Friday Update on True Love 17th July 2020


Friday Update on True Love 17th July 2020

Damini shows faith in Akash, but at the same time, she shows concern about Maiyya. Akash assures her that he won’t let any trouble come to Meethi and will always keep her happy. Maiyya will have to accept Meethi else he will leave that house and settle elsewhere. Damini says she doesn’t want to separate a son from his mother. Akash says he knows she didn’t mean that and she has always done the right things and has thought for everyone’s good.

Mukta is getting ready. Vishnu comes and glares at her. He starts getting romantic with her, but they are disturbed by a knock on their door. Vishnu opens the door and some kids are there to ask if Mukta or Vishnu needs anything. Vishnu says no and they leave. Vishnu again starts getting romantic with Mukta and takes off her earrings. Mukta tells him that this is not the time to do all this.

Vishnu says you don’t need to look at the time to get romantic. He carries her and says no one will disturb them now. Once again there is a knock on their door. Mukta laughs and asks him to go and open the door. Now it’s Vishnu’s neighbors. They came to welcome Mukta. They give gifts and laddus to her.

A tailor takes measurements of Sankrant for his marriage’s outfit for tomorrow and leaves. Maiyya wonders where Akash is and right then Akash enters. Maiyya asks him about his whereabouts. Akash says he was with Meethi and is going to marry Meethi once again. Maiyya asks him why. Akash asks her not to question today.

He listened to her and married Meethi and did all the abuses and didn’t say anything back then, but today, he tells Maiyya, not to say anything. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her at all after how she lied, he knows she hates Meethi a lot, and therefore, makes it clear that there should be no abuse and unfair with Meethi in this house, else.. Maiyya asks, else? Akash says, else I will leave this house and settle elsewhere.

Damini and Meethi are back to Thakur’s house. Meethi is in her room, while Damini is praising Akash to other family members and that Akash loves Meethi a lot and she is confident now that no one can keep Meethi happier than Akash. Rathore is relieved as he didn’t make any mistake in recognizing someone. Damini tells him that he always supported Akash, but it was her who took a lot of time. Kanha tells Damini that his son kept crying and crying when she was not at home, and now as she is returned, he’s quiet. Damini plays with Kanha’s son.

Mukta calls Meethi and expresses happiness. Meethi says, you would obviously be happy as you’re with your Vishnu. Mukta says that too, but right now I am happy because you and Akash are together again. Meethi doesn’t seem excited or happy from her voice. Mukta asks her what’s the matter. Meethi says she was thinking about Maiyya. Maiyya hates her a lot and she is not sure whether and how Maiyya will accept her. Mukta tells her not to worry about her and have faith in Akash. Meethi then asks about Vishnu. Mukta tells her how Vishnu welcomed her. Meethi seems very happy when talking to Mukta. Damini sees her and she gets happy too.

Ambika gives medicine to her father and asks who will remind him after she gets married tomorrow. Her father again asks her if she really wants to marry Sankrant. Ambika says that she has already become daughter in law of Maiyya in her mind and she has no problem marrying Sankrant. After coming out of the room, she shows her real intentions. She says she wants to see for whom Akash refused her. No one can say no to her for anything, and her decision of marrying Sankrant was an answer to Akash’s refusal.

Akash is packing his bag. Maiyya comes there and tries to stop him. Akash says that his love doesn’t matter to her in front of her hatred and there is no reason to stay in that house then. Maiyya says she will forget everything and accept Meethi for him. Akash still continues packing his bag. Maiyya swears of Sankrant and promises, but Akash is still testing her. Maiyya asks him then what he wants her to do to prove this to him.

Later, Maiyya comes to Meethi’s house. Rohini opens the door and gets scared. Damini comes out. Maiyya runs to her and falls in Damini’s feet and asks for forgiveness. Damini asks her to get up. Maiyya says she won’t until she gets forgiveness from Damini. Damini forgives her. Maiyya makes her talk to Akash on the phone. Damini tells Akash, I told you that I trust you and I don’t want to separate you from your mother. You will live with her. Maiyya is finally satisfied and happy.

Both marriages are taking place together. Pundit asks to call brides. Ambika’s father brings her and Meethi’s family brings her. Pavitra goes and welcome both bahus together. She introduces Ambika and Meethi to each other. Ambika says in her mind, Akash refused me for this handicapped? They proceed to the mandap. Ambika sits beside Sankrant but she’s watching Akash. Meethi’s family makes her sit beside akash. Mukta and vishnu are very happy for Meethi. Akash holds meethi’s hand and Ambika is staring at them and getting jealous. Ambika’s father ties her and Sankrant’s knot. Kanha ties Akash and meethi’s knot. Meethi looks at akash and smiles. Both couples exchange the garlands. Akash and meethi try to be naughty with each other while doing that.. Ambika continuously is staring at them. Rituals continue…

Meethi looks at Mukta and both smile at each other. Pundit asks couples to get up for pheres. Kanha says he will get wheelchair. Akash says there is no need for that. He tells her no one ahead or behind.. we will spend all moments together. He carries her in his arms and asks pundit to start the mantras. Mukta is impressed and gestures Vishnu to look at that. Both couples take pheres together. Pundit asks them to say mantras that he’s saying in their mind. Akash and meethi promise in their mind.. they will always be together in both happy and sad moments. Ambika continues glaring while taking pheres. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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