Friday Update on The Frontliners 20th August 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 20th August 2021

Sid asking are you fine or not. Ishani goes. He says I was just giving halwa, she ignored me. Rahil asks what happened. Sid says you are sharing my love story with everyone. Rahil says what’s wrong, you love her, did you get halwa for me, never, you got this for Ishani. Sid says she is my friend. Rahil says you love her, end of story. He goes. Ishani consoles a kid and tells a story about Sid.

She says princess met a monster and got angry, then she got to know the monster isn’t so bad, when that monster saved princess’ life, and then everything changed, that princess used to stay alone in that big palace, she had no friends, that monster came and changed everything, that monster wasn’t a monster, but a prince, a hero. Ishani says I want to meet that hero. Sid comes and asks cape wearing hero or horse riding hero. Ishani gets shocked. Sid asks will halwa hero work. The girl asks are you the story hero. Ishani asks her not to say. Sid says I will not feed the halwa to Ishani. He feeds it to the girl and eats.

Sid says a prince worked hard for made halwa for a lovely princess, but she became arrogant, she didn’t eat halwa, its wrong, that someone makes halwa with love and she got hid, anyway, you become my princess. The girl agrees. Ishani sees the halwa and thinks I really fell in love with a monster, he didn’t feed me a spoon. Sid takes the spoon towards Ishani and then feeds the girl. He shows another spoon and asks Ishani to have halwa first. He says I m also worried for your mind. He feeds halwa to Ishani. She smiles. She thinks of their moment. She takes the halwa and runs.

She thinks what’s happening to me, relax, remember, Dr. Sid is a big monster, he is not a hero and prince, love is nothing, make it our of system, I m fine, I look perfect, old Ishani. She thinks I won’t let love come in my life.

She comes to the OT. Sid jokes and asks her to come. They discuss the surgery options. Sid asks are you fine. Ishani says no. She wears the mask and cap. She loosens her hair and gets close to Sid. Main pareshaan….plays…. She says your brown eyes are lovely, your strong hands, the way you saved me from goons, I have gone mad. Sid calls her out and asks what happened. She leaves him and says I lost balance. She gives her inputs. Sid says you are right, but I agree with Rahil, we should not give a big bill to the patient. Ishani says you are saying right. He asks won’t you fight with me. She says no. Sid says that’s weird. She says right, ask Rahil to assist you, my heart is… I mean my Bp …. She goes. Sid asks what happened to her. Rishabh says I will lead this surgery, you need to check Jessica. Rahil asks Sid to go.

Ishani gives all her cases to Asha. She says manage this until I get mind at its place. Asha laughs. Sid says I held Sid’s hand, what if I kiss him. Sid comes and asks Ishani to come along for imp case. Asha says you can’t hide from him, go now.

Sid comes to see Jessica. The kids like the cute fight and says mum says that such fights increase love. Ishani gives chocolates to the kids. They thank her. The kid pulls her cheeks and says your cheeks are cute and soft. Sid says you don’t like anyone touching you. She says they are kids. She says we will go and meet Jessica, she is going to marry soon. Nurse introduces Jessica and Jignesh.

Jessica says explain him not to make my disease a big thing. Jignesh says we will be marrying soon. They argue. Ishani says he loves you and takes stress. Sid says so what, he should chill also. They get arguing. Nurse asks them to stop it, they also started. The kid says the more the fights, the more the love. Nurse says yes, couples have such fight. Ishani sees the butterfly again.

Ishani saying its not like that. Nurse says my daughter is in much pain, she is acting brave. Sid says we will get her tests done and then cure her. The kids ask him to make her fine soon. Ishani asks did you talk to Shashank. Nurse asks why. Sid says no need, we will manage everything. Sid and Ishani go out. Sid asks so, shall we marry. Ishani’s heart beats high. She runs away. Shashank comes to Juhi and says tumour should be removed, it be can dangerous if it gets bigger. Juhi says I don’t think so, patient is 90 years old, she can’t bear the surgery, you don’t trust my decisions, I think it wisely.

He says I wish you thought well before trusting Vardaan, I wish to get his CT scan and show you. She says I m not a kid, don’t worry. He says I think you are taking wrong professional decisions because of our personal situation. She asks who got this personal situation, I m going with Vardaan to see machines, trust me, you made me chief of surgery, did you see my talent or was there any personal reason. She goes.

Ishani asks Asha to manage Jessica’s case. Asha asks her not to worry. Sid asks did you get the blood sample reports. Asha says yes, it will come in some time. He asks why are you saying this. He sees Asha in OT and asks where is Ishani. Asha assists him. He asks where is Ishani. Asha goes. Anjali comes to Vardaan and says I was looking for you. He says I sit in my cabin mostly. Anjali says you are very secretive, you got that girl treated, where did you hide her now. He says I like this quality, you take care of everyone and mine also, its a surprise. He gives her a letter and says its your salary. She says its much. He says yes, more than Shashank’s salary, I know valuing talent, you should have seven star salary, you deserve it, I have given discharge to the girl, her dad had come to take her, happy. She nods and thanks him. He says Dr. Rahul, I told you everyone has a price, Anjali will be loyal to us, against Shashank.

Sid goes and sees Ishani doing yoga. He smiles. She sees him and falls in his arms. Music plays….. He holds her and says I won’t let you run again, you started wasting time and being lazy, its result of nepotism, Shashank is your family friend, is this more necessary than your patients. She cries. He calms down and asks what happened to you, you aren’t like this, did I say something, tell me, why are you running away, say. He gives her a kerchief and asks her to wipe tears. She runs out. Shashank sees Juhi and Vardaan going.

Anjali says you think she is doing this to trouble you. He says no, Vardaan and Juhi’s intentions are agreed. Anjali says we agree for something common. Shashank says very good, I m proud, Juhi and you dislike me. She argues and asks will you fight with your love or lose. He says a general surgeon came to the hospital few months back. She says don’t change the topic, I m still on fight mode. He says come on for a talk, since you were little, you were on fight mode, that surgeon was good looking, what was his name, you will be marrying right. She says stop it. He says I m a typical Indian father, I m finding an alliance for you, I want my grandchildren. She goes. Sid says I was explaining Ishani and she cried, she is running from responsibilities and ignoring me.

Rahil asks for what are you angry, you both are strange. Asha hears Ishani crying. She asks Ishani what happened. Rahil says you shouted on her. Sid asks can I scold her. Ishani says he scolded me a lot. Asha says its your mistake also, you sent me for work, you can’t ignore him. Rahil says a man is a dog, he gets angry on a girl to hide real feelings. Sid says shut up. Rahil says ask her. Sid says she doesn’t say. Ishani says I will look stupid if I say this. Asha says at least go and say sorry. Rahil says go and say sorry to her. Sid and Ishani think they did wrong and go to say sorry. She thinks what shall I do of my feelings. He thinks I don’t love Ishani. She thinks I can’t love Sid. She thinks how dare he get angry on me.