Friday Update on This is Love 21 February 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 21 February 2020

Raman calling Ruhi and saying they aren’t answering my call. Ruhi and Yug come. Ruhi says sorry, Ananya got missing,, we convinced her that Ishita is innocent, and she agreed to change her statement, she went inside to change clothes, she didn’t come out, she disappeared. Shamshad gets Ananya and frees her. He threatens her and asks her to get away, Bhallas shouldn’t know about her. Raman asks how did she disappear. Ruhi says sorry, I don’t know how this happened. Yug says sorry, we should have been alert. Raman says I lost the only change. Mani comes. Ruhi says we lost Ananya, Ishita can’t get free now. Mani says Aaliya called me and said Ishita isn’t getting bail. Raman says we can’t free her without evidence, we have lost her. Mani says I m sure Sahil’s

plan isn’t foolproof, we will go and meet the lawyer. Ruhi asks can I meet Ishimaa, we have got food for her. Mani says let them meet. Raman says go and meet her. Ruhi says sorry.
Ishita thinks I know Raman won’t be quiet, he will do something to get me out. She asks constable did Raman come. She goes and sees Ruhi and Yug. She asks why are you both crying, Raman will get me out of here. Ruhi says his plan flopped, we are sorry. Lawyer says I have checked this case, its impossible to prove Ishita innocent, they haven’t let any loophole. Ishita says you have to be strong. Yug says we aren’t able to see you like this. She asks what did you get for me, I hope its south indian food, I know Raman will get me out of here, I m fine. Mani says Sahil is a don, we have to think like him. Lawyer says Sahil will frame Ishita and he will be saved, court takes harsh decisions in such case, she may get life imprisonment or even death sentence.

Raman gets worried and says this can’t happen. He faints. Everyone worries. Mani says take him to room, I will call a doctor. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will be fine, go and take rest. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s Sahil getting by troubling us. He says this bad phase will pass too. Mrs. Bhalla sits with Raman. He asks her to go and have food. Mihika gets Shagun’s call and says Raman will be fine. She says Shagun called, she said a lady in NGO needs help, can we keep her at home, we will get some help in work and she will also get our help. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, we need domestic help, she will get a shelter. Mihika says I will explain her the work. Simmi says yes, we stand by each other, that lady has no family. Ruhi and Yug come home. Mrs. Bhalla asks how is Ishita.

Yug asks how can we do such a big mistake, Ananya got missing. Karan says Shamshad did this, I wish to beat him, but it won’t be right. Ruhi asks what are you thinking now. Yug says actually… Ranbir and Vishal come. Yug says we will go downstairs and talk. Aaliya says talk right here. He says I will tell you later. Ruhi asks why are you getting angry. Yug says sorry, I want to spend time with my friends for some time. He goes. Vishal asks how did your temper get high. Yug says I will convince her. Karan asks Aaliya to relax. Vishal says Sahil made Ishita a criminal. Ranbir says he thinks Bhalla family member killed his sister. Vishal says I will go and confess my crime. Raman comes and says no, you won’t do this. Yug says we won’t let anything happen to you. Vishal says you did so much for me, I don’t wish Ishita to get harmed, she is innocent. Raman says I promised you, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Vishal says no, I will confess my crime. He goes. Raman says stop him. Vishal asks constable to let him meet Sahil. He goes to Sahil and says you want to know who killed your sister, its me. Sahil gets up and comes near him. Vishal tells him everything. He says Muskaan has spoiled my brother’s life, she attacked me when I went to get an answer from her, I didn’t wish to kill her, it happened in self defense, Ishita is innocent. Sahil catches his collar and asks why are you telling this you, you are saying this on Bhallas’ orders, my sister took Bhalla name before dying. Vishal says she had seen me with Bhallas, she didn’t know my name. Sahil says Bhallas have to pay for this, go and tell them. Vishal says trust me. Sahil says shut up. He asks constable to take Vishal. Vishal says Yug, I tried hard. Sahil isn’t agreeing to me. Yug says don’t worry, come, we will find some way.

Raman gets permission and meets Ishita. He says sorry, I found no way to take care of you. She says I m in peace that you are fine, you have to be okay. He says I don’t know what’s Sahil’s next step. She asks him to make a request to the commissioner, is the lawyer with you. He says yes. Mr. Bhalla feels much pain. Simmi asks him to do the exercise as Neha told him. Neha comes and says you are not doing it right. Simmi says you look at his state, you didn’t come for his physio sessions. Neha says sorry, I was unwell. She attends Mr. Bhalla.

Raman says I m not asking you to leave Ishita on bail, you can give bail to Shaina, Sahil has made all evidences against Shaina, I want Ishita to enter Sahil’s working network as Shaina, someone will recognize her, she will expose his network, Sahil gave this chance to us. Commissioner says its dangerous, Ishita’s life will be in risk. Raman says I have no other way. Commissioner says I will give you a chance, who will get Shaina out on bail. Raman says Sahil’s lawyer will do this. Ishita comes and says he will do it, just call Karan. Raman calls Karan. Ishita tells her plan to him. Karan says I will leave right now. She thanks him. She asks commissioner to give him number of Sahil’s lawyer. She says this is the only way, we can collect proof against him to save Ruhi and our family. Commissioner says you are very brave, I wish you all the best.

Neha treating Mr. Bhalla. She goes to see Yug and Aaliya. Yug says I didn’t wish you to get troubled. She says I also want to help Ishita, you are lying so much before marriage, what will you do after marriage, why did you call Ranbir and Vishal here. Neha asks didn’t you get married. Aaliya says we had to cancel the marriage. Neha says you shouldn’t hide anything from your wife, I mean your would be wife. He says you are Mr. Bhalla’s physiotherapist, just do your work. Aaliya makes him apologize to Neha. Mr. Bhalla says I m sorry on his behalf, he is not arrogant, maybe he is in tension. Neha says its okay, lets start the session. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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