Friday Update on This is Love 10th July 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 10th July 2020

Aaliya asking Mani and Ishita to stay here, she will go and call Raman. Bhuvan says we have no time, just hurry up Sunil. He instructs Sunil. Ishita asks about Neeti’s health. Sunil deletes the records. Nurse says we are not allowed to give the info. The fire alarm rings. Guard asks them to go out. Everyone rushes out. Mrs. Bhalla gets tensed. Raman says mummy ji is fine, why are you worried. Ishita says Neeti is still inside, we should go and check. Raman says fine, we shall go in. Nurse says take the patient inside, there is no fire, it was a fake alarm. Ishita says something is wrong, we shall go to Neeti’s room. They don’t see Neeti. Ishita calls the doctor. He says Neeti can’t even walk, who can do this. Ishita says someone has done this. Mani says yes,

something is wrong, can we check her records.
Doctor says yes, please come. The man says all the records are deleted. Ishita asks how can this happen. Raman checks and says there is a virus in the computer. The man says a person came to install software. Raman says I think he had come to install this virus, someone is playing a big game, who can it be. Bhuvan asks what to do of this girl. Arijit says she is my daughter, I mean my friend’s daughter, call Sunil, else he will get caught.

Sunil washes his face and changes his look. Bhuvan calls. Sunil says work is done, what about your promise, make my sister out of jail. Bhuvan says fine. Arijit tells something. Bhuvan says stay away from Bhallas. Sunil says fine, Natasha should be out of the jail today. Bhvuan says it won’t be safe to keep Neeti at your house, Bhallas are finding her. Arijit asks where can we take her, we will think tomorrow.

Raman says who can do this, this is crazy. Mani says Neeti has a connection with us. Ruhi asks what happened. Yug says our enemy won again. Aaliya asks who is it, he is always ahead of us. Ishita says I m worried for Neeti, she can’t protect herself, can we do something. Doctor comes and asks Ishita why did Neeti shouts seeing her, does she know Neeti. Ishita says no. He says we don’t have details about her, her nurse said she is suffering from acute depression, when she thinks about the accident, she reacts violently, I thought you know her. She asks how can this be possible.

He says maybe you have some connection with that accident. She says I haven’t seen her before. He asks what will I answer her family, I think we should inform the police. She asks why don’t you call her dad. He says no, we lost all the data because of virus, the person who took her away, he took all her files, even her nurse is missing. Arijit says sorry, I did this to get you home. Nurse says this isn’t good for her. He argues. She asks don’t you want her to get fine. He asks who will wish that. He says I m sorry Thia, I want to tell you the reason for this, Ishita is just pretending to be nice, she wants to kill my daughter, so I got her here. She asks Ishita? Neeti got an attack on seeing her, how did you find out about it, I didn’t tell you anything.

He says doctor called me, Ishita isn’t good, rich people do a drama. She asks why did Neeti scream seeing Ishita. He says you served Neeti like her mum, so I will tell you, my wife died because of Bhallas, and now those people are targeting Neeti, they want Neeti to die. She says it means Bhallas are responsible for her state. He says yes, I have got Neeti here, but she isn’t safe, they can come here finding here, what do I do, where shall I take her. She says she will be safe at my home. He says I will give you money. She says its not about money, I love her like my own child. She says you are like a Devi, thanks. She gives her house keys. He says we will go there tonight.

Mrs. Bhalla gets sad. She says I never missed Navratri puja, take me home. Aaliya says Mihika and I did all the arrangements. Raman says I will record the puja, you can see it on phone. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I want to go home. Doctor comes and says I think she can go home now, she isn’t dizzy anymore, I don’t want her anxiety level to get higher, you can bring her back if he gets dizzy again. Raman says fine.

Karan says Ruhi, call Mihika and tell her that we are bringing Dadi home. Arijit and nurse pack the stuff. They take Neeti. Door bell rings. Arijit asks Bhuvan to take them inside and switch off all the lights. He checks the door. Sunil says I need your help, Bhuvan made me do a big thing, he said he will help me, please help me. Arijit says fine, I will ask Bhuvan to call you up. Sunil says help me. Arijit says I will help you, I m busy, I will do that. Sunil says sorry, I m going. He goes.

Ishita stops the doctor and says if you get any info about Neeti, share it with me, I should at least know my connection, I can help her. Doctor says sure. She thanks him and gives her contact number. She thinks how does Neeti know me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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