Friday Update on Strange Love 23rd July 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 23rd July 2021

Anjali making kheer for her mum. She asks Astha to turn off the gas once its done. Sojal comes and asks whats special today. Anjali says I will give an account to you, you know we send food to Vridh Ashram every month. Sojal says I know, but we have sent this month. Anjali says it won’t be problem if we send twice. Sojal asks shall I come with you to give food. Anjali scolds her and asks her to go and work. Sojal leaves. Astha smiles. Anjali says don’t smile, work. Astha says you become a good actor.

Niranjan sees Astha smiling and signing to Anjali. Shlok comes and greets him. Niranjan is shocked and asks when did you come from Mumbai. Shlok says my work got over there so I came. Niranjan says why did you come at night, people drive rashless, what was the hurry to come back. Shlok looks at Astha. Niranjan says next time, don’t travel at night. Niranjan is angry seeing Astha and Shlok smiling and happy. Anjali smiles. Niranjan leaves angrily.

Renuka comes to Kalindi’s house. She asks about Ajju. Kalindi says she went out, what happened. Renuka says I m worried, Sid does not answer me, I came to know he has an affair with a girl named Jyoti. Avdhoot is shocked. Renuka says first it was Roshni, now Jyoti, he talks to her hiding from, if he meets her then. She asks them about Jyoti. Kalindi says no, we don’t know. Renuka says try to ask him when he comes here, I think he told to Ajju. She leaves.

Avdhoot looks at Kalindi and says whats wrong will be wrong, Renuka now knows this, she won’t be quiet, if she knows who is Jyoti, whose daughter, and married, then what will happen. He says we are risking Astha’s life for Sid. Kalindi says but Sid is a good guy, he wants to keep Jyoti happy, whats wrong in this. Abhay did not treat Jyoti well, why to not give Jyoti another chance, even its my second marriage, you held my hand and kept me happy, Sid is like you, try to understand.

He says Niranjan will not understand and never agree, Astha will pay for this, so end this matter here. You can’t imagine what can happen tomorrow because of this love story. He leaves for office. Astha makes the tiffin ready and shows it to Anjali. Anjali sees Niranjan and says Astha……………She signs Astha to see Niranjan. She asks Astha to go back to kitchen and keep the tiffins back. Astha and Anjali come in the kitchen. Anjali says I m lying being with you. Astha says what to do about this now. Anjali says thye will be habituated to wait till your talk ends. Astha says not bad, these are good taunts. Anjali says when Niranjan and Shlok leave, we will also go, go and see Shlok. Astha goes.

Astha comes in the room and sees all clothes on the bed. He says I wanted to wear blue shirt today, so…. He says she is unromantic. She says look at the room, how will I feel romance seeing this. He says you got boring and unromantic after marriage. She says I made you say I love you. He says so what, not a big thing, these romance is because of me. She says I m more romantic. He says fine, lets bet, for 7 days, we will know who is romantic and who is irritating, boring. She says fine, I m not scared of death. He says so even if any moment? She says what. He says these are the rules, I will irritate you. She says I don’t, you will lose.

She says fine, we will see. He says time starts now, so before that………. She says just now you said romance is by heart. She gives him a flying kiss and says you are getting irritated. He says no, where am I. He says fine, run, you will have to come to me. Renuka sees girl’s pic and thinks Sid will like anyone. She says I will find the best in them. Sid comes and asks for tea. She says yes, bringing. He says give it fast. She keeps the girls’ pics in the tray. He does not see. She asks how is the tray. He looks at it and finds the pics. He says I won’t marry anyone I don’t know. He leaves. She says you have to agree.

Anjali and Astha get happy to leave for the ashram, but Sojal stops them. She says I m also coming. Anjali says what will you do there. Sojal says why, even Astha is going, ask her to stay here with Jyoti. Astha says fine, take Sojal, I will stay at home. She says there are many oldies, take care of them, massage for 30mins, serve them well, go. Anjali smiles, Sojal changes her mind and acts like she got her feet hurt. Astha understands Sojal is acting and smiles. Sojal says you go Astha, you serve them and take blessings. Astha says ok. Sojal says I m hurt, I won’t be able to take care of them. Sita takes Sojal to her room.

Anjali says both my bahus are good actresses. Astha says I made you work easy, you are taunting me, lets go. Sid sees Renuka upset and talks to her. She gets annoyed and does emotional blackmail. Sid apologizes and praises all the girls. She says do you like all 5. He says why, will you get me married to all 5. She asks who is the best. He chooses one. She says I m happy, let me work. He says I m going office and leaves. Renuka smiles. Niranjan scolds his staff member for not doing the work, after he got married and spending much time with wife.

Niranjan says even I m married, and have a family, I did not give importance to personal life over work. Shlok comes and see other staff watching this. The man apologizes and leaves. Shlok says Baba, I came form Mumbai after doing my work. Niranjan says I know, as you are my son. He says if I send you anywhere, don’t hurry up to come back soon, you are in my heart, I worry about you, promise me you will not travel at night. Shlok says I did not know you will be so tensed, this won’t happen again, I m sorry. He leaves. Niranjan says even I won’t let this happen Shlok.

Varad getting a call from Kavya’s class teacher. She complains him about Kavya not studying well, her marks are very less, he has to take it seriously, she is bright student but not focusing. He says fine, I will see it. He tells this problem to Sid and says she is very intelligent girl, I think I need a tuition teacher for Kavya. Sid says I will find one. Sid thinks what to do, if he goes there as teacher, it will be a problem, he can’t do this, I have a find a good teacher else Varad will doubt on me. Anjali makes her mum have the kheer she made. She says I m happy seeing you all. Her mum says till children don’t eat, parents don’t feel satisfied, come and eat with me.

Astha insists too. Anjali asks what about my daughter and shows Astha. Her mum calls Astha and they eat together making each other eat with love. Niranjan is in office and talks to someone. He says I will come with my wife in your birthday party in evening, bye. He calls Anjali and she does not take the call as she is busy with her parents. He says even today she is not taking my call and thinks.

Anjali gets a pic there. She sees its hers and asks her mum. Her mum says we used to talk to this pic till now, when we missed you, we used to see this. Anjali smiles with tears in her eyes. She hugs her mum. Astha thinks she got emotional and she has to do something. She starts acting like Anjali. Anjali stops her. Astha says I m not afraid of you and does her acting. Everyone laughs. Anjali says lets go home, we are getting late. Astha says we will reach before Baba comes home, please lets be here for some time.

Niranjan calls home, and Sojal takes the call at landline. He asks for Anjali. She says Anjali went to Vrish ashram, she took much food too, we have already sent food this month, but she went again, maybe there is some function. He says fine and ends the call. Kavya comes home and says she got C grade, teacher scolded her, she will study with Astha. Sojal scolds her. Kavya says you don’t even teach me, so I got C grade, so I want to study with Astha.

Varad comes and hearing all this, confronts Sojal saying he got the teacher’s call about Kavya’s low grades. Sojal asks him to teach Kavya, she does not understand anything, so she is not teaching her. They start arguing. He says whats the problem if Astha teaches her, fine, I will do something. He takes Kavya. Astha and Anjali come out with everyone. Anjali’s mum says I forgot I made masala saunff for you, will bring it. She goes in to bring it with her husband. Niranjan arrives there and this gives a shock to Anjali and Astha. He keeps a straight smile on his face. He walks towards them. Anjali and Astha get tensed.

He asks what happened, why are you tensed seeing me. She says no, we just came to give food here. He says its good, but I think you were very busy to take my call. He tells everyone that I wanted to take her in my friend’s birthday party, she did not take my call, I came to know she is here, so I got worried and came here, thank Lord she is fine. A lady says come inside, we will talk. Astha wishes Bappa to keep Anjali’s parents inside. Astha says yes, its good you came, everyone is happy seeing you. Niranjan says we will talk at home. Anjali’s parents come out and run back inside seeing Niranjan. He says we will meet later on, I will leave. He greets everyone and asks the ladies to come.

Astha thinks Niranjan’s doubt should not get confirmed. Anjali and Astha sit in the car. He leaves with them. Shlok comes home and says where is Astha, why its so late, AC is off. He switches on the AC and sees a score board of Shlok and Astha. He smiles and says it means the war is on, you will start losing today, how to irritate you, its so easy, and laughs. Sid talks to his friend and says I need a tuition teacher to teach my boss’s daughter. Renuka hears this and says come have food now. She says I will teach her, I can do anything for you. He says then why did you not teach me when I was child. She says you teach me and I will teach her. He says I will find myself. She says yes, fine, if you can’t find, then I m ready.

Niranjan gets angry on Anjali in his room and asks why did you send food to Vridh Ashram again, in same month, whats was the reason, I want to know. Asthha looks on and says if I go inside, he will doubt. He asks her the reason, is she hiding anything. She says no, you were worried since many days, so I thought to do Daan purn for you. He says I can’t believe you, Astha also went with you. She says I took her to shod her our house rules and traditions, so I keep her with me these days. He says yes, its right, I also want this, that this house walks on the path I show.

He says but still I can’t believe you. Astha leaves. She comes in her room and sees Shlok playing game. He says whenever I come home early, you don’t be at home, you don’t worry about me, don’t make anything, I don’t want cold coffee, I was saying something else……… He holds her and calls her careless. She gets angry. He says so you got irritated., you got minus points. She says no, this is cheating, this point won’t count, she hugs him and says don’t do this with me. He says sorry baby, I will do this. She thinks he is teaching me game rules and acts sweet to him. He gives her a minus point. She looks at him.

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