Friday Update on My Identity 18th June 2021


Friday Update on My Identity 18th June 2021

Avni tries to escape from the jail. Vidyut searches for her. Neil is thrown in the grave. Aarti is going on. Avni gathers the courage. She sees coal and puts it on face and gets dressed as the Goddess. She tells the Goddess, this is the only way to save Neil and finish evil Vidyut. Vidyut wonders how Avni can just disappear like that. He calls Balu. Balu informs Neil’s life is about to come to an end. Vidyut says he wants Neil to suffer and die. He wanted to hug Avni while Neil is dying, but he doesn’t know where she disappeared.

Avni asks the Goddess to help her leaving from there. Monica hopes Avni is found. Vidyut orders his men to search every corner while Avni is in front of him. Avni drops sword by mistake, but no one notices anything. Pandit says it’s time to take the idol out. A constable tells pandit to adjust sword. Avni is scared that she will be caught, but the old inmate says she will do it. She tells Avni that she is like a daughter to her and a mother can recognize her daughter in any condition. She wishes Avni best for her war.

Vidyut is desperately trying to find Avni. They find her jail clothes and coals near it. Vidyut looks at the coal and recalls Avni telling him that a woman can become Maa Durga as well as Maa Kaali when time comes. He sees the Goddess idol being taken away and asks to stop, but he is late. Avni has already swapped idol back. Pandit stops Vidyut from checking the Goddess idol, but he doesn’t stop. He falls down. Pandit says that’s for disrespecting the Goddess. Goddess’ sword falls on him, but he gets saved. Pandit says that this is sign for his end.

Balu informs his men that no one should come to know where Neil disappeared. One of the men informs him that Avni has disappeared from jail and Vidyut is very angry.

Avni is running on the road. She says she will find out where Neil is, but she doesn’t know how to. She prays to the God to help her and Neil. Whole city, her need Neil. She asks the God to show her a way.

Vidyut informs his team to find a girl with coal on her face and in red saree.

Avni gets idea where Neil could be. She heads there.

Vidyut asks Balu whether Avni came there. Balu says she doesn’t know that location and even if she reaches there somehow, Neil is 10 feet under the ground.

Avni sees water truck and washes her face. She hears an announcement on radio that a criminal has escaped from jail. Avni thinks before police get to her, she will have to find Neil. She tries to steal someone’s car. That man stops her. Avni says she is not stealing, she needs to save someone. That man helps her. Avni comes to the location. She recalls there were same signs where Neil was attacked. She feels Neil is there only. She was angry, upset with Neil, but she didn’t want anything bad for him. She asks the God to help her.

Vidyut finds out from a tea seller that Avni went somewhere in car.

Avni asks the God to show her a way. Neil’s phone rings. Bebe feels a trouble. Avni tries to figure out from where sound is coming. Neela is calling Neil and wonders why he is not picking up. He would have been happy knowing she found proof against Vidyut. She sends him video. Avni feels mud is fresh and recalls she threatened Vidyut that she will bury him alive. She figures Vidyut buried Neil and starts digging up with her hands.

Vidyut tells Ballu not to celebrate too early. If Avni reaches there, then she will save Neil. Ballu goes back to that spot.

Avni finds a shovel and digs more. Vidyut is stuck in traffic.

Avni manages to get to Neil. She tries to wake him up. Bebe says Neil and Avni are together so they must be fine. They are made for each other. Shweta agrees with Bebe. Bebe prays for their safety.

Neil opens his eyes. Avni asks him to keep eyes open. She won’t let anything happen. Vidyut and Ballu come there. Avni hears them. Vidyut gets mad at Ballu as they don’t see Neil there. He asks his men to search them. They can’t find them and leave the field to search outside. Avni was hiding inside mud. She comes out after they leave. She tells Neil they will reach hospital soon. He can’t leave her like that. She tries to stop cars. One car finally stops. It’s Ali. Vidyut sees their car leaving.

They bring Neil to hospital. A nurse asks her for a family member’s signature on forms. Avni says she will sign. Nurse asks what’s her relationship. She recalls Neil breaking relationship with her. She says she is his wife. She tells Ali to tell everyone at home.

DD comes to arrest Avni, but Vidyut comes with media and stop him. He says Avni has done a big favour to everyone. She has caught Neo. It’s none other than Neil. Avni is shocked. He praises Avni for not caring about her husband and catching Neil. Bebe and other family members hear and are shocked. Bebe asks her she hates Neil that much? Avni is quiet. Doctor informs that Neil is out of danger, but he will require a surgery to avoid some permanent damage. Vidyut calls Ballu and asks him to take next move.