Friday Update on Strange Love 11th June 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 11th June 2021

Anjali giving the prasad to everyone. Aditi greets Niranjan and he blesses her. Aditi says its my birthday today. Astha says we all will celebrate your birthday. Niranjan asks what do you want as gift. Aditi says nothing. Abhay asks Bua to take Jyoti and make the abortion. Jyoti cries. Abhay gets a call from someone and says Jyoti’s tender money Rs. 5 lakh came, thanks. He asks Bua to keep Jyoti in store room, as the cheque will require her sign. He scolds Jyoti and says you lied to me, you and your family has to pay for this.

Astha brings Aditi in the hall keeping her hand on her eyes giving her a surprise. Aditi is happy seeing the cake. Sojal does her tilak. Anjali says come, cut the cake. Niranjan and everyone sings happy birthday to you. Aditi cuts the cake and celebrates with everyone. She thanks them. Everyone give her gifts. Aditi asks Shlok where is my gift. Astha says this is a saree for you from me and Shlok, we are one.

Niranjan asks Aditi again what should I gift you. He gets a call and is happy. He tells Shlok there is a good news, our Goa project got approved, we have to go there. Astha wishes she can go with him. Niranjan says take Astha with you. Astha gets happy. Niranjan says Astha gives good suggestions. He says leave tomorrow. Astha smiles. Aditi tells Niranjan that even I want to go out and spend some time with nature. Niranjan says fine, go with Shlok and Astha. Shlok says what will they do with me. Niranjan says they will have fun. Aditi smiles.

Its morning, Astha packs her bag. Shlok wakes up and looks at her. He says why are you so excited. She says think its our second honeymoon. He says what will you do there. She says I will give good ideas and I will love you. She flirts with him and says shall I make some food. He says you already eat my brain. Astha tells Anjali that she has done all the work. Anjali in turn scolds her. Astha gets her divorce papers. Astha is shocked. She looks at them and cries. She says I did not know when six months passed and I have to go in one week.

Astha comes to Shlok and says Shlok, take your jacket also, it will be cold there. Shlok says no need to tell me, I know. She says I know you are upset as I m going with you. She shows him the divorce papers and he reads it. She says you will be happy seeing this, its good news for you. He looks at her. Saiyyan Ve…………… plays…………. She says its a matter of one week now, then you have to live with your hatred and I have to live with my love. Aditi talks to someone on phone and says take care, I m leaving everything on you, if you do any mistake, then I will not leave you, you will get money after the work is over. Astha hears her talking and questions her.

Aditi is shocked to see her. She smiles and says I was talking to dad. She sayss he does not take care of himself and I worry about him, lets leave now. Jyoti cries and says I can’t see my daughter getting killed by them, I will kill myself. She says whats the use to live with these devils and where no one values my daughter. She says i don’t want to live in this house. She is about to hand herself. She stops and says no, I can’t kill my daughter. She says then what will be the difference between me and Abhay. Shlok gets ready and looks at the divorce papers. He makes a plane of that paper and flies. It goes to Astha. She falls and he holds her. Music plays…………… Khuda……………. plays…………….. They have an eyelock.

He says can’t you manage yourself, I m only for one week, then who will take care of you. He leaves. She says I know, but these 7 days are very valuable for me and I want to live its every moment and make it memorable with you. Jyoti says no, I will bring my daughter in this world. I will give her freedom to live. She cries and says I will give you birth. Abhay and Bua come and see her trying to hang. Abhay scolds her. Bua is shocked and says come. Abhay says take her to Kolapur today itself. Jyoti says no. Abhay says go with Bua. Bua takes her.

Aditi talks to Shlok and says we will book the hotel after reaching. He says we will prebook. Astha says Aditi is right. Niranjan smiles seeing them and says leave now, all the best for meeting Shlok. They leave. Anjali says Aditi and Astha are going with Shlok, but its not good to go without arrangements. Niranjan says I trust my son, he will protect them.

Anjali asking Aditi to talk to her dad. Astha says Aditi told me she just spoke to her dad. Anjali says can’t she talk again, shall I tell him that you have a problem, should we ask you for everything. Astha says I did not mean that. Anjali says you are our bahu, speak less. Shlok says lets go now. Shlok, Astha and Aditi leaves. Sojal says look at them, going out on holiday and Anjali does not even send me to market.

Jyoti cries and requests Abhay not to kill her daughter. She says this is wrong, the Lord won’t forgive you. Bua says shut her mouth. Abhay takes out a tape and covers her. Abhay asks Bua to take her to Kolapur and do what he said. He tells Jyoti to be quiet and don’t create noise. He makes Jyoti sit in the car and asks Bua to be careful. Bua leaves with Jyoti. Abhay says she showed me big dreams and made a big mistake of breaking it, you have to pay for it your whole life.

Niranjan asks Anjali to tell Astha to take good care of Aditi as Ajinkya is his close friend and he feels bad of small things and Aditi is his life, if anything happens to her, our friendship can end. Anjali says I will call Astha and explain her. Astha gets Anjali’s call. Anjali says take good care of Aditi, remember she walks in sleep and give her medicines on time. Astha says don’t worry, I will take care. Anjali ends the call.
Anjali serves food to Niranjan and says I explained Astha that she has to take care of Aditi first. Niranjan says what did you say, she is your bahu, why do you always scold her, if you keep children happy, then will listen you. Shlok and Astha have to stay together, there are less days for their divorce hearing, I want her to remain our bahu, as we value marriage. I don’t want to see marriage become a joke. He says if they remain married, their family can grow. Astha plays FM. Astha and Aditi are happy listening to it but Shlok changes the songs and plays commentary. He says I like this, I don’t like old songs of your era.

She says fine, I will say some shayari. She says a sher which is more of a joke. Shlok feels bored. Aditi and Astha laughs. Shlok stops the car and says its the worst shayari, I did not hear such in my life. He says I m warning you, if you say such again, you will be out of the car, if you want to come with us, be quiet. Astha says one more. She looks at Shlok and says you made me come on boat, now don’t turn, see me sinking. Aditi says can I say one sher. She says someone made your life like a wet paper, which cannot be burnt.

Astha says it looks like its about love. Shlok jokes on Astha. Aditi asks Astha did anyone break your heart. Astha looks at Shlok. Bua takes off the tape from Jyoti’s mouth. She opens her hands also. Jyoti cries. Bua says once we abort this baby, then see what we do, you have ruined Abhay’s dreams. Jyoti sees Shlok’s car and shouts Shlok…….. Bua holds her. Shlok does not see her. Jyoti shouts Astha……

Bua asks the driver to slow down the car. She asks him to take another way for Kolapur. The driver says this is the only way. She says keep the car away, if we get caught, even you will be punished. Aditi says Shlok, I m feeling hungry. They stop at a Dhaba. They love the food. Astha asks Shlok to take their photo. Shlok says are you mad, is this the place to take photo. She says yes, this is our real land. Aditi starts coughing and Shlok braces her back. Astha looks at him and is jealous. Shlok gives her water to drink. Shlok asks are you ok. Aditi says yes, it was spicy, I m better now and goes to washroom.

Astha looks at Shlok and eats green chillies. Shlok looks at her and says are you really mad? Why are you eating chillies, its not a candy. She says yes, I m mad, do you care. She coughs and says Shlok water. He says why, don’t you have hands. She says please give me water. Shlok thinks why did Astha eat chillies, did she eat because of Aditi. He smiles and gives her water. Khuda…………….. plays…………… Aditi comes back. Bua asks the driver to stop at the Dhaba. Jyoti cries. Shlok forgets his waller and goes back to the Dhaba. Bua says lets have something at the Dhaba and takes Jyoti also.

Jyoti sees Shlok and calls out. Bua holds her mouth. Jyoti runs but Shlok leaves. Bua runs after Jyoti. Aditi says someone is running after our car. Bua catches Jyoti and takes her in the car. Astha records and smiles. Aditi sees Astha closing her eyes and asks Shlok what did you feel seeing Astha for the first time, was it love for first sight.

Shlok says no. She says did you love someone else before Astha. Shlok does not reply. Aditi says stop for sometime. Shlok goes to get something. Aditi looks at Astha and says now I will see who will save you. She pulls the hand brake while Astha is sleeping. The car starts moving as its a slope.