Friday Update on This is Love 27 March 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 27 March 2020

Arijit saying we dismissed some employees and they want to create some problem, you may describe the person. The man describes Bala. Arijit says Bala, he is locker owner’s friend, I know him, thanks for the help. He goes and says that means Bhallas know that someone is using the locker, how do they know that I m using locker to pay the caterer, that mad caterer would have told them, Mani must be gathering info about Urja associates. Mani asks manager to find the details, its very urgent. Aaliya says its okay. Mani says no, I should have been alert, Simmi was right, I m responsible for this, Raman and Ishita are going through this. Arijit asks what, tell everyone in the office not to tell about Neeti, do you get me, be careful, inform me if there is anything. He ends

call and says I was damn sure that Bhallas and Mani will try to do this. Yug says don’t blame yourself. Aaliya says the webpage is not opening. Abhishek says your company had sent a tender to this company and maybe they got the documents. Mani asks who is Neeti Guha. Abhishek says she is the MD, we have no info. Yug says there is nothing about her on social sites. Arijit is with Raman.
He says Bhallas are after me, they know that I have a connection with Raman, I will kill Raman, no, I can’t kill Raman, I m sure Bhallas and Mani will find out, what to do that you don’t get after Neeti, yes I know what to do. Ruhi asks Ishita to have something. Ishita says I m not hungry, Karan call Mani and ask him. Mani, Yug and Aaliya come. Mani says don’t know who is Neeti Guha, she is owner of Urja associates. Ruhi says I will get coffee. Mani says no, its okay. Ishita gets a message. Mani asks what happened. She says I m very tired, I m going to room to rest. She goes and reads, don’t tell anyone about this message, if you want to see him. She reads another message and calls on the number. Arijit answers and says Mrs. Ishita Bhalla, I was waiting for your call. She asks who are you, what do you want. He says nothing.

She says you injected drugs to me, you are torturing Raman. He says just come there alone if you want to see Raman alive, take care. She thinks does he know about Raman, or is this a trap, I have to go, but how do I leave, everyone is keeping an eye on me, I have to make an excuse. Aaliya says I m tensed about Ishita. Mani says leave her alone, she is going through much pain. Simmi comes and says sorry Mani. He says its okay, I m sorry for shouting on you, its my fault. Bala asks about Neeti.

Mani says I didn’t get any info. Ishita thinks I will get Raman today. She says I m going to meet Sunita, she wants to meet and apologize to me. Ruhi and Aaliya say we will come along. Karan says it can be a trap, I won’t let you go. Ishita says I will ask her about Raman, you can’t come with me. Mani says fine, go. She gets the keys and goes. Karan says I think we should go. Bala says no, maybe Sunita wants to tell her about Raman.

Ishita comes to the construction building and shouts where are you, I want to meet Raman, I didn’t tell anyone, I have come alone. Arijit gets Raman. She sees Raman and recalls their moments. She says thanks. He says turn around and have a look. She sees a sniper. She asks why are you attacking us, leave Raman, we don’t want to know who are you, leave Raman, what do you want, tell me, I won’t inform the police. He holds Raman’s collar. She says don’t torture Raman, I beg of you, let Raman go please. He says fine, I will leave him. He leaves Raman. Raman falls back. She shouts Raman and sees him falling down the building.

She runs downstairs. She goes to Raman and checks his pulse. Arijit removes the mask and smiles. He goes. Ishita shouts for help. Ruhi calls her. Ishita says Raman you will be fine. She pulls him and takes him to the car. She leaves. Bhuvan asks how did you let Raman go. Arijit cleans the bedsheet and room. He says go and get bleaching powder, sprinkle it. Bhuvan says Raman won’t leave us, he has seen our faces, he will get us arrested. Arijit says shut up, the room should be spotless else I will kill you, none should know that Raman was here, take a mop and clean the room. He goes. He smiles and says I want to see them crying and shouting, when Ishita tells them that Raman is dead, they will know the pain of losing someone, how do I go there, I will get a phone call for Raman’s last rites, I will wait for the good news.


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