Everyone parties with Jibraan. Junaid and Hamdan come to Mariam and try to instigate her to go to party. Mariam says my dad is coming, he will feed me tasty food, but I can hide and see the party. Aayat blesses Jibraan. Aye dil….plays….. Mariam recalls her family. She misses them. Jibraan sees Mariam hiding. Junaid pays a man and gets a box of honeybees. Mariam imagines her friends. Mariam comes after Junaid and asks about the gift. He says don’t know who got this. She says I will keep it with all gifts. He says Aayat got this for Jibraan. She asks how is this noise coming. He lies and asks her to come with him to play.

Mariam goes to Jibraan. He says Mariam won’t play with me. Junaid says its good chance to trouble her. Jibraan agrees. Aayat calls Rifat and says Majaaz is coming, I know a way to stop him. Rifat says I m worried, you help yourself, don’t think I will stop Majaaz. She says my problems are increasing, no…. I need to do something for my son and his happiness. Jibraan goes to hide in storeroom. Some honey falls on him, he sees a gift and thinks of Aayat’s words. He says this might be mum’s secret gift.

Jibraan saying I won’t lose the game, its my haveli, once I defeat Mariam, I will get mum and get Mariam beaten up. He sees the gift box and thinks its Aayat’s gift. Hamdam says now the honey bees will bite him. Aayat looks for Jibraan. Hamdam asks Mariam what’s this sign. Mariam thinks its wheelchair’s sign. She goes. Hamdam says both of them will die now. Hamdam goes to Aayat and says Mariam took Jibraan. Aayat gets angry. Jibraan opens the box and gets attacked by bees. He shouts for help. Mariam comes there and gets shocked.

He asks her to help. She asks him to run. Aayat says stop the music, where is Jibraan. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words and ignites a fire torch. She asks Jibraan to keep courage. He tries to stand. He gets on his feet. Mariam gets shocked. She asks him to run. Water falls over them. The fire torch blows off. The bees leave from the window. Aayat comes there. Jibraan faints. Aayat gets shocked. She asks them to call the doctor. Aayat scolds Mariam and holds her neck. Farhaan thinks nothing should happen to this girl. He asks Aayat to leave Mariam. Jibraan says no mom. He gets up and stops Aayat. Mariam faints. Aayat and everyone get shocked seeing Jibraan fine. Aayat says you are standing on your feet. Nawaaz comes and hugs him. He says I feel I m seeing some dream.

Hamdam and Junaid act happy. Majaaz packs gifts for Mariam. Madiha says Mariam will be coming home. Zain gets a gift for Mariam. He goes to meet Mahira. Majaaz says I forgot to ask Mariam’s friends, they may give something for her, I m taking Mariam’s fav bag. Mahira clicks selfie with Rihaan and says we are Laila Majnu, I sneaked out and came to see you, Zain is coming to take me home. She hugs Rihaan. Zain comes there and sees Rihaan.

Mahira hides. Doctor checks Jibraan and asks how did you recover so soon. Jibraan says there were many honey bees in the room. Aayat asks how. Hamdam lies. Jibraan asks can I go out and play. Doctor says no, you need rest. Zain says I thought this is Mahira’s room. Rihaan says Mahira’s room is over there. Zain asks are you fine. Rihaan says I m better. Zain says I will get water for you. Rihaan takes it himself and thanks him.

Zain says take care and goes. He thinks why did Rihaan’s phone had Mahira’s pic. Mahira comes to Zain and says where were you, I had been waiting for you, shall we leave. Jibraan thinks Mriam saved my life, she isn’t so bad. He sees Mariam and asks her to come inside. She signs no. He calls her in. She says honey bees have bitten you and you got fine, it means honey bee is a doctor. Jibraan says no, you are the one who did it, you saved me. They shake hands. She tells about her best friends. He says then call your friends here, mum will send a car. She says they will need visa. He asks is that any big truck. She says its something. She shows India and Pakistan in world map. He says its so near. Mariam thinks still my dad didn’t reach. Mariam sees Aayat coming and worries.