Friday Update on This is Love Oct 12

Friday Update on This is Love Oct 12

The Episode starts with Raman and Romi reaching some place. Raman asks are you sure he called us here. Romi says Parmeet told this place. Raman says I m still thinking. Romi says we have to do this. Raman says Ruhi is not a criminal, think about it again. Romi says it may take years to get Ruhi out legal way, we will do this, nothing will happen, wait, he has come. Raman says look at him, you think he will get Ruhi out. Romi says I heard he got big criminals out, please. The man says hello, I m Raka, Parmeet told me everything, I will tell you what to do, come, what happened, are you ready. Romi says yes, we are ready. They go.

Ishita comes home and sees food on the table. She gets Shagun’s call and says I reached home, I will tell Raman about NGO head, I hope she meets minister.
Raman is on the call and says we can’t do mistake in this work. He sees Ishita and ends call. She asks is everything fine, you ended call seeing me. He says don’t give explanation to yourself, I ended work talk and disconnected, who are you that I explain you. She says Shagun and I met NGO head, she will talk to minister. He asks will she give guarantee that Ruhi will come out. She says how can she guarantee, sshe said she will try. He says I don’t want to wait for right way and goes.

Its morning, Raman and Romi have a talk. Romi gives the permission letter given by Parmeet. Raman says everything will be fine. Romi says don’t worry. He goes. Ishita comes and says Shagun and I are going to meet minister, are you coming. He says no, I have imp meeting, I m going remand home with minister, he is distributing blankets which I sponsored, I m meeting Ruhi. She says take me along, I have to meet her. He says you have contacts, NGO head, talk to her. He keeps few things in back. She sees and asks what’s this. She gets Shagun’s call and says I m coming. He asks her to go. She goes.

He says I wish everything goes as planned, I get my Ruhi back. Minister is welcomed by jail officials. Parmeet tells minister about Raman who sponsored blankets. Minister talks to Raman and asks him to come. A truck comes there. Guard asks what’s in this. The man says its sweets and blankets, its minister’s items, you can check it. The constable checks and sees the things. The truck is permitted to get inside. The man Raka calls someone and says I reached remand room, I will do your work and call.

Minister raises the flag. Vande mataram….plays……….Everyone salute the flag. Shagun and Ishita come there. Shagun says its same function where NGO head will meet minister, I hope our work happens. Raman looks for Ruhi. Minister distributes blankets and sweets.

Shagun and Ishita talk to NGO head. The lady says madam spoke to minister, he refused.. Ishita and Shagun ask her to try more. The lady says no, its not possible. Shagun asks Ishita to come. They leave. Raman looks in cells and finally finds Ruhi. He goes to Ruhi and cries seeing her sleeping in such state. He calls her out. She turns in sleep. He gets a letter under her pillow and reads it. He gets shocked reading Suhail’s threatening letter. Raman cries and holds her.

He says so Suhail has blackmailed her, you took blame on your head for us. Ruhi wakes up and sees Raman. She hugs him and cries. She asks how did you come here. He says you did this for us, Suhail blackmailed you, what’s this, why did you do this, you should have told me once. She asks how, you, Ishi maa and Pihu are imp for me, I can’t lose you. Niddhi is dangerous, sorry. He hugs her. She says I just wanted to save you three. He says we can’t live without out, I decided to get you out of here. She says you don’t do anything illegal. He says we don’t have time to argue, just wear this clothes and go to storeroom, the man will tell you what to do, please for my sake, just do what I m saying, I m with you. He goes.

Minister asks where did you go. Raman says I had some work. The lady says we will end this program in some time, minister did good work to distribute sweets and blankets to kids. Minister says Raman did this good work, he did the donation. Parmeet asks Raman not to worry, everything will be fine. Raman says Ruhi will be with me if everything goes as per plan. Ruhi changes and goes to storeroom.

A man asks Ruhi to come, I m Raka’s man, your dad has sent me, come with me. Ruhi asks how will we go out. He asks her to just come and sit in that box, we will take you outside. She opens the box. Guard stops the truck. Raka says all items are distributed, its just empty boxes, now I m leaving. Guard says no, its rule, we have to check truck again. Guard checks the boxes. Raka worries. Guard asks what’s this. Raka says its junk, I could not leave junk there, so I filled all junk, you can check well. Raka leaves in the truck. He calls Raman and says your work is done, she is with me. Raman smiles.

lady constable telling the warden that one prisoner is missing. The warden asks them to find out who is that prisoner, why did you not ring alarm, alert security, hurry up. Guard tells her that just one truck went, the truck got blankets and sweets, when it left, it had just empty boxes. Abhishek asks are you sure, how can you not check well, someone has gone via that truck. Guard says I did not check all boxes, sorry, I saw just junk. Warden scolds him. Abhishek asks for truck details. He asks warden to give details of prisoner as well. He gets truck details and says it may have not gone far. Romi calls Raman. Raman says work is done, Ruhi is with me, I arranged to hide Ruhi till this matter gets calm. Romi says thank God.

Abhishek stops the car and truck.
Romi asks what happened. Raman says police jeep, its Abhishek. Romi asks what. Abhishek asks Raman are you coming from remand home. Raman says yes. Abhishek says a prisoner ran away. Raman says how would I know. Abhishek says I did not had to stop you, I had to stop this truck, there was less difference between your car and this truck, so I had to stop you. He asks Raka to open the truck and show him. Romi says if Abhishek sees Ruhi then… Raka says there is nothing inside. Raman worries. Abhishek asks Raka to open the lock fast. Raka opens the lock. Abhishek lifts the door. He asks Raka to open boxes. Raman asks Abhishek is there any problem. He takes gun from Abhishek and aims at him. Abhishek asks are you mad, return my gun. Raman shoots in air and warns Abhishek to get away from gun. Romi hears gun shot on call and worries. Raman aims at himself and says I will shoot myself if you check truck, get back. Abhishek says we can sit and talk. Raman says move back. Ishita and Shagun come. Ishita takes gun from Raman and asks are you mad. Romi worries and calls out to Raman on phone. He throws phone and says what did this happen, if Ruhi gets caught then….. judge can give big punishment to Ruhi, its because of me, I told Raman to take Parmeet’s help, I should go there and check.

Raman asks what are you doing here, Ishita give me that gun. Abhishek holds Raman. Ishita says I won’t give you. Abhishek takes gun from Ishita and aims gun at Raman. She asks what’s in this truck, what’s your problem, why are you stopping checking. Raman says its none of your business. Abhishek says but its my business, open the boxes. Raka shows the boxes. Abhishek asks him to open that box.

Raka opens the box. They see Niddhi unconscious, lying inside. Abhishek says Niddhi….. Raman asks how did Niddhi come here. Ishita asks why, were you expecting someone else, Ruhi? She is safe in remand home, i knew your plan and had to do this to safeguard Ruhi, when you were in function. Shagun and I were waiting to talk to minister, assistant said we did not get permission, we were leaving and now Niddhi coming with other prisoners for the function.

FB shows Ishita asking Shagun to see Niddhi, what is she doing here, even Ruhi is here, Niddhi is dangerous, if she does something to Ruhi then…. what to do now. Ishita calls Abhishek and tells about Niddhi coming to remand home. Abhishek says nothing will happen, I m here, don’t worry. He sees Raka and says what is he doing here. Ishita asks what. Abhishek says nothing, a truck came with blankets and sweets. She says Raman is donating that, he told me. Abhishek says this truck driver is in our radar, he is known to help criminals run away.

Ishita recalls Raman and says Raman made plan to make Ruhi run away. He asks what, are you sure. Ishita says yes, he was behaving strange, he did not let me come here, he said he won’t get Ruhi legal way, I saw Ruhi’s clothes in his bag. She says how to stop Raman. She says I have to come inside then I can stop Raman, tell permission from Shagun’s NGO head. He says I will try. FB ends. Ishita says we got permission by Abhishek’s help, I went to find Ruhi and Shagun went to Niddhi. Shagun gives sweets to Niddhi. Niddhi taunts her about Ruhi and Ishita. Shagun says Ishita is not my friend, Ruhi is my daughter, so I m helping her, its republic day, so I came to give blankets and sweets from NGO side, you have it too. Niddhi says why not, thanks, its good. Shagun says have more. Niddhi asks are you so happy for Ruhi, strange mom. Niddhi eats another laddoo and gets dizzy.

Ruhi goes to sit in box. Ishita reaches her and stops her. She hugs Ruhi. She asks what were you doing. Ruhi says Papa…. Ishita asks why did you take blame on yourself, what happened. Ruhi cries. Niddhi gets angry. Shagun asks her to sit and have sweets. Constable goes. Shagun takes Niddhi with her. Ishita asks are you mad to do this, nothing will happen to us, Suhail can’t do anything. Ruhi says I signed the papers, I will not get mercy now, I don’t care, I want you all to be safe. Ishita says nothing will happen to us, Raman is doing wrong to make you run. Ruhi says you are saying right, it will be good I stay here. Ishita says we know you are innocent, when you run, how long can you hide, if you get caught, you will be punished more, I will get you out from here, give me 24 hours time, go back to ward, trust me, I m with you, be strong.

She sees Raka’s man and asks Ruhi to go to ward. She runs after that man. She asks him to do as she says. He says no, I can’t do this. Ishita says I will inform police. He says fine, I will do as you say, They out Niddhi inside the box. FB ends. Ishita says I called Abhishek and asked him to follow this van. Raman says why do you always come between, I did this to get Ruhi out. Ishita says you did wrong. He says enough, she is in jail, just you can think right and wrong, I can’t, did you see Ruhi’s state, you think of laws, I m donkey to understand this now, you don’t love Ruhi as much as I love her, Ruhi is not your blood, else you would know how parents get pain when children are in pain, I know Ruhi is innocent, you proved own blood is own, how did you get detached so soon, she regards you more than her real mum, don’t call yourself my children’s mum. Ishita cries and asks him to stop it, you crossed limits, even after so many years, if I have to prove whether I love Ruhi or not, its enough, I don’t have to explain, you have no right to ask me, Ruhi will always be my daughter, I did this for her good, your decision could ruin her life. She says you are fighting your way, I will fight my way, I will never prove that I love my children, because you don’t deserve it, I will get Ruhi out in 24 hours, this is my promise. Abhishek and Shagun look on. She goes.