Friday Update on Promised Love 5th February 2021


Friday Update on Promised Love 5th February 2021

Asgar emotionally blackmail Shayra and Noor that if Yasmeen comes to know about this then what will happen to her. Shayra says nothing will happen, she is strong. Surayya asks if she will make bahu begum’s head down infront of people as Khalid is the family member. Noor asks Shayra to let Khalid go. Shayra says if we let him go then he will do the same thing again. Noor asks her to think about Ammi and says I will go after marriage, but she has to stay with them and will die hearing this. Shayra recalls her promise to Yasmeen. Noor tells Shayra that Khalid will not do this again.

Surayya says if he does this again then I will suffocate his neck. She says she don’t want this haveli’s respect to be ruined. Shayra says if you don’t want this haveli to be stained then send him far from this haveli. Asgar says this is his house too. Shayra says criminals don’t have home, but have jail. She says if you want me to be silent then throw him out from here for forever. Asgar says but..Surayya says I accept it. Khalid goes. Surayya apologizes to them. Shayra covers Noor with dupatta. She tells Asgar that this girl has to pay for the misdeeds.

Azaan comes there and asks what happened. Shayra says we…Azaan says we are getting married, not Noor and you. He asks what happened to Noor. Shayra says she is tired. Azaan says I will massage your feet. Noor asks him to do. Azaan says I will miss you after your marriage. Noor hugs him. Shayra hugs them. Razia and Yasmeen watch them. Razia says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on them.

Later Shayra asks Noor not to shed her tears for person like Khalid and asks her to handle herself. Yasmeen comes there and asks what are they doing. Shayra says we were talking. Yasmeen makes Noor wear bridal dupatta and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on her, not even my sight. Noor cries. She says you was working hard on this dupatta since many days and would have bought it from market. Yasmeen says it has my blessings and love, and it will be with you always, when I was not with you. Noor says you are not that old. Yasmeen asks if she is crying thinking about marriage. Noor says how to live there away from you all.

Yasmeen says Azaan will take care of you when I go far from you. Noor says I just need my Ammi. Shayra thinks I never hide anything from Azaan till now and thinks how to hide it now. Azaan brings a pizza for her and asks why she is looking worried. Shayra says nothing. Azaan says you get lines on your forehead when you are stressed. He asks if she is worried about Noor and says Faiz will keep her happy. They have the pizza. She is troubled thinking about seeing Khalid in Noor’s room. She asks him if he has any secrets with Noor and asks if he can share. Azaan says whatever we have, can’t tell you and whatever we have between us, I can’t tell noor or anybody else. Shayra thinks Noor’s secret will be secret and thanks him. He says since we came here, I am thinking that someone snatched your sleep. Shayra says you have the solution, lori. He sings lori/lullaby for her. She sleeps all night on his shoulder.

In the morning, Shayra asks if she slept all night on his shoulder. He says he don’t want to disturb her sleep. He teases her. Noor comes playing dhol and says dulha and dulhan bhag gaye…Azaan and Shayra come there. She says if Ammi and badi ammi see you both. Yasmeen comes and says we have seen. Shayra asks Noor how is she? Noor says she is fine and can’t handle sadness for more time. Razia comes there. Noor teasingly tells her that they were together all night. Razia says she wants them to be together every moment. Surayya says she will see until when they will be together. Shayra asks about the function. Noor tells about the function and Mehendi function.

The function starts. Azaan thinks how to go inside. Song is played. Shayra and Noor are seated and getting mehendi applied on their hands. The mehendi designer asks Shayra about her husband’s name. Shayra says Azaan. Noor sees Azaan. Mehendi designer asks her about her husband’s name. She sees him and calls him. Mehendi designer writes Azaan on her hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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