Friday Update on True Love 11th September 2020


Friday Update on True Love 11th September 2020

Ambika takes the gun from SP and puts it on Mukta’s forehead. They all look on shocked and ask Ambika to leave Mukta. She mocks them for being emotional fools. This is the same mistake which Meethi did. Ambika stops Rathore from trying to save Mukta. I wont regret killing my step sister. They all try to save Mukta. Akash asks her to kill him instead as it was he who has hurt him. She agrees. You should die as if you stay alive then I will always remember how you chose Meethi over me. My life got ruined because of you. She aims at him. Even if your Meethi is saved now then she wont be happy ever.

Akash keeps trying to tell her not to act foolishly. Keep the gun down. Mukta shouts her name to divert her attention so that Akash can take the gun from Ambika. They all start wrestling for the gun while Vishnu, Mukta and Rathore look on. A bullet is shot but no one gets hurt. She is being taken away by the police but she shouts at them promising to come back. Ambika never leaves her revenge. I will come back. They all heave a sigh of relief but Mukta notices blood coming out from Vishnu’s ear and is shocked. He assures her he is alright but they all leave for the hospital. Mukta looks worried.

Meethi is still unconscious. Jogi, Tappu and Damini are there too while the doc checks her. Meethi gains conscious and they all feel happy. Meethi keeps muttering to Tappu to take care of her Anni. Damini tells her it was a bad dream which is over now. Things will be fine. Meethi keeps muttering in her sleep. I killed Ambika. She will burn somebody save her. Doc tells them she is under a lot of stress but she will recover soon. Damini and all are about to leave when Meethi holds Damini’s hand. Meanwhile, Vishnu’s injury has been tended to as well. Damini, Jogi and Tappu look at Meethi in amazement. Uttaran title track plays. Doc tells lot many things to Vishnu while Mukta and Rathore listen intently. Damini tells Iccha that their Meethi is all fine now.

Lady inspector tells Ambika that so called ACP was not man enough so he ran away. Your days are over now. AMbika glares at her. SP tells her she herself will confess her crime now. Ambika doesn’t look interested in whatever she is saying.

Meethi wakes up with a start. What am I doing here? I killed Ambika so I was being hanged. They tell her she is innocent as Ambika is alive. Meethi is shocked. She recalls what Akash had said in the court. How can that be as I have seen her with my own eyes while she was on fire! Tappu explains that she saw half of the truth. This was a plot against you to separate you from Akash; to torture you but your mother’s blessings and our prayers have helped. Truth has come out. You are safe. Meethi is still confused. Who was that lady who died then? Jogi says she was some unfortunate woman whose dead body was used by Ambika. You are innocent you have not done anything. She asks about Akash and Ambika and is told they are in police station. She will be punished for all her sins very soon.

SP is interrogating Ambika. That dead was of that unfortunate guy’s wife who has been coming to police station since last 7 days. If you weren’t ACP’s daughter then I would have shown you what all I could do to you. Ambika is all relaxed. It was all my mind game. I was born in the house of a police office. I knew I would be needing a dead body some time but dint knew it would be so early. Luckily I got the body very easily that too of a pregnant woman. She smiles evilly. She had gone for jogging. My dad took hold of her. Dead body, kerosene everything was arranged after which I called Meethi at the fort and then pushed her in between. I kept that woman’s body in my place. I had already made her wear a similar saree. I poured kerosene oil over her and then lit the match. Meethi saw that lady burning.

Tappu explains the same story to Meethi who is sad thinking how much Ambika hates her. She hugs Damini who tells her the one who hates is never at peace. Truth triumphs in the end. Meethi wants to go home now. Jogi goes to talk to doc for Meethi’s discharge with Tappu. Meethi tells Damini when I was about to be hanged I felt as if Ma kept a hand around my neck so that I don’t feel any pain. All the time when I was in jail Ma never left me alone. She hugged me and was with me all the time. When I was to be hanged Ma told me not to be scared as she is with me. After all you are coming to me only. You will be my daughter in every life. They both share an emotional hug.

Rathore doesn’t think that they will want to meet him at this moment. Vishnu assures him that no one will be upset with him as he did what he felt was right and in the end he helped them in saving Meethi. She can never be upset with you. Rathore asks his little princess if she has forgotten him. Mukta is happy that Meethi has been saved. She teases him by saying I haven’t yet decided if I have forgotten you or not yet. He hugs her.

Sankrant is at the police station. Ambika is being taken to her cell when they both see each other. They both look at each other and finally she walks away from there with the policemen. Maiyya and Akash come to Sankrant. He keeps looking at Ambika all sad and lost as she is put behind the bars. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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